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Europe » Montenegro » Kotor July 15th 2013

July 15 We chose Kotor because the photos of the bay looked extremely inviting, and also because of rich cultural heritage and a possibility to swim. We flew with JAT Airways from Beograd to Tivat, took a taxi to Kotor Old Town for 15 Euros (rather expensive for such a short distance – quite reachable by foot but there is a long tunnel through the mountain), and, having grasped a map at Tourist Information Centre, entered the fortress gates while following the printed hostel directions which proved helpful – our feet came directly to its door within no time and not a single deviation from the correct path. The old town immediately left a deep impression on me, it felt so cozy though narrow and with lots of outdoor cafes and crowds of tourists, but nevertheless, ... read more
Trg od Oruzija
Town Clock Tower

Europe » Montenegro » Kotor » Kotor May 16th 2013

After the walk up the mountainside yesterday we were happy to do a little less exercise today and as the weather had turned on us and was overcast and drizzly at times we had a good lie in and didn't emerge for breakfast until 9am,very late for us. Lunchtime seemed to arrive very quickly after relaxing with the kindle and catching up on banking,blog and all the other admin things that have to continue while we are away. The weather by now had cleared to partly cloudy and we needed to get out and stretch our legs so we headed off to Tivat about 5km down the road towards one of the numerous inlets of the Bay of Kotor. Our apartment is on the flight path to Tivat airport which we discovered is served by small ... read more
You know you
The Narrows,0.3km wide
The majestic mountains,Kotor Bay

Europe » Montenegro » Kotor » Kotor May 15th 2013

Today dawned gloriously fine and sunny which should make the trip into Kotor and a look around easy to do. In the absence of egg cups Gretchen adapted an egg carton by cutting off the individual egg holders and putting them inside one of the small coffee cups to make 'egg cups'.We had tired of scambled egg and it was time for boiled eggs for a change.The 'cups'should last and not need to be washed!With the toaster we purchased during our Niksic shopping expedition(the one we bought in Naples works but only if you hold it down and we weren't able to trade it in at the Auchan store we tried at)we can now make hot toast again which is something we were missing. We headed into Kotor about 10km away and found a parking area ... read more
Seabour Odessey in Kotor
No,I am not holding that wall up!it just looks that way
There is always a cat on the BBA

Europe » Montenegro » Kotor » Kotor May 14th 2013

The prospects for the grey,overcast conditions clearing took a turn for the better this morning and as we walked to the restaurant for breakfast the sun was trying its best to break through.While we waited for the waiter to bring our breakfast Gretchen pointed to the lady sweeping the ground in the outside area of the restaurant using a broom made of thin twigs of the sort you might see a 'witch' in a movie or play use.She said she had noticed this just about everywhere we have been including Italy and how effective they were on the hard surfaces.Just shows how a male doesn't recognise home cleaning 'equipment'!! After another yummy omelette we packed up the car and readied ourselves for the driven into the 'unknown'. However before we w ere able to head away ... read more
1984 Olympic mountain
Bridge over Tara River,Piva Canyon,Montenegro
Snow fed,swiftly flowing Tara River

Europe » Montenegro » Kotor October 8th 2012

On our last day in Venice we decided we should go and have a look at the Venice Casino - so off we went and walked until we found it and on arrival had to register and then in we went to play - well, even John decided to have a bit of a flutter on the pokies. Almost instantly he won around 53 free games and walked out with 60 Euros!! I walked out empty handed but amazed that one - John even played the pokies and secondly that he won... cheeky bugger. So what did he do - yes he went and bought those tartan look out! Our Adelaide friends & tour group arrived in Venice and we all went to the same restaurant for dinner where we went ... read more
Water taxi to ship
Entrance into Kotor
us at the entrance to Kotor

Europe » Montenegro » Kotor » Herceg Novi September 27th 2012

Von Dubrovnik aus gings dann nach Montenegro, gleich hinter die Grenze, nach Herceg Novi. Noch nen Platten eingefangen aber das war schnell behoben und dann erstmal 5 Tage gechillt.... read more
Platten pfft
Und in Montenegro angekommen
herceg novi

Europe » Montenegro » Kotor » Kotor September 14th 2012

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Europe » Montenegro » Kotor » Kotor June 29th 2012

Another early start later and we were on the bus leaving Sarajevo, heading to Montenegro. Specifically Ostrog Monastery. After a gut churning ride through some beautiful Bosnian countryside, with the driver both smoking a cigarette and talking on his mobile phone most of the way, we were dropped at the side of the road near the monastry, ready to take a mini bus up for a night of serenity. And getting to know our fellow travellers better, as we were staying in group dorms. Montenegro has been surprisingly stunning. Though I dont know why surprisingly because I did not really focus that much on researching the country before I came away. The landscape turned much more arid, but still very dramatic with mountains surrounding nearly everywhere we travelled. The monastery is known as having the preserved ... read more
It was pretty hard on the beach
Ostrog climb

Europe » Montenegro » Kotor » Kotor June 18th 2012

Ivana took us to the bus stop at 8:10. The van pulled up, the driver jumped out, said “Montenegro”, Ivana said yes and we jumped on. About 30 minutes into the trip, the phone rang, and the driver turned to us and said “Where are your tickets?” It turned out that we were on the WRONG tourist van!!! After much discussion, the other driver picked up the other people and we met half way and exchanged!!! The second van did not have very good AC… should have just stayed on the first! Montenegro has lots of beautiful sand beaches, and, according to Gabriel our guide, the are 500 Russian millionaires. According to travel books, it has a 3rd world country infrastructure (power outages, etc.) with $500 per night luxuray spa hotels. It is a much poorer ... read more
Montenegro BEACH
sitting at plaza watching soccer game

Europe » Montenegro » Kotor May 27th 2012

We have never been to Montenegro before and were we ever in for a surprise. Kotor is the port we were headed to but before reaching this ancient city, we got to traverse the most southerly fjord in Europe right as the sun was cresting over the tall peaks. Because these towering limestone cliffs weren’t carved out by glaciers, it isn’t technically a fjord, but it is as dramatically beautiful as any of the landmark Norwegian or Chilean fjords. It took several hours to cruise up the deep river canyon to Kotor and what we found when we got there was a gorgeous Medieval walled town which is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The first thing I noticed from our anchorage was the ancient wall climbing straight up the mountain for several miles. It resembles ... read more

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