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July 21st 2009
Published: July 21st 2009
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Been many places I'd rather describe personally, since I might be slightly disabled with defining the options for the access to this blog. In any case I'm having a chance to spend a night at a 3 star hotel and although it stinks in the restroom I'm still taking a great pleasure for such a comfort is truthfully a rarity for me these days. I suppose the last time I've updated this page was in Rimini, Italy. Well verbally it is rather hard to precisely define the character of the country people and even the moment. It is 2:30 now and I hardly can collect whatever has happened two weeks ago. Also mistakenly I've dropped the idea of unemployment revenues.... which probably is not a good idea. All of it just because I'm lagging behind with the the schedule... Anyways from Bolonia I've visited orderly Rimini, Ravenna, Roma, then from B rindisi I've jumped on a ferry and got to Grece (Patra) from where I've journeyed along with my German Friend Michael nach Athena. I've visited Kreta for a while where I've rented a car (Hundai Gats (?)). Visited the best plage on this island and returned to Athena.
After Roma, Athena and all of this touristic turmoil I've really enjoyed the sound of northern Greek village. Dogs there are thought to bark at anybody that gets to close to the property, or just bark for no reason. However, once they smell you and find out who you are, they eventually stop or not 😊
Macedonia is a small country (2000000 population) reach in nature. I've enjoyed the time there, however, the taxi crook spoiled my mood for a minute. In any case taxi is kind of luxury transportation to me.... The bier and wine is cheap and.... man muss geniessen was schmeckt gut im jedes Land.
So Albania hasn't been exactly what I've been expecting. Durres is a city from where I thought I had had a friend... in any case I've made new connections. Today Tirana, and right away hit the road to get to Podgorica. Who knows what's going to happen tomorrow. Seems like the Albanians are friendly and all, but sometimes they just don't understand what I'm talking about... ;/
All right, that's it, ciao!


23rd July 2009

Czesc Wojtek, A gdzie sa jakies zdjecia? Zgubiles aparat czy co? Wydaje sie, ze na kazdy kolejny blog poswiecasz coraz to mniej energii. Pozdrowienia i usciski, Tata.

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