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August 16th 2010
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I am typing this from our very own living room...yes, we have internet at home! It's about 10:00 am. Nick and I stayed up all day yesterday after arriving. At first it wasn't too hard because we were so busy and excited to be here, but by dinner time we were fighting to keep our eyes open! We slept well our first night in our apartment and slept in until about 9:00 in the morning. A little abo... Read Full Entry

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Photo 21Photo 21
Photo 21

View from the back balcony, off the kitchen....
Photo 22Photo 22
Photo 22

A little less aesthetic...
Photo 23Photo 23
Photo 23

...but lots of interesting things go on down there!
Photo 25Photo 25
Photo 25

Enjoying the AC after touring the city and working in our classrooms (no AC at school).
Photo 26Photo 26
Photo 26

View from the living room.
Photo 27Photo 27
Photo 27

Another favorite of mine...HUGE bathtub! :)
Photo 28Photo 28
Photo 28

Our bedroom. No, we are not done unpacking.
Photo 29Photo 29
Photo 29

The boxed milk that we were told most Americans like...it's pretty good. And yes, cheese! Turns out I'm not so far from home after all :)
Photo 30Photo 30
Photo 30

Another view of the kitchen. Counter tops & sink are being installed next week.
Photo 31Photo 31
Photo 31

They seem to LOVE their ornate wall paper...
Photo 32Photo 32
Photo 32

...and light fixtures.
Photo 33Photo 33
Photo 33

and yes, it is textured!
Photo 38Photo 38
Photo 38

Washing the veggies for dinner.
Photo 39Photo 39
Photo 39

Nick in his element. As they say in Romanian...Poftă bună! (Bon Appetite!)

16th August 2010

Glad to hear of your arrival!
Sounds like a much better place than I had imagined. Glad you are living in such a nice apartment. I agree with your comment about using the native grocery store; might as well immerse yourself in the culture as you will learn a lot more and have richer experiences. It will be interesting to hear about the school and how it is different from the USA. Take care, Joan
16th August 2010

Cagoyok? I love Cagoyok!
17th August 2010

Hi guys! Looks like you all have settled in nicely! It's great to hear all the great news! I love the photos of your apartment, especially the bedroom...good luck sleeping in with that view! Wow! It looks fantastic and I can't wait to see pics of your classroom and students. Love to you both and can't wait to hear/see more! Love ya, Jeana and Brooke p.s. I love how the front of your building says "Danielle" (Brooke's middle name....lol) Just a little something to remember us by...:)
17th August 2010

Great Beard of Zeus!
I still can't believe you guys are overseas. You two are a great match and the most adventurous people I know. It is so cool that to you "home" is not made of wood and brick, but the love that you have for each other. I really enjoyed looking at your pictures and living vicariously through you. I wish I had half the courage you guys have. I look forward to much more to come! Have fun and remember I am here thinking about you.
23rd August 2010

Love it!
The natural light shining into your bedroom - what a beautiful way to wake up each morning! I love the cheeky wallpaper and light fixtures :) Mainly, I love you two! Thank you for letting us share in these adventures with you.

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