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May 21st 2009
Published: May 21st 2009
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I need to preface this storz with the fact that in germanz the z and y are switched on the keyboard, and for dramatic effect I will be tzping normally. Have Fun!

Mz 8am alarm was the earliest I had set since I'd been in Amsterdam. Funnz thing was, in most other hostels, everzone is out bz 9am, but in amsterdam, everzone was asleep till at least 10...

So, mz alarm is set, and using mz trustz timetable (2008 timetable b.c. STA travel didn't get new ones , but thez said it was the sametimetable as 09), I set off on the 6 hour trip from Holland to Berlin.

Leaving amsterdam I arrived in amersfoot at 10 21 and had (according to mz 08 timetable) 6 minutes to get on the next train. I ran out of the train and did not see anz Berlin signs, I asked some train emplozee standing around, and he points to a train on the platform. I ran on and he zells "holgern!" I had no idea what he said but I got on the train.

I then started freaking out.

No idea where I was or where I was going. I soon realiyed this is what Europe is all about, and proceeded to enjoz the next hour. I asked the train manager, and he reassured me i was going to the right place. Plus an older man named hans (looked a lot like FDR but skinnz, same glasses), smiles and sazs, I will tell zou when to get off because I go to the same place. WHEW!

Next thing I know the train stops, and doesnt move for 5 minutes. The train conductor sazs some shiite in Dutch and a collective dutch "urgh" comes out of everzone. Hans enlightened me that there was a car accident on the tracks, and two cars were on fire. The drivers tried to both beat the train, and ended up loosing to eachother.

All trains going this waz had to stop. The expected 1 hour delay (which I gladlz waited for) turned into an unknown delay because the people had died, and I guess CSI Holland had to come inspect the incident. NExt thing I know, everzone starts getting all there stuff and jumping out of the train to walk to the last station! Hans explained again, and I followed him and over 100 passengers jumping out of the train.

We were right in the middle of a new suburb, and walkeded for about twentz minutes to a bus stop. As we approached the stop, the bus was pulling awaz, we then learned the next bus was in 1 hr.

We finallz got on the bus and rode back to Apeeldoorn for 30 minutes.

The accident was still being forensically analzyed so all trains in Holland were delazed. Hans stazed with me the whole time. He was seriouslz mz messiah todaz. Without him I would be in Latvia or something. He explained mz situation to the train people and he went with me on the train (it was on his waz too). Finallz, at 2 pm, I arrived in Henglo...he offered to wait so I wasn't alone, but he had done enough alreadz. So he talked to the information people in dutch for me, and explained what I needed to do...THX HANS!

The berlin hbf train was 50 minutes delazed, but finallz, at 3 30, a berlin hbf train showed up. I jumped on, put mz bags down, and then asked the uglz guz from the goonies if this was going to berlin. "No, from Berlin."

SHIT!!! I ran off and opened the door as it literalz starts moving.

4pm, the train finallz comes. I arrive in Berlin at 9 am. A long daz which is a prime example of the train szstem and how frustrating, and fun, it can be.

The hostel I am stazing in, here in Berlin, is bigger than coronado. This place is huge!

As I tzpe I hear germans screaming, like death metal but not music. And everzone in this citz is alwazs drinking, and awlazs drunk. Should be fun!

Until next time...


22nd May 2009

i likey a-verz much
zaaa scott!! za!! well done!!
24th May 2009

Hans is the man, as is every Dutch person I've ever met.
27th May 2009

Hope you enjoyed Sie heise Wurste (the hot weeners)
Dude, this is a little late but nightclubs are cool in Berlin but the bouncers are crazy. I literally saw the two big guys from beerfest not let a guy in and when he persisited the one guy just clocked him in the face...also hope you at least tried a Currywurst mit Pommes Frites
27th May 2009

Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Scott, happy birthday to you! With much love, dad.

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