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June 27th 2012
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Aunty and JillAunty and JillAunty and Jill

Trying to prepare a meal, but not making much progress!
Saturday 16th. Goodbye to Scotland: We left Kinloch Rannoch at 5 am as planned and arrived at Edinburgh airport at about 7 am. The Easyjet flight was interesting - we could sit anywhere we wanted. We were met Schiphol airport by Jill's aunty Sjaan then caught the train to Utrecht and Ermelo - about 2 hours all up. The weather was warmer than Scotland which we appreciated.

Sunday 17th. In the morning we went to Sjaan's reformed church in Ermelo. The service was in Dutch and very formal but we recognised some of the tunes. The church was built in about the 1600's with brick/cobble floors and well-polished brass chandeliers. We did some obligatory cycling around Ermelo in the afternoon.

Monday 18th. There had been thunderstorms and strong winds and rain during the night and early morning which had disrupted train travel. (They don’t get them much so are likely not prepared to cope.) It was still raining fairly heavily in the morning by Holland standards. Sjaan strongly advised that we delay a planned train trip to Delft until Tuesday but we decided to go anyway. We travelled from Ermelo to Amersfort then from there via Amsterdam
Jill and uncleJill and uncleJill and uncle

Jill dressing up Kees. He is recovering from a bout of shingles. Nothing like some Jilly medicine to "shock" him into recovery. Works for me!
to Den Haag and Delft. By the time we arrived at Delft the rain had stopped and we had a lovely time in the quant old city. We visited several churches built in the 1400's, and the lovely shops, cafes and canals.

Tuesday 19th. We woke to a lovely sunny morning and had coffee on the lawn in the sun. We convinced ourselves to cycle to Haardivejk on the coast and ignore the sore butts we got from our Sunday cycle. It was well worth the effort - it is a bigger town than Ermelo and with more history. It started as a fishing village several centuries ago and still has a harbour with old and new style Dutch boats. That night Sjaan cooked a typical dutch meal with boiled potatoes, fried potatoes, witlof and deep-fried fish. Lovely and nostalgic, and an appreciated farewell dinner.

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Sunning ourselves.Sunning ourselves.
Sunning ourselves.

A lovely time in the sun - and some good Dutch coffee
All the bikesAll the bikes
All the bikes

At the Delft train station
And moreAnd more
And more

Almost like Venice
Jilly and the clogJilly and the clog
Jilly and the clog

Outside one of the many Delft pottery shops in Delft!
In a Delft pottery shopIn a Delft pottery shop
In a Delft pottery shop

Jilly admiring the art of the pottery
The steeple of the "new" churchThe steeple of the "new" church
The steeple of the "new" church

New is relative. It was built in the late 1400-1500's
Time to relaxTime to relax
Time to relax

Part of our dinner after our day in Delft. We found a "Jillz" apple cider. The bottle will accompany us home.
Our excerciseOur excercise
Our excercise

Cycling to Hardewijk
And the after-effectsAnd the after-effects
And the after-effects

Jilly nursing a tender ??? while admiring the coast at Hardewijk
The windmillThe windmill
The windmill

Scenery of the waterfront
The boats of HardewijkThe boats of Hardewijk
The boats of Hardewijk

Beautiful wooden sailing boats. Don't know what the "wings" are for!
Some horticultureSome horticulture
Some horticulture

I guess I had to include this one of tree training.

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