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May 16th 2010
Published: May 16th 2010
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So many 'private comments' to my entries! At least the log shows there are some readers. But I sense the problem may arise that now the people I know have heard my stories and I can't really tell them as fresh even once now, much less repeatedly.

Breakfast was a rather maudlin affair. So mediocre as to not even warrant much comment to management. In (at least) East Europe the concept of hot coffee and food is catch as catch can, at best. I washed some socks and hung them with hopes they will dry before I leave. The rain came and went intermittently all day. RAIN IS THE ENEMY OF TOURISTS!

I headed to the History Museum, but only made it as far as a park near it when I was attracted to a big Family Festival event. Even the rain didn't stop the song and dance acts that came and went non-stop all afternoon. They got the kids on and off stage with military precision, one song per group. The East Europeans have a strange sense of safety, as the outdoor show continued even as it rained. I noted that there is a feature in parks that some guys bring an assortment of vehicles to rent out to little kids. One guy had about 8 vehicles ranging in size from toy to small dune buggy.

Dampened by the rain I returned to the hotel and napped and caught my blog up.

I heard the volcano has continued to send fumes up and besides that I haven't had any hard news for all this time.


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