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Europe » Netherlands » North Brabant » Tilburg April 10th 2014

Enveloped in the darkness, and flying in this metal contraption at thirty thousand feet, I couldn't help but feel a sense of relief. Looking back at this past year, I realized how tired I felt. Though I've learned much, I've also had to deal with a lot more stress than is probably healthy. Any excuse to escape from this twisted rat race of society, even for a short while, is very welcome. Here I was heading to Roadburn festival 2014! I've longed to experience European festival culture, and at last I finally would. The Roadburn festival began more than ten years ago in Tilburg, a city in the south of the Netherlands. It consists of bands specializing in heavy metal, doom, black, progressive, experimental and psychedelic genres. One of my favourite bands of all time, Opeth, ... read more

Europe » Netherlands » North Brabant » Tilburg » Berkel-Enschot February 25th 2012

On Thursday night I was at Briony’s birthday shindig in Cambridgelaan (my housing block thing) and a girl turned around and introduced herself to me (Nerea, from Spain). I’d seen her once before at the Cambridgebar but we hadn’t really spoken, except to tell me how she’d only gotten her dreads that day, so they were nice and soft. Anyway, she told me that she was going with some people to a zoo the next day, although I didn’t hear the ‘day’ part, so I thought it was some crazy African moondance safari or something. As part of Carnivale/a promotion stunt, they were letting people with dreadlocks and people dressed up as ‘rastas’ into the zoo for free. Uh, free trip to the zoo?! Hell yes!! The zoo was in Tilburg, or just outside of it, ... read more
Looked so bored.

Europe » Netherlands » North Brabant » Tilburg January 1st 2011

Wow, 2010 is over and 2011 begun with a really big bang! The nice, quiet evening that I had in mind didn't end up happening at all. My roommate Simon* ended up in the hospital and I had to wait for 3 hours for any information from the doctors. It was in the middle of the night so the doctors pretty much ignored us most of the time. The hart- and respiratory machine kept bleeping and showing disturbing graphs. The doctors said it was nothing and just gave him some liquid through a tube.. After three cups of coffee and a lot of waiting, we were out of there. They hadn't found anything and thought he should go see a general practitioner when he feels better. Probably too much alcohol, and he needed to go to ... read more
Winter time
Snowed central station
Biking through the cold

Europe » Netherlands » North Brabant » Tilburg February 14th 2010

After sleeping in until 11:00am, Sarah and I finally wrested outselves out of bed and started our day. It was snowy outside, and cold, cold cold! She introduced me to some of her friends here, and then we ate a simple brunch in the kitchen. Then we got into our carnival costumes!!! Sarah was a mermaid wearing blue and green and I was a butterfly with a mask I'd bought in Amsterdam. HEr friend Bali was a zebra! fun! Around 2pm, we headed downtown on the bus to see the Carnival parade! Downtown, despite the cold, there were quite a bit of people out dressed in ridiculous brightly colored costumes watching the parade floats go by. Load polka and techno music could be heard, and the floats had signs in Dutch and often, large paper mache ... read more

Europe » Netherlands » North Brabant » Tilburg June 29th 2009

Now this is something I had never heard of before - a small pyramid that could help a baby sleep! Amazing!!! We dropped by to see Lorenza's cousin Liesbeth, plus Michel and their absolutely gorgeous daughter - Fleur. I thought it was nice of Michel to point out that they had named their daughter after me. Mmm, perhaps not? Ok, my surname does have something to do with flowers but Michel was stretching it a bit with his explanation of how they arrived at their daughters name. The pyramid was suggested to Liesbeth as a way to help Fleur sleep better, she had been having trouble sleeping and obviously this was having a flow on affect on the sleep of the whole household. So, the suggestion was to place the pyramid under Fleur's bed and she ... read more
Fleur & Lorenza
Liesbeth, Fleur & Lorenza
thats it - the sleep inducer

Europe » Netherlands » North Brabant » Tilburg May 13th 2009

Ponovo Holandija. Tilburg. Stambena selendra bez zive duse na ulici. Takozvani grad za studente, a zapravo monotona smena kuca i ulica, drvoreda i udesenih dvorista. Nema guzve, nema buke, idealno za zivot u kasnim sedamdesetim. Za neke cak ni tad. Fakultet za novinare, na pola sata brzog hoda od hotela, opremljen bolje nego nase tv stanice, pruza studentima sve na sta obicni smrtnici, poput nas, nisu navikli. Milijardu racunara, radio studio, tv studio, bog te pita koliko kamera, profesorskih saveta, a samo malo teorije. Sve ostalo je, naravno, praksa. Sto bi jedna koleginica rekla, uzmes mikrofon i teraj... Ucis kako da vozis bicikl, kako kaze jedan ovdasnji profesor. Jer, nastavlja isti, biti novinar znaci zonglirati sa sest loptica. Neko ko je prvi put na cetvrtoj godini faksa seo u tv studio da napravi intervju, vise podseca ... read more

Europe » Netherlands » North Brabant » Tilburg March 21st 2008

Yes people tomorow is the day...10.15 Durch time ill be flying to Lima Peru and from there to La Paz Bolivia. In total it would be around 17 hours of traveling and airoport waiting and arrival time is . La Paz is located at 3400m hight, I hope that I wont feel sick due to the lack of oxygen...anyway I already talked with my land lord and apparently no mater what time I arive a warm and helpful cup of mate de coca tea will be waiting. Talk to you all once I arive there....hope you keep checking and submiting your coments. Laterz... read more

Europe » Netherlands » North Brabant » Tilburg March 20th 2008

This Travel Blog was created to share my experiences with you from probably one of the most incrdable adventures that Ill have in my short 23 year life. Nexta Saturday (22nd of March) Ill travel to Bolivia in order to work in a Micro Justice project in La Paz for 2 months. Micro Justice follows the line of thinking of Micro Credit but with lawyers. The idea is to provide legal aid to the poorest of the poor. Using economy of scale profit can be made. I hope that all of you will have fun reading and watching all my posts and cand send me some comments and pictures as well of what you are up to. Laterz Duarte... read more

Europe » Netherlands » North Brabant » Tilburg January 2nd 2007

1. Learn how to Communicate on a ‘Universal Level’ - The lack of a universal spoken language amongst exchange students calls for all students to practice communication by utilising broken words from different languages, facial expressions, verbal noises, hand expressions & various impersonations. Every day on exchange becomes a game of Charades. Entertainment at it’s best. 2. Become a Tailor/Seamstress - The Tilburg Erasmus Student Network (ESN) will adopt you for the whole semester & will keep you busy by organizing excursions, cultural activities, weekends away & brilliant theme parties every week. The theme parties - the crux of a Tilburg Exchange Students life- will impel you to be creative with costumes & designs. 3. Learn how to Ride a Bike (the Dutch way) - The Dutch are Biking Legends as they manoeuvre through the ... read more
Verbernelaan 50
Verbernelaan 50
De Lamme Goedzak

Europe » Netherlands » North Brabant » Tilburg October 29th 2005

This has been the first chance I have had in the Netherlands to sit and type something. We have no problems accessing the internet to upload anything, we have just been too busy having fun to set aside some time for typing! So, this will be a quick update because in the next half hour or so we will either be out bicycle riding, walking, driving or something - today is too nice to waste in front of a laptop. The following covers the period from 22nd to 29th October, later today we will visit Gert and Henny, then tomorrow we are off to Wageningen to see Bert and Bianca. Then on Monday we drive to Frankfurt airport for Lorenza to get her flight home. But for now, on with the update …. The fashion police ... read more
Market in Tilburg
Piet drinking Heinekin?

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