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Europe » Netherlands » Gelderland » Apeldoorn » Hoenderloo June 19th 2014

We only realise later that evening that we actually had 2 more of those gigantic sluis’s to do – they are actually 260m not 100m as reported earlier – but the next day dawned beautiful and we set off to an empty river. The only monsters we saw were more like pussy cats and we had a lovely journey on a wide and meandering river in the sunshine virtually to ourselves, doing a constant 7.5kts ( a lot for Isabela) until we reached Arnhem where we moored up in the only, surprisingly small, haven. Even sitting doing not a lot seems tiring on the boat so we wandered in to town for an Indonesian meal – Holland having a long history with Indonesia. We had told the HM that we planned to stay 2 nights at ... read more
Aardvark - Earth Pig
Memorial to the Paras

Europe » Netherlands » Gelderland » Apeldoorn July 21st 2013

Geo: 52.2163, 5.96462Het Loo Palace is imbued with the lives and history of the Dutch Royal family. It was the favorite place of William III and Mary II, and later Queen Wilhelmina. On a beautiful warm day like today, its not hard to see why. Natalie and I have visited many castles, royal residences and palaces since our arrival in Europe. We were both in agreement, that todays visit to Het Loo may have just about been our favorite of the lot so far. Whether it was the perfect weather, excellent audio tour, intriguing history, relatively low crowds or beautiful green gardens that made it so enjoyable, were heading home happy. We arrived around 1pm after lunch, and three or four happy hours just rolled by. On arrival, we noted the majority of text and information ... read more
Flying Flag
Dining Room
Queens chair with shrapnel hole

Europe » Netherlands » Gelderland » Apeldoorn March 22nd 2011

Departing Kellerberg we decided to head straight for a larger town for an internet connection as Pam had to work so we decided on Enshede on the German Holland border. I have to say now after a couple of days the Autobahns are not so intimidating as earlier, I figured when in Germany do as the Germans do so I just put the foot down and drove like a crazy German driver. It was kind of cool making our first border crossing but all you see now is a small sign that you are now in the Netherlands, why they call it this instead of Holland I don’t know. What a drama it seems that much of Holland is closed for motor homes until the end of April and after visiting 2 camp grounds that were ... read more
Netherlands 1.2 km
Haaksberg Netherlands

Europe » Netherlands » Gelderland » Apeldoorn May 21st 2009

I need to preface this storz with the fact that in germanz the z and y are switched on the keyboard, and for dramatic effect I will be tzping normally. Have Fun! Mz 8am alarm was the earliest I had set since I'd been in Amsterdam. Funnz thing was, in most other hostels, everzone is out bz 9am, but in amsterdam, everzone was asleep till at least 10... So, mz alarm is set, and using mz trustz timetable (2008 timetable b.c. STA travel didn't get new ones , but thez said it was the sametimetable as 09), I set off on the 6 hour trip from Holland to Berlin. Leaving amsterdam I arrived in amersfoot at 10 21 and had (according to mz 08 timetable) 6 minutes to get on the next train. I ran out ... read more

Europe » Netherlands » Gelderland » Apeldoorn April 21st 2008

April 21, 2008 Hello Everyone, Finally an update! After several difficult days we are re-united with Ed. Mark was turned back in London as he did not have a Dutch visa, which we never thought was needed as he's a landed immigrant. However, Ed visited different embassies and the High Commission without any success. He brought Mark back to Canada, then turned around and came back after spending 2 1/2 hours in the Calgary airport. He made it back again 27 hours later, and very tired. We are doing better today. We biked around Holland with Jane and Gerrit and all the kids, visited a market, ate (posed with) raw herring, ate Frikandels and kroketten, visited my brother and sister, biked in the rain, and went to a big cathedral. Despite the ache in our heart ... read more

Europe » Netherlands » Gelderland » Apeldoorn January 15th 2008

9-13/01/2008 We made it to Amsterdam in one peace. It took a little while for us to find Rieky as she sent Gerrit in who we had never seen before, but after a couple of phone calls we manage to find each other and make our way to Rieky’s home. While we were at Rieky’s place all we seemed to do was eat. It’s all very good but we have put on some weight. The next day we ventured out to the markets. Rhiannon was impressed with the cheese stores and the amount of people who ride bikes. We then continued onto zutphen were Opa grew up. We managed to get some photos of the house. We also saw an old farmer who lived in the house next door. Rhiannon was really excited as he was ... read more

Europe » Netherlands » Gelderland » Apeldoorn September 1st 2007

Vandaag met Sabine en Casper een dagje naar de Apenheul geweest in good old Apeldoorn. Dit was nog een cadeautje voor m'n verjaardag uit 2006. Het was een gezellige middag aldaar.... read more
Gorrila met dorst

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