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Europe » Moldova » Centre » Chisinau May 17th 2010

I hereby declare this day to have been a total and massive waste of my time and energy. Tomorrow, on to Galati.... read more

Europe » Moldova » Centre » Chisinau May 16th 2010

So many 'private comments' to my entries! At least the log shows there are some readers. But I sense the problem may arise that now the people I know have heard my stories and I can't really tell them as fresh even once now, much less repeatedly. Breakfast was a rather maudlin affair. So mediocre as to not even warrant much comment to management. In (at least) East Europe the concept of hot coffee and food is catch as catch can, at best. I washed some socks and hung them with hopes they will dry before I leave. The rain came and went intermittently all day. RAIN IS THE ENEMY OF TOURISTS! I headed to the History Museum, but only made it as far as a park near it when I was attracted to a big ... read more

Europe » Moldova » Centre » Chisinau May 15th 2010

When I woke up I determined to just 'wing it' for my path to Chisinau. I had two problems to solve. One was to be sure my phone had roaming and the other was to make a confirmation with the hotel. My trolley was falling apart. The repair 'took,' but the quality of the contraption was really not up to such constant use. A taxi took me to the proper place and I quickly sussed-out that a bus left for Chisinau in about an hour. The road across the border was quite rough, which surprised me because I would have taken this to be a major border crossing between the two countries. But even on the map it shows as a secondary road. I knew I was in a foreign country by the cyrillic letters on ... read more

Europe » Moldova » Centre » Chisinau August 10th 2009

Since we have done very little in the last two days of our trip to Moldova (what with the first two being eventful enough) this posting will probably be more observational about Moldova.... Anyway, picking up where we left off: After a team doctor (Vicky) and nurse (Fiona) effort on the dutch boys - due to the shoddy quality of Chisinau hospital care - we dropped them off at the station late in the day. This was good for us because it meant we had a free taxi ride to get our train tickets for the following day and also we were fairly knackered due to the fact that we had got in at 6am and then spent most of the day fixing them up. We then walked back from the station, which was rather horrific ... read more

Europe » Moldova » Centre » Chisinau December 25th 2008

As I pulled up to Moldovan passport control, my fellow passengers (a 75/25 mix of Moldovans and Romanians) were in hour 7 of having the giggles. I am sure I have never been on a bus that laughed that hard. The girl behind me spoke very good English, and gave very honest opinions on my travels. "We have been talking: we have decided that it would have been better if you had traveled with a tour group." They deemed a trip to Moldova far too exotic for a solo traveler. I shared a little about my solo trip to Asia, and they gave me looks as if I had risen from the dead. "Where?" "How long?" "By Yourself?". They asked if this was my first time to Chisinau, and I confirmed that it was. "Oh, it ... read more
Cathedral Park
Stefan Cel Mare at night
Some house guests for American night

Europe » Moldova » Centre » Chisinau September 20th 2008

Moldova was a destination we had decided on more out of curiosity than a desire to see anything specific. It's skipped over by most visitors to the region because the small nation of about 4.5million people has little to boast about historically or culturally compared with neighbouring Romania or Ukraine. We'd heard and read a few things about its celebrated wine industry as well as corruption and poverty, which are both supposedly rife. Continuing our tradition of arriving at rush hour, the three of us waded through the hordes of incessant taxi drivers hawking for business, changed up some dollars for Moldovan leu and set off up the hill to our hostel. Upon reaching the address at 69 b.dul Stefan Cel Mare, it took us about ten minutes to find the actual hostel. After trying to ... read more

Europe » Moldova » Centre » Chisinau September 10th 2008

We slept in pretty late on the first day in Romania. Then again, so did everyone else in our dorm; they ended up getting in at 6 am or something. Steve and I walked around for a bit but we happened to be in Bucharest during a rare September heat wave (95 Fahrenheit!) so we didn't do much sightseeing. However, we were both tired of sightseeing anyway. We did eat at this really nice Romanian place for lunch. It looked a lot like a German beer hall. They even had 1 liter beer steins and I had the house beer, which ended up being my best beer of the trip so far (African beer is unsurprisingly terrible). The food might have been my favorite of the trip as well. I had really good soup followed by ... read more
Brasov 1
Dran 1
Dran 2

Europe » Moldova » Centre » Chisinau September 2nd 2008

After much delay, the driver having to go to the police station for some traffic misdemeanor, we finally got to the border around 1 am, straight forward procedure and we bought some Moldovan lei so we have money for taxi when we get to Chisinau. 6am we are in Chisinau, and we negotiated taxi fare to the homestay we booked, Jarmo and Tuuka our Finnish friends we met on the bus wanted to come with us and check if there is room at the homestay, unfortunately it is full and they took a taxi to Larissas mom where it is also a homestay. Since there were still people in our room, we were made to sleep in Larissas bed! We did not argue as we are both very tired, she even tucked as in!! Larissa is ... read more

Europe » Moldova » Centre » Chisinau July 19th 2008

Groeten uit Chisinau in Moldavië! OK, wie had er al van dit land gehoord? Geef maar toe ;-) Het land ligt ingeklemd tussen Oekraïne en Roemenië, en is een van de armste (en corruptste) landen van Europa... Omdat ik weer eens geen bereik heb met mijn mobiel nu alweer een berichtje om te laten weten dat ik nog leef :) Eerst even terug naar Oekraïne. Ik had nog niet gemeld dat ik in het restaurant van mijn hotel in Kamyanets-Podilsky erg luxe gegeten had; de menukaart bevatte enerzijds Japanse en anderzijds Thaise gerechten. Dus ik bestel een sushi-selectie vooraf en een Thais gerecht met mie daarna. Die komen vervolgens uiteraard tegelijk :) De sushi was onverwacht lekker! Dat verwacht je hier niet :) Ook het Thaise eten was lekker. Nadat het was gelukt om de trein ... read more

Europe » Moldova » Centre » Chisinau April 8th 2008

Ah, Moldova. The joys of myriads of concrete blocks, the cheerful stares you get in the streets, the benign hassling from the police, and the feeling of union when sharing a Mercedes Sprinter with 20 other people. I think I'm the only foreigner here, despite the Peace Corps volunteers, some diplomats, and the Russians, but you can't really consider the latter to be foreigners here. This is their country. They can live their whole life here without speaking a word of Romanian (oh excusez-moi, make that Moldovan), they drive the best cars, they do some quality trafficking of the most beautiful women here. About 25% of the Moldovan population lives abroad. They don't have an economy. The country lives on the money sent back by their people abroad, and by what they can smuggle in from ... read more

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