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Europe » Netherlands » North Brabant » Breda May 9th 2014

BOATS AND WEATHER!!! By 1600 on the 9th, Isabela had been lifted in and was on her new mooring, with canopy up and many other things back in place. A good job because it was blowing old boots – when isn’t it? – and at times pouring with rain and accompanying thunder and lightning. We were exhausted, fell into bed by 9pm UK time and slept 11 hours! Drimmelen is enormous – about 1200 boats near the base of a cooling tower and 2 big chimneys but it really doesn’t matter and this is where it is planned Isabela will stay, not in a tent but in a proper large house, for the winter. The following day the weather continued to be terrible, there were jobs to be done and then we discovered we had a ... read more
Stormy Weather
Beautiful Sunset

Europe » Netherlands » North Brabant » Den Bosch April 17th 2014

Written in English... and Spanish by Dan (edited by Ana) It has been several weeks since we last added to the blog so we have a lot to write. To start Ana has been busy building her business as a language coach. At our local library she did a presentation about Argentina and is running a Spanish table Wednesday nights, and both have been popular. At the Spanish table last Wednesday there were around 20 people! Additionally, all this work she is doing has helped her find more students for private lessons. We have continued exploring our city and the rest of the Netherlands. We took a tour of Den Bosch and learned that when they were fixing the main cathedral a few years ago they added a statue of new angel with a cell phone. ... read more
2. Bikes rescued from canal
3. Amsterdam Pillow fight
Artist we like

Europe » Netherlands » North Brabant » Den Bosch March 4th 2014

***VERSION EN ESPAÑOL MÁS ABAJO*** This week it has been all about carnival. The city goes wild during this week. Carnival has its origins in the Catholic holiday celebrating the days before Lent. Nowadays, however just like Halloween, it is celebrated by many and the religious association is often forgotten. What did we do during all this? We bought and wore the official scarves, we went to a costume party on Saturday with some of Dan’s co-workers, and we witnessed the official beginning of carnival with the unveiling of the “doll.” Ana also had a chance to see the city’s parade on Monday while Dan was at work. Oh and we also bought ear plugs to make sure we were able to sleep since the bands kept playing all night and people kept partying until the ... read more
Carnival is here!
Red, white & yellow
People out on Sunday!

Europe » Netherlands » North Brabant » Den Bosch February 24th 2014

***VERSION EN ESPAÑOL MÁS ABAJO*** On Saturday we finally made it to Amsterdam!!! " This week we did quite a bit more exploring. We spent some time in Amsterdam and Eindhoven – two very different if not opposite cities. But before we get there, let’s do a recap. We met some new friends this week, Nina from Indonesia, Sally from Argentina, and Henneke and Rick from the Netherlands. We also had a nice at home dinner with Dan’s Dutch co-worker Jorte and Sushi night with Dan’s team from work. In addition to all the fun, Ana has been looking for jobs and had a job interview to teach at a language center. Unfortunately, not knowing Dutch is the biggest challenge to finding a job, especially as a language instructor. But regardless, she is keeping herself plenty ... read more
Rembrandt monument - Where is Waldo? I mean Dan!
Old portal in Amsterdam
More Amsterdam with sunshine!

Europe » Netherlands » North Brabant » Den Bosch February 17th 2014

The highlight of the week was going to the final for the ABN AMRO Tennis Tournament.” ***VERSION EN ESPAÑOL MÁS ABAJO*** We continue to enjoy the Netherlands. On Monday Ana went to visit Dan at his office once again and they had lunch together. This time she biked there with her “new” old bike. On Friday we spent Shabbat at Chabad in Nijmegen where we continued to meet new people, especially Israelis. We are doing significantly more cooking here than in Madison and enjoying the fresh food we get from the local market. With the Kosher meat Ana made a nice stew and with some fresh tuna steaks we got, we also made a delicious and healthy meal (see pictures below). Thanks mom (Sandra) for all the tips and recipes! This weekend, we also tried an ... read more
Dinner at Afghni restaurant
Den Bosch
Banner about Queen Maxima

Europe » Netherlands » North Brabant » Den Bosch February 9th 2014

This city is so amazing and full of incredible history from the citadel to a passageway from 1793" "Esta ciudad es tan maravillosa y llena de increíble historia desde su ciudadela hasta su callejón de 1793" ***VERSION EN ESPAÑOLMÁS ABAJO*** --------------------------------------------------- Where to begin? What a week we’ve had! A lot of exciting stuff! Let’s start with Superbowl – So, because we live 7 hours in the future when compared to Madison, we weren’t able to watch it live. However, on Monday night some people from Dan’s company hosted a Superbowl party and we watched it then. Unfortunately, Ana has her CNN updates automatically set up so she already knew the score when she got up Monday morning (but she actually kept the secret). The other thing to note is since there are no NFL tv ... read more
Our balcony!
Passageway from 1793!!!!
Nijmegen building from 1612

Europe » Netherlands » North Brabant » Den Bosch February 3rd 2014

Our Dutch skills so far are somewhere in between non-existent and weak..." “Nuestra habilidad para el holandés por ahora está entre pobre y no existente…” ***VERSION EN ESPAÑOL MÁS ABAJO*** ----------------------------------------- Ana’s section: Surreal! It feels so surreal to finally be in the Netherlands starting our new lives here… Hearing the sounds of church bells, cobble stone roads, bikes everywhere. Feels like a different world! Dan did such a great job finding as the furnished apartment and getting things set up. Going to the supermarket this week was a fun adventure, especially reading labels and trying my 10 words in Dutch with the cashier who certainly did not understand my Dutch:( This weekend we took a day trip to Rotterdam, walking around an exploring (about 1 hour away from Den Bosch) and another one to Utretcht ... read more
Rotterdam sculpture
Canals in Utrecht
Exploring Utrecht

Europe » Netherlands » North Brabant » Eindhoven January 18th 2014

Just a lokk from the city of Eindhoven... read more
Eindhoven jan 2014 5
Eindhoven jan 2014 6
Eindhoven jan 2014 7

Europe » Netherlands » North Brabant » Sint Anthonis October 23rd 2013

To every trip, there comes and end, and today it’s the day. Jordan was a great adventure, and I really feel myself privileged to visit this great country with it’s beautiful treasures. My highlights were: Petra, especially the Treasury, is without doubt the most beautiful thing I ever saw in my life. Floating in the Dead Sea, everyone should do that. Wadi Rum, beautiful sights, the climbs and a great camel ride. Wadi Dana, this hike was really adventures and the nature park is so beautiful and Madaba, much art, friendly people and a great atmosphere here. The local people were hospitable, and gave a great sight in their lives. But now, it was time to go home, back to the Netherlands and say farewell to this great country. We had to be early at the ... read more
Our Airplane
An employee at the airport
Ready for Take-Off?

Europe » Netherlands » North Brabant August 22nd 2013

On our way from Middelburg to Willemstad, we found that this was a busy waterway with boats of all sizes and types. When going through the lock you never know how crowded it will be – sometimes you are in the lock with only a couple of other pleasure boats and others you are sharing the lock with a barge. Here barges are not pushed by separate tug boats – the “tug” part is actually part of the barge itself. Families live on these barges and you can see that the living area is usually fixed up with curtains, plants at the windows and the family car on the “roof”. Fortunately many of these types can fit through the locks with us. In other areas they have 2 or more locks next to each other – ... read more
Sheep Grazing on the Dyke
A View out the Front "Window"
Coming Up to One of the Locks

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