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Europe » Netherlands » Flevoland » Lelystad May 5th 2019

Today was a travel day to get us from Paris to Lelystad, The Netherlands. While I don't love France as a country (largely in part because of the rude treatment of Americans I have experienced) it is a beautiful country to drive through. There are the canola fields and beautiful farmland. I try to take as may pictures out the window of the bus as possible. After a comfort stop (bathroom break), we stopped at Antwerp, Belgium. Now there's a city in which I could spend more time! Once we took a quick tour of the city we had free time for lunch, shopping or both. Belgium is famous for the French fry. The story goes that some soldiers had fried potatoes lengths in Belgium but thought they were in France (French is one of the ... read more

Europe » Netherlands » Flevoland » Lelystad June 4th 2016

What do you do to keep busy while you are waiting for deliveries that you need? We found plenty and then some! One thing we are realizing is that with having extra time we were able to do a few of the sewing projects that we had been putting off. As our sewing machine is quite heavy, takes up the large table in the cabin and also requires tearing apart the storage area to get the machine out in the first place, we don’t seem to get it out as often as we’d like. In other words, we don’t just “pop it out” for a quick sewing project. Between the rainy, windy days and the constant wait for packages to arrive we knew it was time for sewing. One thing about sewing on the boat is ... read more
Tsamaya With Plenty of Clotheslines!
Just a Couple of the Wonderful Staff in Lelystad
Notice Anything Different with Our "Dozen" Eggs?

Europe » Netherlands » Flevoland » Lelystad May 22nd 2016

May 8 – May 18, 2016 It is hard to believe but in a couple of days it will have been 3 weeks since we left the US for the Netherlands. We stayed on Tsamaya “on the hard” for 6 nights and then got launched on Tuesday, May 10th. Everything went without a hitch which is always a good thing. Irwin, the crane operator here at Flevo Marina does an excellent job – we had him launch us before and were always impressed with how smooth an operation he has. Instead of moving to a regular slip in the marina we had to stay near the crane as they were doing some minor fiberglass work on our stern and it wasn’t quite finished when we were launched. They were to fix it while we were gone ... read more
She Floats!
Our First Sunset from the WATER
Where Our Home in the Water Has Been in Lelystad

Europe » Netherlands » Flevoland » Lelystad September 28th 2013

When we left Amsterdam we headed toward Lelystad on the Ijsselmeer to have some repair work done on Tsamaya. The Ijsselmeer is the largest fresh water lake in the Netherlands and in fact of western Europe. It is a shallow lake that was the result of the construction of the 32 km. Afsluitdijk (dyke) in 1932. Before the closing of the dyke in 1932 the water here was salt water and was part of the North Sea called the Zuiderzee. In 1975 the Ijsselmeer was further divided by adding another dyke which created the Markermeer. Lelystad itself is located on an island that was created in the recent past. After WWII, work continued to reclaim land in this area and by 1950 a few construction islands had been created. Flevoland was one of these islands. By ... read more
Going Through a Storm
Waiting for the "big guy"
Another Bridge Opening

Europe » Netherlands » Flevoland » Lelystad August 30th 2013

Where are we now?? We know it has been quite some time since our last blog entry, but we have been doing some traveling since the Channel Islands and haven’t had time to stop to get a blog entry written and posted. We have been definitely taking plenty of photos, seeing as much as we can, meeting lots of nice people and been in a few countries since we last wrote. In many instances we were spending the days sailing from one port to another, staying overnight and then moving on the next day to get closer to our goal of the Netherlands. Other times we decided to stay a couple of nights to have a chance to see something in the area or to wait for a better weather window. We still had to watch ... read more
Our Home on the Hard
From Our Cockpit

Europe » Netherlands » Flevoland » Lelystad May 23rd 2011

We will be leaving for Ireland tomorrow!! We have spent 4 wonderful days here and had a blast. On Friday the 20th, Matt and I made our first trek into Amsterdam. We planned to wake up at about 830 or 9 but ended up sleeping in til 1030:( SO our day started a little later then we wanted. We caught the bus then the train then we arrived at Amsterdam Central!! We spent most of the day just exploring the city. Walking all over, not toward any particular stop just absorbing all we could. We took a canal boat tour, but thought it was boring:( They just had a recording playing telling us about the sites. I thought it would be better if the boat driver actually told us stuff about the city. I'm interested ... read more
canal bridge
sea palace resturant
on the canal

Europe » Netherlands » Flevoland » Lelystad May 22nd 2011

We have been in the Netherlands for 3 days:) We arrived on the 19th at about 12:50pm. I was dead tired. I wasnt really able to sleep on the plane but Matt slept pretty much the whole time. Our first flight flew from Seatac to Reykjavík Iceland. It was 8 hours long and to top it off we didnt get a free in flight meal. We had to pay for it. I got a chicken ceaser salad that was tiny and it cost 5euro and Matt go a ham and cheese sandwich that had jelly on it. It seemed pretty weird but tasted really good oddly enough. His cost 4euro. When we arrived in Iceland we had an hour layover which was not very long. Our plane was actually beginning to board like 30 minutes after ... read more
On the Train
Our room at Grant and Katinkas:)
Matt on the bed

Europe » Netherlands » Flevoland » Lelystad February 3rd 2011

Hello Finally ! Wednesday February 3rd has arrived. Until 12h I will stay online for work and perform my final tasks before activating the out of office message and shutting the work laptop down and not booting it up anymore before March 1st. Slowly, but surely I notice the joy taking over and the smiles are getting bigger : travel excitement coming up :-) As my trust in the Belgian/Dutch Railway system is not always that high I have decided to ask my friends Martin & Martin if it would be possible to spend the coming night at their place in Lelystad. I should have no problems than to reach Schiphol airport tomorrw morning. Check in procedures have already been completed and seats have been confirmed. Sms messages and phone calls from friends and family wishing ... read more

Europe » Netherlands » Flevoland » Lelystad September 23rd 2009

Almere Haven, Flevo Polder, 02-08-2001. For the last two days I have been in a haze, cycling well beyond 200 kilometers a day on sandy tracks, wild paths in the forest, along tranquil canals and forest streams, across rugged hills and gliding across the German/Dutch border pas de problem despite my vagabond appaerance, despite the wild eyed-look in my face looking back at me from the mirror of a bathroom in the very first restaurant I found once back on Dutch soil, the face of a man possessed... possessed by the sharp claws of society, paying my rent and keeping my job...ah yeah, paying my taxes of course!!! Possessed my Nong's guiding voice that brought me back from mental instability induced by nearly four weeks of marijuana-free excistence after months of a daily plant induced high, ... read more
more flowers

Europe » Netherlands » Flevoland » Lelystad June 8th 2009

Ik ben weer thuis, ga straks weer aan het werk! De laatste dagen hebben we ons nog goed vermaakt. Akagera National Park was geweldig, we hebben veel dieren gezien: antilopen, een giraf, buffuls, baboons, nijlpaarden, ect. Als je foto's wilt zien, kom je maar eens langs Vrijdag nog een leuke dag met vrienden uit Kirinda en zaterdag naar huis. Vlucht ging prima, heb heerlijk geslapen (voor zover dat kan in een vliegtuig). Bedankt voor alle reacties op m'n blog. Het was erg leuk te merken dat zoveel mensen meeleefden en een klein beetje konden meegenieten van mijn avonturen. Murakoze cyane!!! Tot op m'n volgende blog ... read more

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