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August 3rd 2008
Published: August 3rd 2008
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The HavelaarsThe HavelaarsThe Havelaars

Daniel and Oom Johan with one of Oom Jan's plumbing vans
Hi all,

We are now in Friesland! At Tante Anna and Oom Arjen's. Daniel is going to write this blog since we spent most of the day with his family. I'm pleased to say by Dutch is getting slightly better - I can now say Tanke you well (Thank you), Hallo (Hello) and Tot ziens, dug, dewey (bye) - p.s. I didn't say I could spell the words, just say them.
Anyway, here is Daniel...

Hi all, it is I.
Apparantly she whommustbeobeyedatalltimes wants me to write/type...er bash the key board with two fingures, this blog entrie. what kind of a name is BLOG anyway!!
Well, today we had yet another breakfast of biscuit, yummy cheese, Apple stroop and chocolate hail. Life is so hard.
Later on we Oom Johan and Tante Nancy took Monique and I to see Oom Jan and Tante Adrie.
Once we arived we were forced to eat cake. It was difficult, but we managed.
Also preesent was my cousin Janette, her husband Harry (I think that was his name), Derek and some of their children.
It is strange to me to have so much family when I'm used to only a few in NZ.
Daniel playing with legoDaniel playing with legoDaniel playing with lego

Daniel got into his cousin Richard's lego collection - look out Richard!
It's cool though.
After a few red wines we had a look through Oom Jan's plumbing out fit which is next door to his place. It's quite impressive. He has 35ish staff and 18 vans not to mention the wharehouse of stock and small shop.
Derek wants to go hunting with me and Oom Jan wanted to know if I'd consider moving my bussiness to Holland.
After a nice hot lunch back at Uncle Johan's, he and Aunt Nancy trook us to the railway station in Utrecht. We wanted to catch the 3.12pm train but by the time we got tickets and figured out which platform to go to (cause theres tons of them and the place is HUGE) we got to the right place at 3.14pm and were just in time to see the train in the distance. Oh well!! We waited 40mins and got the next one and were headed for Friesland. The trains are cool and they fair honk along!!
Oom Arain picked us up, once we arrived, in his big Buick and so now we are in Friesland with Oom Arian and Tante Anna. More good food!!

Additional photos below
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At Oom Jan.At Oom Jan.
At Oom Jan.

Oom Jan, Tante Adrie, Derek, Janette, Harry (I think) and some of the children/grand children.
two uncles and two aunts.two uncles and two aunts.
two uncles and two aunts.

Tante Nancy ,Oom Johan, Tante Adrie and Oom Jan.
Talking man stuff.Talking man stuff.
Talking man stuff.

Daniel with his Oom Jan talking business and the like.
An owlAn owl
An owl

When we arrived at Oom Arian and Tante Anna, there was this owl sitting in the tree behind the house. They are supposed to be quick to fly at the sight of people, but this one just sat and watched.

4th August 2008

Sounds tough!
Sounds like things are real tough over there, with you having to eat cake and the like!! That photo of Oom Jan and Dan is classic!! Oom Jan looks just the same as the last time I saw him which was when I was about 8 or something. By the way, has Oom Teus given you a stack of 'Dekker' murchandise yet?? Have phun!

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