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June 18th 2010
Published: June 18th 2010
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Dear family and friends and randoms who have stumbled upon this fantastic blog,

The third day of our trip found mum and I awoken at 6 by the very bright sunshine coming through two layers of curtains and loud birds, mum, impressively, went for a run, whilst i stayed home and figured out how to use the coffee machiene, the toaster and the recliner.

It was a beatiful day, the sun was very warm and the wind not too bad so we sat outside and mum riet and I painted our toenails in a very fetching purple/red. mum and i were very sore from our big bike ride!

I chased a cat under a bush, twice, but he ran away, then we saw some baby ducklings.

Mum then took me on a dutch culinary experience, we rode our bikes to the local shops and bought kroket (crumbed deep fried sausages of beef rague) and fritje oorlog (which translates to chip war - becuase of the war between the huge dolops of satay sauce and mayonaise on top of the chips).

In the afternoon we went to the local markets where we bought bulk amounts of oranges (cos opa makes fresh orange juice in the morning) strawberries and cherries, i bought some massive hippy fisherman pants, some stockings and a cute bag, and we had vietnamese lompia (home made vietnamese spring rolls).

For dinner we went to the local and very nice Italian restaurant Il Claudio, where i couldn't read the menu at all, but did learn some new words:
kaas = cheese
Uien = onion
slagroom = cream (apparently not pronounced slag - room acording to the waiter)
anjovies = anchovies
olijevs = olives
verse tomaato = fresh tomato
ijs = ice cream

by this time mum and i were asleep on our feet so we went straight to bed when we got home!

- Love kels + Deb


18th June 2010

hey kealsea!!!! sounds like you are having a wonderful time :) we must show and tell all the items you bought when you return! Are you staying in a holiday home? it seems lyk such nice wether over there :) hahah did u have trouble reading the menu?? i will post my address to your fb inbox :D take lots and lots of photos and upload them :) keep posting! love emily fletch xxxxxxx

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