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June 20th 2019
Published: June 21st 2019
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We now are already a few days in Holland and visiting Family. It all has not been going that smoothly but than we are used to that. No problems leaving Doha although the plane was running late but we killed the time by having something to eat at the Airport. Always interesting watching the people doing their things. It kills the time waiting but not long and we were boarding. After a good flight we arrived in Amsterdam. Was easy to go through and no inspection of suitcases. We had to wait for the shuttle bus to take us to Roelofsarendsveen. where the car was. We were soon installed and on the way to Breukelen. That is where we had a problem. We receive the car with a little fuel to get you to a service station to fuel, so we did. Stopped at the first one we saw a Shell station at the diesel pump. Put the nozzle in but could not get any fuel into the tank. Asked Liz if she can go inside to find out . He came out and told me there must be air in the tank could not see that for if there was

on the market
it would escape as soon as you fuel. We managed after a long time to get some fuel in and kept going towards Breukelen where we arrived at 5 p.m.Took the little suitcases to the room and freshen up before we went to look to get something to eat. No problem with that and we had a beautiful meal. nothing more left as a nice shower and a good rest. A nice breakfast was waiting for us before we going of to Etten Leur. Had enough fuel to reach that. We had not seen Hugo & Jola for two years, it was a very nice welcome back. Coffee and cake were waiting. Spent hours talking and of course our first meal we had was for vegies Brussels Lof, very very nice.It was late going to bed that night reason there was women's soccer that finish late. Lots, of work was waiting next day. We have to get this fuel problem right. Hugo took me to a Peugeot dealer who had a look at it. It is a very new car and was just out in Europe. They did not know the car and had tried to fuel again but not

plenty of fissh
working.They send us to a bigger Peugeot dealer in Breda, with the same result. There advise was to ring the assistance phone number and see what they can do. So we did. We were asked to meet a mechanic at a service station that will look if he could fixed the problem. We met him that afternoon. I showed him how I fuelled and next he tried himself. I saw he pushed the nozzle as deep as possible in and she fuelled, he explained the inlet had two valves and when only passed the one the intake days no and no fuel comes in. Not explained to us when picking up the car and this particular model not driving around yet caused us a problem that was now solved. We did not lose any time for we did the shopping and visited markets. Jola & Hugo took us out for dinner to a Tapas restaurant. Out of this world.Called Het Zusje. You can eat as much as you like choose out of a big repertoire of dishes and sweets but all in miniature portions. Tasted beautiful had not a dish I didn't like. We had a beautiful evening something we

big big strawberries
did not expected. A few more days to go before we are on the way. We keep you informed. Keep watching.

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in the supermarket

Liz & Hugo

at the Tapas restaurant

Liz talking

the Dishes

22nd June 2019

enjoying your blog of your travels again keep it up and enjoy. lots of love xx

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