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Europe » Malta » Malta » Valletta August 11th 2022

We decide on yet another morning of relaxation, this time at the local “lido” which is only a couple of hundred metres along the waterfront from our apartment. I remember being taken to the Lido when I was growing up in Melbourne. I’m pretty sure that was a theatre, but if there are movies playing here they’re keeping them well hidden. This one’s a waterfront terrace with sunlounges, umbrellas, a bar and a restaurant, plus of course the old Maltese staple, a step ladder down into the water …. and very pleasant it is too, almost a bit too warm to be refreshing. There’s entertainment out of the water too. First up is a party of half a dozen or so seventy or eighty year old ”girls” stretched out on sunlounges next to some balloons tied ... read more
Memorial to the Orwell
Great Siege Memorial and memorial to murdered journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia
Enough said

Europe » Malta » Malta » Valletta September 22nd 2019

Well over the do nothing we caught a bus into Valletta today, Sunday here & seemed like everyone decided to do the same. Spent 5 hours out & about...the cloud helped no end! The iconic Maltese homes are in abundance... every street we turn. Some of the limestone is really worn, however this is over quite a significant time. The harsh salt air comes from all coast directions being an island of 27km x 14km. We even notice swimming is easily buoyant & many people with sun hat/glasses tread water for hours. Notice on windy days a little plastic coming ashore...but not much. The sea water appears very clean....& extremely good for the skin. So far at least one swim a day. Simply enjoy the 2min beach we are still dripping by the time we ... read more
Large galleries
and on & on
Cafe seating on the sloping pavement

Europe » Malta » Malta » Valletta September 18th 2019

What a fluke....after purchasing our week transport card we waited for the bus to Valletta along with a mounting number of people. Waved it down on approach & it stopped at our we boarded first....swiping our card...the driver shut the door on the others saying only 2 people...full up. He basically didn't let anyone else on at the next stops unless someone got off. So with that we felt lucky to get to Valletta today. Very busy with tourists & groups of people from the enormous cruise ship berthed in the terminal in the Grand Harbour. Valletta is a well used stop for ships & other large vessels due to it being one of the world's deepest natural harbours. Great to see the typical limestone Maltese houses in the Capital. Even though there is an ... read more
huge open space at bus stop
The Three Cities
Terminal in Grand Harbour

Europe » Malta » Malta » Valletta June 2nd 2019

As mentioned in the last blog entry we decided to leave Gozo and head over to the island of Malta. We had been told by friends of ours where there was a good place to anchor that was close to chandleries (boat supply stores), a grocery store that has everything and the bus stop so we headed to Marsamxett Harbour and then to the head of Msida Creek to the anchorage. We were surprised to see SV Grateful anchored there as we had been in touch with them and learned they were leaving today. Soon after we put our anchor down and got settled in a dinghy came by with Niki and Jamie from Grateful in it. They were just coming back from the customs/port office as they needed to check out first. They stopped by ... read more
The Old and the New Flank the Harbor
Friends on SV Grateful Leaving the Anchorage
Our Night Views from the Anchorage in Valletta

Europe » Malta » Malta » Valletta March 22nd 2018

It has been quite a stressful year so far with a lot of family related worries so a break away was definitely needed ? I had wanted to go to Malta for as long as I could remember, all the history and the fact Valletta is a UNESCO heritage site, combined with the nice weather seemed to make it the ideal destination ? . We generally like the idea of self catering because of the flexibility it offers and that combined with the lack of hotel choice in Valletta, meant Airbnb seemed to be the best choice. A house in the city centre that slept 6 with all the usual facilities ticked all the boxes. Flight wise there was a good selection but Andrew's determination that we weren't using Ryanair meant a trip to Gatwick for ... read more
Off we go...
Change of Hotel!

Europe » Malta » Malta » Valletta March 16th 2018

Time flies. Last time I have been to Malta is now a stunning 8 years ago, during my last months of living and studying in the Netherlands. I remember coming here with an old friend from my hometown, partly because of a trip to the Faroer Islands gone wrong, partly to escape the merciless Dutch winter. This was shortly before I started writing this blog and moving to Asia - times which seem ages away these days. In those days Malta was as exotic to me as a backpacking trip to South Sudan would be now. Nonetheless, my memories of Malta were clear and I was more than happy to come back here for a week of work-related leisure - or leisure-related work. Valletta had remained in my heart as a small, fortified Mediterranean wonderland where ... read more
La Valletta
La Valletta
La Valletta

Europe » Malta » Malta » Valletta October 12th 2017

Valletta today. First up Mum's birthday back home still. We tried to catch a bus and most were already full before they reached our stop so after half an hour and 3 buses we started to walk. A stroll along the harbour turned out to be quite nice. A bus did eventually come and he let us on for free. Valletta turned out to be a hot 32degrees. Monument to the 'seige' WWII is a fabulous view point over to Ricasoli (if only we knew that earlier-John). We escaped there just before they were to ring the enormous bell at 12pm....they have warning signs as it is so big! Brian found Oliver Reed Pub & it's memorabillia on Archbishop Street. Popped into some glass retail shops & of course their prices are more than double those ... read more
Larger homes

Europe » Malta » Malta » Valletta October 10th 2017

Although we had planned to do a walking tour of Bucharest on our last day there, we’d already seen all the sights listed on the tour so decided to skip it. Instead, Ma and I went for a walk around our neighbourhood including Parcul Cişmigiu. Lovely park with a small lake in the middle..,maybe more of a pond, but big enough for row boats. Super chill with lots of folks sitting around enjoying the scenery. My favourite part of Bucharest was the Village Museum and further afield it was Bran Castle. As lovely as Romania has been, I am looking forward to moving on to Malta. For a change of pace from all these hotels, we rented an apartment in Valetta right in the heart of all the old timey stuff we want to see. Plus, ... read more
streets of Valletta
The view from our terrace at dusk
Waterfall in the park

Europe » Malta » Malta » Valletta September 1st 2017

This morning we have arranged to meet Louis to visit the Three Cities, which is the collective name for the fortified cities of Birgu, Senglea and Cospicua on the opposite side of the Grand Harbour from Valletta. We catch the bus to Valletta and then walk to the top of a giant lift in the Upper Barrakka Gardens. As we walk there Issy tries to teach me a series of unpronouncable noises which she tells me are Maltese for "good morning, how are you". She gets me to repeat them over and over again, and tells me that I must use them to greet Louis when we see him. I hope that she's not trying to trick me, and that the words don't actually mean something else. I remember a movie where this happened, and the ... read more
Reenactment of the departure in 1964
A dghajsa
Senglea Basilica

Europe » Malta » Malta » Valletta June 4th 2017

'There's a fish market on a Sunday market' they said, 'we spent over two hours there' they said. I'd love to find out who they are and why they made us drive almost as far as you can on Malta without driving into the sea. I've been to the fish market in Seattle where they're chucking huge whale size cod (well almost....) all over the shop. Now that's interesting. Lining up a few fish in front of you on a market stall isn't. Tagging it onto a tat market with a few fruit and veg stalls isn't exactly a tourist mecca. Fine for the locals I'm sure with a nice array of fruit and veg stalls as well but, and you may have guessed this already, I won't be rushing back... Lovely little bay though and ... read more

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