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July 26th 2008
Published: September 6th 2008
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French Rivera (Nice) and Monaco Days 5-6
Our time spent in Nice was quiet and relaxing, as we arrived on a Saturday night. The first night we were taken around the corner for a group dinner which was quite tasty. We all stopped off at the bottle shop on the way back to the hotel, we all somehow ended up in alex and my room, this was a very small room but one of the only ones with a fridge being the main reason why we ended up there. We passed the time with many different drinking games which taught us a lot about the people we were travelling with.

After a great a sleep in Alex and I headed straight to the laundry for obvious reasons. We then decided to go find the boys on the beach, we found them on the street as we were heading to the beach so they pointed us in the right direction to find their towels. The beaches were divided into two different areas, you could pay for a private spot where you had the use of deck chairs and umbrellas or you could rough it with the common folk and just throw your towel on pebbles/stones and somehow make yourself comfy. Once we found the boys spot on the beach we laid out our towels had a look around and found it was quite clear to see why they chose that particular spot, let’s just say the view wasn’t hard on the eyes. We went for a dip and relaxed in the sun for a few hours, it was a lovely afternoon as it really started to sink in where we were, it was a fantastic feeling. We soon headed back to the hotel to get ready for our night out in the casinos of Monaco, we were all told to put on the nicest clothes we could find in our bags as Monaco is the home of the rich and famous. The bus ride to Monaco only took half an hour or so, our first stop being just outside the centre of town at a look out. From the lookout you could see the whole of Monaco, the city surrounding the bay full of multi-million dollar yachts and boats. We were then dropped off on a part of the formula one race circuit and walked up to the sight of the three main casinos, we wandered past the many expensive sports and luxury cars to the more affordable of the casinos. Once inside we looked around the gaming rooms had a drink which cost me a small fortune, and i lost a little on roulette as others who and lost. The hour and a bit we spent in Monaco was enough as it wasn’t exactly a cheap night out for me, whereas Tyson was the big winner of the night. Back in Nice we tucked into a kebab for supper and wandered back to Lachlan and Damien’s room to watch a couple of episodes of Californication before bed as it was off to Italy tomorrow morning.

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19th August 2009

Hi, I'm doing the same trip in a couple of weeks. Your posts really helped me plan out my activities. Thank you. Kib

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