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October 23rd 2013
Published: August 31st 2014
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To every trip, there comes and end, and today it’s the day. Jordan was a great adventure, and I really feel myself privileged to visit this great country with it’s beautiful treasures. My highlights were: Petra, especially the Treasury, is without doubt the most beautiful thing I ever saw in my life. Floating in the Dead Sea, everyone should do that. Wadi Rum, beautiful sights, the climbs and a great camel ride. Wadi Dana, this hike was really adventures and the nature park is so beautiful and Madaba, much art, friendly people and a great atmosphere here. The local people were hospitable, and gave a great sight in their lives. But now, it was time to go home, back to the Netherlands and say farewell to this great country.

We had to be early at the airport. We were separated over two flights, were the boarding of the first flight starts at 6 am, the second at 6.30 am. The boarding will take one hour in total, for each flight. We should leave at the hotel around 4 am to get our ride to the airport. The hotel was so kind enough to open the breakfast early for us at 3.30 am in the morning. Everyone went early to bed yesterday, not later than 10.30 at latest. However, none of us had a long sleep and most of us were tired of the last two days. The breakfast was good, but none of us was that hungry. Probably it was too early.

Luckily, we could go on time. Waél was driving, and gave us our last drive in Jordan, to the airport. Reaching the airport was in 20 minutes, leading us to the last scenes of Jordan and Amman. Amman was still sleeping; there was not much other traffic. When we arrived at the airport, we had to check in. Because, the group was divided in two parts, we had to go to two different desks. At the desk, you get a stamp in your passport for leaving Jordan by flight. From here on, we had to go to security where we entered a large shopping hall. You could buy a lot, for example make-up of Dior and Chanel and of course a Starbucks. We took a coffee by Starbucks.

It was almost time for the first group to board. In this group, 16 from us where flying, so that was almost the complete group. We had to say goodbye, so we took a large time for it. Everyone got a kiss or a hug. We spend much time together, we had so much fun. It was great! Now, only five from us where left. To reach our gate, we had to walk to the other side of the airplane. We took a seat over here before it was time for boarding. We tried to keep each other awake. The boarding started fast, and we could walk via a trunk into the airplane, giving us great sighs of the airplane. My seat was a place in-between two other seats. The seat at the corridor was taken by our group tour leader and the seat by the window by another woman, around an age of 60. She woman told me she lived in Jordan for some years, but comes originally to England. She went back to visit her family in England. She also said she did not like her place, she preferred a place by the corridor and not by the window. She asks the steward for replacement, and he found another place for her. When she was gone,
Ready for Take-Off? Ready for Take-Off? Ready for Take-Off?

Goodbye Jordan!
the place was empty, so I had a great view and to make pictures.

When the airplane took off, we saw the last scenery of Jordan. During the flight, we had one meal, drinks and I watched the first Lord of the Rings movie. I did not want to felt in sleep, so that’s why I turned this movie. One of my favourites, so I won’t fell in sleep. However, after the movie, I still felt in sleep anyway. When we almost reached Amsterdam I woke up.

The airplane landed safe at Amsterdam. It took a while when our bags arrived. The bag of Martin was quite fast, and we said goodbye. The rest of us had to wait. In the mean time, we found out that there were problems with the trains in the Netherlands. My parents came to pick me up anyway, so I offered Richard to take a ride with us. His house was almost at our route, so it was not a big deal. The rest of our bags came almost the same time. When could past the Duane without any problems and we came in the arrivals where my parents were waiting. They

Hello Netherlands!
were quite relieved that I made it back homewards. Now, we had to say goodbye to the rest of our group.

Richard and I took an ice cream by the McDonalds when Richard sister came to pick him up at the parking place. We had a great talk, before going to home. I felt in sleep at the car again. In the afternoon, when we were at home, we got visiting of my aunt and a friend for my mother. Of course, I bought some souvenirs for them and they really liked it. I went to bed quite early that evening. I really slept long and good.

To conclusion, Jordan is a great country; if you like nature or historical there is a lot do, hospitable local people, good fresh food and, it’s safe. You won’t notice anything about the problems in the neighbour countries. I agree that Jordan is even a great place to visit with kids. The kids will like Petra, there is a lot to see, the Wadi Rum with all the climbing (it’s even a playing garden for adults, so kids would like it too), and the Dead See and Aqaba area where they
The lugage bandThe lugage bandThe lugage band

Why does it take so long?
really would have a great time spending in resorts.

I really want to tank Sawadee, Karin the tour group leader, Omar our guide and Waél the bus driver for the great services they took. A lot of information of Jordan I’ve got out my Rough Guide. But a special thanks to everyone of the group, which made the trip such great. We had such a great group, without doubt, the best group that you could have for a travelling. Thank you Jordan, it was great.


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