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August 8th 2015
Published: May 21st 2016
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Airport DenspasarAirport DenspasarAirport Denspasar

A small meal on the Airport of Denspasar.
In the afternoon, we left for the airport of Bali, Denspasar. This two flights went everything than comfortable. The first flight was fine, but then slowly the problems started.

Yesterday evening, I had a chat with an Australian backpacker. He was already in Ubud and wanted to go with a friend to Kuta. His friend, should come out of Australia, but all flights to Bali from Australia and returns were cancelled. This was due the activity of a Volcano at Bali. The Volcano released Volcanic smoke which is dangerous during the air flights. Therefore, all flights were cancelled to and from Australia. When the wind changes and the smoke will to the direction of North Asia and Europe, it means that our flight would be cancelled as well. Which means that we could not leave Bali. What a pity... no. I like Bali. No, that was not the case, our flights were not cancelled, so we went to the airport.

Before getting in the bus, many groups and travellers were checking out. A lot of suitcases and bags were standing in the hall. It was first not clear where our bus was waiting and when
Airport DenspasarAirport DenspasarAirport Denspasar

When does our flight leaves?
it was, I carried my own bag to the bus. The many hotel boys were busy with all the suitcases and bags, and the travel leader would like to leave because it became a little bit late. We should leave at 12 and it was almost 12, and the bags were still not in the bus. Therefore, I carried my own bus. But not everyone carried his/her own bag. And here, some problems started. We arrived in the airport of Denspasar. Luckily, I saw my backpack, but one suitcase from one traveller was not there. It was not in the bus. When calling at the hotel, they did found the suitcase. It was almost one and a half hour drive by bus, and we should catch our flight. In al hurry, the hotel found some on a fast scooter or something to bring the suitcase in all hurry to the airport. Luckily, this traveller made it on time to catch her flight.

Our first flight was from Bali to Singapore with GA842. We would leave at 15:45 local time in Bali and land at 18:20 local time on Singapore. Then, we have a quite long transfer: our
Airport DenspasarAirport DenspasarAirport Denspasar

This is our first airplane with the first flight, which leaves from Denspasar to Singapore.
flight from Singapore to Amsterdam would leave at 01:30 local time and arrive at 08:30 in Amsterdam with GA088. Because it was evening and night, and it was difficult to book a evening tour to Singapore, almost everyone stayed in the lounge which was booked for us. But, first the first flight. The first flight went without any problems. Only the meal was not good as expected.

The real problems started with the second flight. Our flight did not came. From other passengers, we heard that the crew was missing when the flight should have leave in Jakarta. Therefore, the flight had quite an delay. It finally was there, and it took so long before we could board. After more than 3 hours delay, and in total an step over from almost 10 hours (!) we finally left Singapore. In total we got two meals, but the service was so horrible. The crew did not bring any water or drinks, they gave the half of the plain snacks and the other half not. They did not took our garbage away. When I brought some garbage to them, I had to wait for 10 minutes before they took
The Meal The Meal The Meal

This was one meal which I received.
it from me. The flight hoses were to busy with... playing on their phone. Seriously. They did not showed any interest and they did not care about anything.

When we finally arrived at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, the airport had problems with getting the luggage on time to the luggage hall. I had to wait more than one and a half hours for our luggage came. The luggage of other arrived plains were already in the luggage hall, but ours did not came. This was quite frustrating. After finally some time, I finally received my luggage. I was so tired and finally I was home.

In conclusion, Indonesia was a very beautiful country. Too bad that I could not do everything I wanted because of my illness. Sumatra was very beautiful with her jungle and the rough landscape. Java’s countryside was great, especially to travel with boat and train. The cultural Hindu Bali gives you a lot of ceremonies and temples which you can enjoy. The country of Indonesia does count more islands, but I only encounter these three. But there are many more islands where you can travel. The change that I
Arrival Amsterdam SchipholArrival Amsterdam SchipholArrival Amsterdam Schiphol

Finally, in Amsterdam! After a transfer of 10 hours, I was happy that I was back on Dutch soil.
come back to one of these islands might be big. The hospitality of the people is great and they do everything to let you feel welcome. I really enjoyed all islands. On all islands, you will encounter jungle, volcano’s and temples. I drove at jungle roads through the mountain jungles in Sumatra, and I sailed on Lake Toba which is caused by an eruption of a super volcano, on the Island formed by this Volcano, the graves of the old kings are put in grave tombs which you could visit in a small town. Sumatra, which felt off the beaten track, non-touristic, but many jungle destroyed due palm oil and coconut plantations. In Java, at Pangandaran you could do a jungle tour (too bad I was sick) or visit it by the Green Canyon, I climbed the Bromo Volcano and visited the Borobudur and Prambanan Temple Complexes. Java, where you can discover the country live side by train and boat and enjoy the country side of the Island, but the small roads and busy traffic in the east makes driving with a bus on those ways a slow and long drama which gets a little bit boring. In Bali, the jungle was always there sometimes hidden behind the rice terraces or hidden on the road to temples, flight cancelled by volcano’s (not ours), and the many temples and ceremonies that Bali count means it is impossible to miss one. The Hindu culture is always alive and visible and the Balinese live with passion for their believes, but the island is slowing losing at her points the authentic atmosphere due mass tourism. All these islands are different, it does feel different, and yet it is one land. But there is a red dread which is binding this islands to one country. Thank you Indonesia, Sumatra, Java and Bali to discover your beauties. It was one story of Jungle, Volcano’s and Temples.


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