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October 13th 2006
Published: June 29th 2017
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An old house..An old house..An old house..

An old Dutch house.
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After a really solid night out on the town on Thursday with Jonathan in Arnhem, I was feeling weak and weary this morning (Friday). Woke up, had breakfast and off I went in the car with Joke to see some things. Our first stop was the Openluchtmuseum (open air museum).
Well i mentioned my journey to Beamish in Durham, well this was much the same from a Dutch perspective. Plenty of old trams, old windmills, model houses and the like. We arrived here around about 11am, and met up with Jojanekke for the day, who was nice and really good fun.
After the Openluchtmuseum, we headed to the Kroller-Muller museum. This place had a fine art collection of paintings, sculptures, and other art forms, including many pieces by van Gogh. We spent a few hours wandering the galleries, before going to view an interesting building likely used as a hunting home for the Kroller family long ago.
After this it was time to head home, for dinner which was really tasty!! Something called "potato different," which was.. well.. a different type of potatoes (like a heated potatoe salad with cheese, ham and other mysterious properties combined).
Then Jojanekke left back for Utrecht, I
Bucket ManBucket ManBucket Man

Thats me with two buckets over my shoulders. Just an old way the Dutch used to carry water, "back in the day"
watched some television with Jan, and have now decided to turn in for the night. Im wrecked and need to catch up on some Z's. Big day ahead tomorrow, meeting relatives and exploring some more. Itl b a shame to have to leave here so soon.

PS. yeah, i have taken some pictures today, and ill get them uploaded soon. Just cant do it from this computer, as it has no USB plug. so ill maybe do it at some point tomorrow.

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Dutch DucksDutch Ducks
Dutch Ducks

Dutch ducks in all their glory..
Jojanekke BedJojanekke Bed
Jojanekke Bed

Jojanneke on one of the old fashioned dutch beds at the Openluchtmuseum. think that this was like in the childs area?
Jojanekke Dwarf timeJojanekke Dwarf time
Jojanekke Dwarf time

Jojanneke takes the oppertunity to ride a dwarf at the Openluchtmuseum
Jojanneke Nun fetishJojanneke Nun fetish
Jojanneke Nun fetish

Jojanneke gives in to her unrelenting passion for nuns by forcing herself on a statue of a nun riding a bike at the Openluchtmuseum
Joke Kris BridgeJoke Kris Bridge
Joke Kris Bridge

Thats myself and Joke over the other side of the bridge at the Openluchtmuseum.
Kris Dwarf FriendKris Dwarf Friend
Kris Dwarf Friend

I make friends with one of the odd dwarfs we found at the Openluchtmuseum..
Kris gets milking!!Kris gets milking!!
Kris gets milking!!

Me enjoying milking a cardboard cut out of a cow as it looks on at me in disgrace..
Kris Old BedKris Old Bed
Kris Old Bed

Myself in one of the old fashioned dutch beds at the Openluchtmuseum. Its more like a small box.. woulda been awfully cozy with two people sharing this.
Kris on the MillKris on the Mill
Kris on the Mill

Thats me at the top of one of the windmills at the Openluchtmuseum.
Kroller Muller MuseumKroller Muller Museum
Kroller Muller Museum

"Welcome to the Kroller Muller Museum" This place had a really cool collection of art, from paintings to sculptures. Plenty of renowned pieces here by van Gogh.
Old House interiorOld House interior
Old House interior

The inside of one of the old dutch houses at the Openluchtmuseum.

Shot of the Openluchtmuseum from out the front
Openluchtmuseum GardensOpenluchtmuseum Gardens
Openluchtmuseum Gardens

Joke and Jojanekke walking through the gardens at the Openluchtmuseum.
Sheep in mid-baaaSheep in mid-baaa
Sheep in mid-baaa

This is a sheep speaking to me at the Openluchtmuseum. They actually make a freakish 'baaaAAAa'ing' sound which i dont recall hearing before.
Strange BuildingStrange Building
Strange Building

Building near the Kroller Muller Museum. Allegedly a building to house hunters, quite some time ago.

The windmill i climbed up at the Openluchtmuseum.

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