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June 1st 2017
Published: June 1st 2017
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Malta day 1 June 1st

Have you ever considered how much time you spend on tarmac? No? Me neither until today. And then Teresa May, Trump and their predecessors left me stranded on the tarmac at Birmingham airport for an extra two hours. Your wars abroad and bombing of innocents meant that when an extra bag was unaccounted for in the hold every passenger had to get off and identify their luggage. And then we struggled to get a take off slot. And apparently there wasn't a surplus bag in the end. And so we sat on the tarmac (well, in the plane) but you get my drift for far too long. But not long enough to get compensation.

And this was after we'd been on that damned M6. More tarmac.

We are now going on holiday at last after what, for us, was quite a short delay. Only two hours, Qatar Airways would have made it at least two days!

We are flying with Ryanair who specialised on this flight in separating couples because of their booking system. If you don't pay early you end up separate so Claire was due to sit 10 rows behind me but, after putting two other couples next to their partners, we managed to sit together. Not that Claire is very good company on a plane as she's usually asleep before take off and wakes up as we're landing, while I struggle in agony in the cramped space available.

So, Malta. My 55th country and the trip was a Xmas present to each other. Apparently the place is full of cats so I guess I'll be held up on the way to look at interesting things while Claire has to stroke every single one of them. At least there ARE interesting things to see too and we have a full itinerary ahead! Now we are finally on our way, we may even get there yet and at least we know our luggage is on the same flight as us for a change.

The holiday was about £230 each including flights and accommodation-but not baggage.... The apartments (Carador Holiday Complex) we are heading to have 2 1/2 stars on Tripadvisor so that's pretty high for us! Not that we'll spend much time there as there's so much to do and it will be unusual for us to be on holiday and stay in the same place every night....but we'll manage....

And so we arrived and only two hours late which is pretty good for us especially as we did indeed get our luggage when we got here! After a long wait we were finally on our way to our apartment but were in a van with people who use the phrases 'I've seen a Guiness sign so I'm alright' and 'I don't like speedway because you can't bet on it.' Oh dear. Thankfully they got out at a different hotel.

Our apartments are attached to the Conifor hotel and we had to check in there first then were directed through the pool area to another reception. Which we couldn't find. And then we were 'helped' by Mr and Mrs Peckerhead. 'Are you lost?' 'Yes we're looking for Cardor apartments.' 'Oh are you? Yes we were lost when we first got here as well.'

Were you indeed? And just how helpful is that to us? Not very!

We walked off and found the way ourselves and found a grumpy woman who gave us a key and said we were in Room 101 (ominous or what!). When pressed she even told us which way the room was which was jolly decent of her.

The room is basic but okay and overlooks a pretty pathetic pool. If I was the sort to sit round a pool all day (yes some people actually do that....) I don't think I'd be happy. The worst thing though is having to pay for wi-fi which is a pain when it comes to uploading blogs on an ipad that's wi-fi only.... And the bluetooth won't connect between the phone and the ipad. Grrrr.... Maybe I'll ask the helpful couple so they can say 'oh yes, we had trouble with that too....'

After we had unpacked (something unusual for us) we set off on a long walk as is our normal procedure. We are in a rather touristy area which unsurprisingly and unfortunately attracts tourists. They mostly hang out by pools though with some occasionally wandering off to get in my way. One or two sometimes look where they're going and aren't shouting all the time....but they're few and far between.

St Paul's Bay isn't as bad as Kos obviously as it does have a bit of character left and we found this when we headed through the back streets instead of along the sea front. We will have a car from tomorrow so will be able to get away from Johnny Tourist and see more of the island.

We had some food, a paddle in the sea and some ice cream before google maps lead us back to the wrong place. Another mile down the road and we were back at our apartment, a bit shattered after getting up at 1:45 this morning and then walking over 9 miles, and being delayed, and spending hours on tarmac (especially if you include the walking) and meeting Mr and Mrs helpful Peckerhead and then being put in room 101 of all rooms! If you don't hear from us again you'll know why.....

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