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Europe » Netherlands » North Holland » Alkmaar July 31st 2017

Un petit retour en arrière... car je remarque que je n'ai pas publié ce blog.... le voici donc. Dans l'ordre il devrait venir avant s'Hertogenbosch.... Il pleut ! c'était un peu prévu mais en tous les cas le marché a lieu qu'il pleuve ou qu'il vente et ce sera la valse des parapluies pour une petite partie de la journée... En effet après une bonne 1/2 heure, la pluie cesse et tout est bien plus facile pour filmer ou photographier !!!! Cependant tout se passe dans la bonne humeur. Des tonnes de touristes venus de partout sont présents... on parle dans toutes les langues... et on déguste tous le même fromage... Elle est pas chouette la terre ? Sans aucun doute, le marché au fromage d’Alkmaar est l’attraction principale de la ville. D’avril à septembre inclus, ... read more
vu la pluie, on couvre les nombreux fromages...

Europe » Netherlands » North Holland » Alkmaar August 13th 2011

The day began with a Continental breakfast. We then drove to a nearby swimming pool for a quick dip before driving to Alkmaar. We had a brief walk around the shops and a market. We then went to the cheese museum. There was some free samples and then you were taken through the making of cheese with some cheesy history thrown in. Some interesting exhibits and quite insightful in how cheese is produced. A perfect location for a cheese museum with the selection of famous cheeses made in the Netherlands. We had the chance to sample some Gouda and Edam. We bought some supplies in a supermarket then drove back to Hoorn. We then went to the funfair and ate from a food stand. The day ended with a few drinks and nibbles at our friends ... read more

Europe » Netherlands » North Holland » Alkmaar September 11th 2010

G'day Today's the last day before I'm off to seek my fortune in Australia. Now I'm still at home putting some stuff in my suitcase. I'm exited for my trip and maybe a bit nervous. But fortune awaits so I'll just go for it See you in my next entry where we are talking about my fascination on flying pudding or the fortune in Australia. anyway See ya! Rob ... read more

Europe » Netherlands » North Holland » Alkmaar May 29th 2010

We are in the town of Alkmaar, population about 90,00, northwest of Amsterdam and one of the cheese capitals of the NL. We have had 3 beautiful days. Walked into the old city the first 2 days here. Much to see. Thursay afternnon we just wandered through the central city looking at the shops and food markets. Amazing cheese shop. Had a hard time deciding what cheese to buy. Picked out 2 and bought a 3rd one the next day. Great meat market and fruit stands. Bought some strawberries that were the sweetest we have ever eaten. On Friday we walked back into town to go to the weekly cheese market/auction. Historically it was a huge cheese auction, but today is done primarily for the touists. The entire square is filled with large cheese rounds that ... read more
Our favoriet street
Watch Your Head
The Cheese Market

Europe » Netherlands » North Holland » Alkmaar October 1st 2008

65th Anniversary Party!!! On September 29th Holiday on Ice put on an extravagant party to celebrate their 65 years of shows. All the members of my cast and all the members of the other two shows that are in production were there along with many veteran skaters. In all it was a party of about 300 people! My cast piled into two buses around 3pm and it was about 40 minute ride to this huge theatre venue. Everyone was dressed beautifully and done up nicely, we show folk know how it’s done. I took pictures in the lobby for a little while until we were ushered up onto this balcony with waiters walking around with drinks and treats. Then all 300 of us were taken into this large auditorium for a presentation and speeches. At first ... read more
Netherland countryside
inside the venue

Europe » Netherlands » North Holland » Alkmaar September 10th 2008

It has taken a while to add concluding notes to the siblings' backpacking adventure and my final segment of traveling, but better late than never. After the whirlwind few days in berlin (I was blown off balance by the contrast of Northern German landscape to the spanish landscape I had become accustomed to being in), I introduced Ben to his first train ride, which I had talked up, a lot. I was looking forward to the 5 hour ride, a good picnic, and a long nap as the train meandered through the countryside. Yet everything, everything, went wrong. Except that we did make the train, but perhaps that was not a good idea in hindsight. Unfortunately the grocery stop for picnic supplies did not happen, the train itself was old, overcrowed, and stuffy with stale air, ... read more
A lil sunshine

Europe » Netherlands » North Holland » Alkmaar May 21st 2008

Hello everyone! This blog entry sees me well if a little sunburnt, sore knee-ed, aching shouldered and weak fingered in a town in northern Holland called Alkmaar. It's a beautiful place full of ice cream eating locals and tourists alike, lots of canals running around, a lovely red light district (one street) which I just walked down to get to the internet cafe - I saw the funniest thing: one of the (scantily clad) girls was presumably having a break, and in a public telephone box making a call (maybe to her mum?!). I should have got a picture of that.... Well my trip has been fairly tough so far, thanks to an unseasonal northeasterly wind. Yup that's precisely the direction I've been trying to head in. On the plus side there's hardly been a cloudy ... read more
Do I have something about fields?
Kid playing in Oostburg
The ferry to Vlissingen

Europe » Netherlands » North Holland » Alkmaar May 6th 2008

Here I go, made myself a travelblog cos its a shame all the experiences done will fade away and all thats left are pictures (which are also nice). Gonna try to Blog my trip to Finland, where i've been a year ago. I live near Alkmaar in a very nice not too big village. What I love about this place are the views of the landscape: cows, flowers, fields, the dunes. Love to get home after a day at work. ... read more

Europe » Netherlands » North Holland » Alkmaar March 1st 2008

Voor de 3e keer in Alkmaar bij mensen in huis geweest (10 dagen) om op het huis en de hond te passen. De hond kon niet mee met de familie op skivakantie in Frankrijk. Alkmaar is een mooie stad met vriendelijke mensen. Een echte aanrader is om de beroemde kaasmarkt te bezoeken. Bij goed weer is het mogelijk om te fietsen door de duinen en een bezoek aan het strand van Bergen. Het was een koude week.... read more

Europe » Netherlands » North Holland » Alkmaar March 13th 2007

yep you guess it I went shopping again. This time to Alkmaar. It was pretty nice. Only issue I had was trying to get something to eat. I went to 3 different places all which the service sucked ass and none of which even had english menus. What the hell?? So I just went to a little bakery and grabed something small. Wow I really don't have much to say today how lame is that. Oh I asked Gerard and Martie if I could cook dinner for them my style next Thursday, as I wont be at their place on Friday and all the grocery stores are closed on Sunday. So I have to come up with something good but finding the foods I normally eat at home is sometimes impossible. So hopefully I'll work something ... read more

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