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July 27th 2017
Published: August 1st 2017
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When we arrived back to shore, we took our leave from this marvellous place to go to a camping close to Petrovac. It is close to the seaside, but kind of difficult to find. First we went to Petrovac, where we drove around like idiots because the girl in the tourist info had given Anne the wrong directions, then I went there again, in a bad mood, showing this girl I wasn't happy about this mistake and finally got clear and correct indications. The camping was huge, but we found a nice spot for our tent. We asked the guy working there how to get to the 2 beaches and to a town Lonely Planet recommended, but in the end we just drove around small, steep villages and we couldn't find any nice beach! :-( We decided to go back to Petrovac, have some ice cream and find the beach we were looking for from this side. Our fate didn't change, we couldn't find this beach, we couldn't get any ice cream because Anne had left her money in the car and I didn't have any money left. Finally, on our way back,we found a cash machine and we were able to get ice cream. It was about time, my mood had turned really bad because I was angry we had been driving for hours without finding these stupid beaches and because I was very hungry. After that, it got a bit better. We sat down next to the beach, ate our ice cream and watched the people below us on the beach and the sea. Then we went back to our camping, had a shower and some meal with half a bottle of wine. That evening we met a family from the Netherlands who were very nice. Their 2 little girls came close to our tent to play with a little kitten that wanted to be left alone and fled under our tent. We were not happy about that and we had some work getting rid of it. The girls came back a few times after that to get to know us and later we went to their tent to talk with their parents. It was great meeting them! We gave them our address and email, let's see if they will contact us some day. :-)


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