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Europe » Montenegro » Podgorica July 4th 2014

This part of my trip was another special time, because I was again able to reconnect with friends. I met Karsten and Birte in Borneo ten years ago, when I first traveled on my own. They were doing a year or so abroad, and I think inspired me to do the same. Two years later I did. Last year, Jeroen and I met up with them and their son in Hong Kong for a short time. They were just moving from Germany to Montenegro. Although I got close last summer, I didn't make it to Montenegro on my trip in eastern Europe. But this summer, I did and it was great. I arrived on a Friday afternoon, a little earlier than I expected. I took a cab to their house and met with Birte and her ... read more
Canyon on way to Montenegro from Sarajevo
Canyon on way to Montenegro from Sarajevo
Mountain view in Montenegro

Europe » Montenegro » Podgorica August 8th 2013

After many border crossings we finally made it to Plav, Montenegro. It was such a struggle to find our hotel as it was tucked down back streets that slanted dangerously and had more pot holes than actual road. It turns out it was signposted but only in the local language, which is Montegrin, nevertheless we eventually found it after getting lost several times. I have never seen the point in spending a lot of time or money on hotels, but I could have spent forever and my riches at Hotel Kula Damjanova. It was more of a lodge than a hotel. It was on two floors with a spiral type staircase, and was made entirely from wood. It was perched on the lakes edge, and was decorated by oriental rugs hanging on the walls. It was ... read more

Europe » Montenegro » Podgorica July 31st 2013

Saying goodbye to Andreja saw me settle back into the usual groove – you know what that is - slow and steady and lots of photo taking but with a bit more restraint than I’ve shown in the past. Somewhere along the line, I left the Tara River and joined the Moraca River. I think this happened after Kolasin – not sure. But there it was, another river and yet another spectacular canyon. Nature is amazing. Just when you think it can’t possibly get any better it does. In fact, I would have to say that the Moraca Canyon is the most beautiful I’ve seen so far. Big call. But getting there involved a pass (manageable) and then, well, as before a whole vista opens out in front. Mountain, after mountain, after mountain for as far ... read more
Moraca Monastery
Moraca Monastery
Moraca Monastery

Europe » Montenegro » Podgorica July 11th 2012

When I was planning the trip to Exit in Novi Sad, Serbia, I decided that it’d be nice to have a couple of days in the neighbouring Montenegro on the seaside. I shared my thoughts with Vasia, a friend of mine, and he suggested joining me on the trip. The thing is, I found the very cheap air tickets to Beograd via Montenegro, less than 200 Euro both ways from Moscow, though with 2 transfers (in Podgorica and Tivat), and the early morning departure was a bit inconvenient (we had to sleep at the airports). But now, as I’m putting down the experiences, I feel complete satisfaction. Exit was perfect, and Budva was perfect. To begin with, a brief account of Podgorica, the largest city of Montenegro. I’d perhaps say that a traveler has nothing to ... read more
Karadjordjev Park

Europe » Montenegro » Podgorica January 7th 2012

Being in Podgorica was the first time I had been to a capital city that I had never heard of before. I managed to time my arrival for Serbian Christmas, which obeys the Julian Calender and thus is about 13 days behind the Gregorian calender. So what this meant was that getting out of Podgorica was going to be difficult for a few days. This turned out to be no problem at all however, as on going out for dinner with a French couple I had met at the hostel, I met some really cool locals that I spent the next couple of days with, in and around their Christmas obligations. We met in a student bar, where the beers were one euro and of reasonable quailty. Something that after living in Paris for 4 months, ... read more

Europe » Montenegro » Podgorica July 22nd 2011

It was with Fiona and Dave’s help that we toured Montenegro. Campsites as we know them are not plentiful here so it was great to have the advice. We called in to a site called Etno Selo this is to the North of Montenegro, as a stop off on the way to doing some rafting in the gorgeous clear blue waters that wind their way through the Montenegrin mountains. The site was well advertised with markers, well in advance along the road. When we arrived we couldn’t really make out what we were seeing. There weren’t any tents, campers. Caravans or Motor homes, there were a few scattered small huts, and an amazingly out of place Disneyland play park with a few rabbits, quails and a Hedgehog! But what astounded us was the amount of pre ... read more
Skadarsko Jezero NP
Old Kotor Walled Town

Europe » Montenegro » Podgorica April 14th 2010

I had no expectations when I rolled into the capital city of Podgorica (pop. 150,000). I’d never read a word about the city. I wanted it to be modern, I wanted it to be unique and, more than anything, I wanted it to have a market for selling motorbikes. It doesn’t really have one. It has a couple of potential methods, including listing the vehicle in the newspaper and talking to the folks at the motorcycle racing store. I’ll sell this thing for €300 if I have to, but I need to ditch it ASAP; I’m broke. I had created an elaborate lie to tell a dealership about trucking the scooter here from London, with a girlfriend and a job at her parents’ company that didn’t work out – this seemed more plausible than telling them ... read more
Cathedral Gypsy
The Moraca River
Millenium Bridge 2

Europe » Montenegro » Podgorica July 21st 2009

Been many places I'd rather describe personally, since I might be slightly disabled with defining the options for the access to this blog. In any case I'm having a chance to spend a night at a 3 star hotel and although it stinks in the restroom I'm still taking a great pleasure for such a comfort is truthfully a rarity for me these days. I suppose the last time I've updated this page was in Rimini, Italy. Well verbally it is rather hard to precisely define the character of the country people and even the moment. It is 2:30 now and I hardly can collect whatever has happened two weeks ago. Also mistakenly I've dropped the idea of unemployment revenues.... which probably is not a good idea. All of it just because I'm lagging behind with ... read more

Europe » Montenegro » Podgorica February 28th 2009

It wasn't until about 2 weeks in that I realized that something was missing: American fast food chains. I kid you not -- this is actually quite unusual, and consequently slightly disturbing. Even in Kuwait, I clapped eyes on a slew of American-based food joints: Applebee's, Chili's, TGI Friday's, and lots and lots of fried chicken. But here, none of that. Kaput. Zilch. Nada. Pick your language. Since the golden arches managed to extend its tentacles to as far as the Middle and the Far Easts, I naturally came to expect to see the same, here in Montenegro. Well, other than the weighty presence of burger joints and pizzerias (the latter which I suspect is a consequence of the Italian influence here), the American touch doesn't seem to be felt here. Kind of refreshing, but very ... read more
ketchup in a bottle?
ketchup rack
Fried Pancakes

Europe » Montenegro » Podgorica February 16th 2009

Hello everyone. I would like to take this moment to dedicate this blog entry to Joyce, because it's her birthday in 5 days (the big 2-3! :)), and also because she would like to see my room. So here it is -- my room. Actually, it's a room I share with all the hostelers and couchsurfers, though we haven't had any of the latter as of yet. We've only had 3 hostelers so far -- 2 from Spain (I'm sorry, one from Spain and another from Catalonia, lol) and 1 from the States. Let's see...what's it like, here in Podgorica? Let's find out! For one thing, it's so DAMN COLD here. I'm afraid icicles will crystallize in my hair if I stick my nose out the window to the test the temperature. Seriously -- it gets ... read more
my room again!

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