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Europe » Montenegro » Kotor » Kotor February 15th 2016

Hey, I'm back. Let's continue where we finished. After I left Mostar I returned to Montenegro. I based myself in the town of Kotor, lying on the bank of beautiful Kotor bay. Some have called it the southern-most fjord in Europe, but it is a ria, a submerged river canyon. Together with the nearly overhanging limestone cliffs of Orjen and Lovćen, Kotor and its surrounding area form an impressive and picturesque Mediterranean landscape. Kotor has one of the best preserved medieval old towns in the Adriatic and is a UNESCO world heritage site. My plan during the stay was pretty straightforward. See the Old town and do some hike with the views over the bay. The day I arrived, I did nothing, I was just chilling and chatting with guy (Kokolo) from hostel's reception. It seemed ... read more
Bay of Kotor
Lovćen National Park
Jezerski Vrch

Europe » Montenegro » Kotor » Kotor October 10th 2015

We rose looking forward to setting foot in a new country for both of us. The forecast was for showers all day, so it was with some trepidation that we made our way to the Lido. We were still making our way to the harbor where we would set anchor and tender ashore. The weather did not look great from the window in the Lido, there was a low ceiling and we could make out the shoreline. I had my Irish Oatmeal, banana and some Swiss muesli. Sharon had some potatoes and toast. We were back in the room getting ready for our tour when they made an announcement over the outside intercom. All I could discern that they were closing the outside decks to keep passengers safe. When we walked into the Showroom to assemble ... read more

Europe » Montenegro » Kotor September 5th 2015

Today we are being tendered into Kotor, Montenegro. Waters were very calm so no issues there. Anikea began to tell us about a very old culture with too many changes in their history to list. The bus ride to our first stop… well that’s what you needed the gravol for…. We were to go to visit a small village for a snack after traveling over the mountain. Enough switchbacks that they have the numbered. 29 is at the top. AND they only count the true switchbacks not just a bend or a tight curve. I loved the views. Absolutely spectacular. I checked all 4 corners on the bus, not a mark – before or after. Imagine getting half way through the switch back and having to back up because the bus couldn’t turn tight enough. OK ... read more
roadside market
harbour 1
harbour 2

Europe » Montenegro » Kotor September 5th 2015

The next big thing is here, ladies and gents. More precisely, the next big thing has always been there but is still much of a hidden gem. I am talking about Crna Gora, the Black Mountain, one of the world's youngest independent states: the Republic of Montenegro. When talking about Montenegro, most people in Italy only know the "amaro" drink and the only related memories might be some juvenile (or not so juvenile) hangovers. Then there are the others, people who have heard that Montenegro is somewhere down in "Yugoslavia" and, as such, it must be some landmine-ridden, post-soviet utopia where old men in speedos eat Chevapcici on the beach. Well, I came to see for myself due to a little different reasons than usual. On my way and in the destination I met several former ... read more
Bay of Kotor

Europe » Montenegro » Kotor » Kotor August 30th 2015

"Why did you come to Montenegro?" This is the question the locals ask us when we tell them we have come from Australia. They must underrate the natural beauty of their country (the coast line at least) as we think it is worth a visit. Bar was our first destination (its the name of the town not the type we often visit to drink!) and one that I had not expected to linger in for very long, but we decided that we liked the laid back feel of this rather modern town with a lot of sporting facilities near our apartment. The beach is long and there is a pedestrian path alongside it, which we used for our morning runs. We also passed the large basketball stadium, many football (soccer) pitches, a good athletics track, tennis ... read more
Sveti Stefan
Budva old town

Europe » Montenegro » Kotor July 14th 2015

We stepped out of our apartment much refreshed the next day and just had time to get breakfast in a cafe and walk around the town for an hour or so. On account of the hike up the Jerzeski Peak the day before and the ridiculous heat at 9 am, we decided to leave the 1350 or so steps of the Kotor walls and fortress for a return trip (we'd also seen the state of the people that had just come back down!!). The town is considered the best preserved Medieval city in Europe and is full of old world charm. It's a bit bigger than Trogir and overall feels more spacious. Although we liked Trogir, we definitely preferred Kotor Old Town and the whole area in general. On the way in the day before we ... read more
Kotor Old Town
Kotor Old Town
Kotor Old Town

Europe » Montenegro » Kotor April 27th 2015

Montenegro: Chuyen di Denmark, Scotland, Norway, Vienna, Slovakia, Albania, Montenegro, Kosovo va Macedonia 4-14-15 9:35PM toi dap may bay di Denmark bang hang khong British Airways, ghe lai London khoang 3 gio roi bay den Copenhagen den luc 9:30 toi. Toi da dat hotel truoc va cac chuyen bay tu nuoc nay qua nuoc khac truoc khi di. Toi den Denmark lan nay la lan thu 3. Lan dau di land tour nam 2005. Lan 2 di cruise nam 2012. Denmark: 40F Dung Euro, $us=.91 Euro Denmark la mot trong 3 nuoc thuoc Scandinavian countries. La mot nuoc co chieu dai lich su rat hung manh, Tung chiem dong Sweden . Khoang 44,000 do la trung binh moi dau nguoi kiem duoc mot nam. ,Dung 19th the gioi. Rat dac do. Co khoang 5 trieu dan. ... read more

Europe » Montenegro » Kotor » Kotor April 17th 2015

The sad saga continues. 17 April 2015 Friday. After an uneventful flight from Helsinki, I was met in Dubrovnik by my friend Mike. After picking up my bags we proceeded to the rental car company. The cars were parked closely together so when we noted the scratches and dings, we couldn't really see the lower part of the car. It was only a couple days later when we saw the full side of our car that we noticed a scratch on the lower passenger side front door. I'm sure that is going to come back to haunt me! Soon we were on our way down the Adriatic coastline to Kotor, Montenegro, about a two hour drive. Our intent was to have lunch there and return to Dubrovnik about 4 pm while there was still daylight to ... read more
The Island of St. George and Our Lady of the Rocks
Bob with the Island of St. George and Our Lady of the Rocks in the background
Main Gate to Kotor

Europe » Montenegro » Kotor » Kotor January 7th 2015

Our days here are coming to end soon......... so on the beautiful day which also happens to be the other Christmas celebrated here in Montenegro, the Orthodox Christmas, perfect day for a last hike. Now most people blog about the hike up the old fortress wall starting in Old town, which is a fabulous walk up 1320 some stairs but the hike we enjoy is on the other side of the walls. Quiet, except the odd call from the hillside goats, or the odd stray cow, it is about 4 km hike straight up to the top. We did this one time before but got way laid at a house the had a small pub, but this time we were determined to make it too the top.(hopefully). The trail is an old road at the bottom ... read more
house at the top of the hill
Stopped for a beer

Europe » Montenegro » Kotor » Kotor January 6th 2015

Sometimes when you are in a strange new country there are places and people that make you feel at home. Our apt is at the far end of Debrota a few km from Old town Kotor. It is a little quieter here, not so many students and cars, not so many parties, but in the evening it is a little far to town for a beer or a snack. On our walk we found our new favorite pub and restaruant, The Premier Gold Bar and Restarant, where from the moment we stepped inside we new we had found our new favorite place. From the moment we stepped inside the bar, we felt at home, the bar keeps were friendly and welcoming, and spoke English! Bonus for us as our Montenegren is limited to Please and Thank ... read more
Premier Golden Pub

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