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Europe » Malta » Malta » La Valletta March 14th 2010

Hi folks, this is my 2nd day on Malta and it's pretty awesome so far. Took the bus from Sliema to Marfa (love the old Leyland and Bedford buses) at lunch time and then the ferry to Gozo. Over in Gozo I did a little tour with sightseeing bus...the weater was alright. Got back to Malta around 6pm and took the bus back to Sliema...sweet ride. 2morrow my english course in Sliema begins..I am curious whats its gonna be.... ... read more

Europe » Malta » Malta » La Valletta March 4th 2010

All I saw was a fleck of white, and then I heard it smash. Then a spot of green bounced in another direction. The heavy winds outside Valletta had blown a birdcage off a high residential balcony, and, as shattered as his cage, the small canary was struggling to breathe on the cement steps. The damn thing had almost hit me, missing by only about a meter. The shop on the ground floor of the building had closed for lunch, but I pounded on the door until someone answered. I explained the situation and we did what we could for the bird. Getting to Malta was the biggest travel disaster of my short life As I struggled to catch my flight to Malta, I constantly felt like a portly Dom DeLuise or Allen Funt was going ... read more
Streets of Valletta
Captain Morgan Cruises?

Europe » Malta » Malta » La Valletta February 24th 2010

23 February, 2010 Woke up, had breaky, we are still at sea not expecting to arrive at Malta until 11:00 am this morning. Scenery as we are coming into Malta is beautiful, lots of old buildings, large ships, freighters. Noel is taking lots of pics. Ship finally docked at the City of Valletta, which is the capital of Malta. Valletta looked like a fortified City in the past, with lots of forts, palaces and very old buildings. Inside the harbour tucked away in one of the many small inlets, we came across a very futuristic and highly technically advanced sailing ship, maybe it is Malta’s secret weapon, for what I don’t know. We left the ship on foot for our own excursion. We were hassled by about 50 taxi drivers and at least a dozen ... read more

Europe » Malta » Malta November 16th 2009

And so it begins. The ERASMUS program has allowed me to spend the next 4 months studying English and Media in The University of Malta. Not quite sure why I chose Malta in the end. I wanted to go somewhere interesting, that much I knew. A bit of sunshine, or at least some reasonably good temperatures during the winter would be a nice plus. Malta satisfied the second requirement and with almost half a million people squeezed into a tiny 316 sq km island there´s bound to be an interesting happening or two. Luggage collected and arrivals navigated (as you can imagine it´s not the largest of airports) I was on the road. A good system at the airport taxi rank - buy a ticket for whichever part of the island at a desk inside and ... read more

Europe » Malta » Malta October 16th 2009

Do any of you find that arriving in a country youve never been to before always looks and seems and feels completely different to how you imagined it would? It almost feels like a third world country, but at the same time clearly isn ?! The first thing that struck me travelling from the airport to my hotel in Bugibba was the buildings! Every single wall looks like its gonna fall down because of the way its built. All the buildings are pretty much built of the same material...limestone. Anyways, I get to my hotel (Topaz) in the middle of this hideous little town called Bugibba. Im just glad I will only be coming here to sleep. I unpacked and got the bus straight to Meheilla Bay, where I booked in for a tour of the ... read more
Blue Lagoon
Ghajn Tuffieha Bay
Red Tower

Europe » Malta » Malta » La Valletta June 26th 2009

Hey, So I was getting bored of Brussels. It had been stiflingly hot for a couple of weeks (29 degrees and 90% humidity) and I decided that I needed to get out of town. I felt like going somewhere near the water, so I decided that Malta would be a great choice. I hopped on the train to the airport and after it picked me up I felt a little ill at ease. I was thinking to myself that it was odd that it was a double-decker train heading to the airport. I also thought it was odd that the TV screen by the platform had switched to a different train name just before I had got on the train. I asked a woman who was sitting across from me in French where the train was ... read more
The "Parthenon"

Europe » Malta » Malta » La Valletta June 14th 2009

Day 54 I arrived in Malta at some ridiculous hour with no baggage or sleep only to have to wait 1/2 hr for a bus and then another 1/2 hour for the next one to get me to my hostel. After negotiating the busy streets I managed to find the place I'd be living in for the next 2 weeks. My next mission was to get toiletries so I could shower lucky for me I had a change of clothes in my carry on so I didn't need to worry about a new wardrobe until maybe the next day. My first stop turned out to be an internet cafe where I made a call to my wonderful mother to fill her in on my not so fantastic news. From there I zigzag my way through the ... read more

Europe » Malta » Malta May 18th 2009

We arrived in Malta not really knowing what to expect, we had heard a lot about the tiny island nation but had no real conception of what it would actually be like. After some incredible views - Malta is actually 3 Islands: Malta, Gozo and Comino - from the plane as we flew in, our first impression was ... WIND! It was crazily windy as soon as we hopped off the plane, in the first 2-3 days we experienced some of the strongest, most forceful wind I’ve ever experienced (and I have been to Wellington and Chicago!). We had arranged a transfer from the airport to our resort on the other side of the Island (not a big trip - Malta is only 316 square km), during the trip our driver filled us in on a ... read more
The buses were cool...
Valletta Harbour
Mdina Entrance

Europe » Malta » Malta » St Julians March 15th 2009

Back in March, Scott and I took at long weekend to Malta (I was between jobs at BP and Capgemini). We flew out on easyjet, not that pleasant, to Malta which is just off Italy in the med. We got some good weather for our 4 night stay in St Julian, a few bays around from the walled capital of Valletta. One of the days we did a hop-on-hop-off bus around the south eastern parts of the island of Malta. Valletta was really pretty especially the three cities across from the bay; beautiful old house and super yachts. After that we drove through vineyards to a quant fishing village; Marsaxlokk, the bay was fill of little fishing boats with big eye’s on them to protect the fisherman. Then we drove up the west coast visiting some ... read more

Europe » Malta » Malta February 28th 2009

Siguiendo con la política “Vacaciones para todos”, además de ver algunas iglesias también hubo entrenamientos para Ximena, Guiomar, Santino y Pedro. Las salidas fueron: * Mediterráneo Park. Un parque muy bonito donde vimos shows de loros, focas y delfines. Los loritos unos genios, andaban en moto, en auto y hacían carreras. Pedro le dio de comer a uno y luego pudimos sacar algunas fotos. Mariela, encantada, está pensando en comprar uno para educar… o será que extraña mucho a Norma??? Nop, los loros no hablan tanto je! En el show de los delfines me agarraron a mí para pasar al frente y bailar como los delfines. Ouuchhhhh. Encima después del baile me hicieron acariciar al delfín. Al tacto parece que estuviera tocando un plástico frío. Luego, querían que le dé un beso al delfín. No, no ... read more
Dandole de comer al loro
Loro en motoneta!

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