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Europe » Malta » Malta » La Valletta May 14th 2012

At least eight out of every ten people who I knew had been to Malta hadn’t recommended it. They told how it was dry and barren, there were no good beaches, it was very built up, and it’s baking hot. True, if you go in July or August, it will be baking hot, dry and barren. True, you can barely get a razor blade between the hotels at the resorts. And true, it mostly has a rocky shoreline with only a few, albeit stony, beaches. I think those eight out of ten people were after a beach holiday of the type you get on other Mediterranean islands such as the Balearics or the Greek Islands and, for them, Malta doesn’t match up. Fair enough, I can see their point, but that’s not the type of holiday ... read more
La Valletta
Gzira from La Valletta
St John's Co-Cathedral, La Valletta

Europe » Malta » Malta » La Valletta May 12th 2011

We really didn't know what to expect in Malta, but after almost a week here we are really enjoying ourselves. After a direct flight from Sydney we were expecting an easy afternoon and early night when we flew in last Sunday. Our hotel was situated on a square opposite the gate to M'dina, a perfectly preserved medieval walled town described in Lonely Planet as "one of the jewels of Malta". We couldn't have picked a better time to be there as the town was celebrating the annual medieval festival weekend. We were straight into it. There were plenty of tourists joining in with the locals who were dressed authentically - knights in full suits of armour, beautiful maidens, courtiers, jesters, troupes of instrumentalists and dancers. It was a real treat to wander through the squares and ... read more
Men of steel
Main square M'dina
A herald

Europe » Malta » Malta » La Valletta January 12th 2011

Malta is a stunning country and it is steeped in history. We could have easily spent our entire honeymoon here. The people are friendly, most speak English (as the British ruled these islands for a time). Every street, every building and every landscape is picturesque. You might be familiar with their very uniquely painted fishing boats. We also learned that Malta is home to a booming movie industry; Gladiator, Troy, The Count of Monte Cristo, Munich, Popeye, etc... were all filmed entirely in Malta. The architecture and settings lend themselves nicely to these epic period-piece films. Our pictures of Malta do not do it justice. The morning looked rainy as we came into port but it turned out to be a bright sunny day for about 90% of our stay in Malta. We spent the ... read more
La Valletta
La Valletta
Cliffs at Blue Grotto

Europe » Malta » Malta » La Valletta July 29th 2010

My last couple of days in Malta! I can't believe it. It has been so busy these past few days. So a very quick update... Last weekend, my friend Andrew and I took the ferry over to Sicily. It was amazing. The food was phenomenal and we ate a disgusting amount of gelato, pastries, cheeses, etc. We spent our time mostly in Catania exploring around, visiting the churches, wandering the markets and sipping cappuccinos in the town square. We also rented a scooter for a day and drove up the coast which was a fabulous way to see the island... down country back roads with Mount Etna on our left and the sea on our right. Amazing. We also went up Mount Etna and hiked around the site of the 2002 eruption. I have never scampered ... read more
Mosta Cathedral
St. John's Co Cathedral
St. John's Co Cathedral, Valletta

Europe » Malta » Malta » La Valletta June 12th 2010

Today was going to be a quiet day after our day long trip to Gozo yesterday but it didn’t turn out that way. We were even going to get an early night before our 4 am start to go to Sicily tomorrow but ended up watching World Cup football as England suffered a humiliating draw with the USA. We had to go to Valletta to collect my new sunnies so as part of the trip decided to see a few more of the Heritage Malta sites before we leave on Tuesday. As the glasses were not going to be ready until 12.30 we headed to the markets on Merchant Street and bought a few thing that we had seen when we were last here. The good on sale are reasonably priced, although not quite as good ... read more
01 St Pauls Bay
02 St Pauls Bay & Island
03 Independence Square

Europe » Malta » Malta » La Valletta June 6th 2010

Today we returned to Valletta where we hoped to see the Grandmasters Palace and the armoury but they were both closed. We went for a walk down Merchants Street to the end of the harbour to Fort St Elmo. This is partially used as the police academy but I managed to get through a hole in the fence to get some unobscured shots of the fort and harbour. We then went to an audio visual presentation called The Malta Experience. The approach to this is through a long tunnel from the waterfront. This movie is on a large widescreen with a commentary in fifteen different languages. This lasted for about 45 minutes and gave an excellent insight into the history and future of this island. After the presentation we went to The Sacra Infermia. This was ... read more
01 Coffee shop
02 Alfresco in Republic Square
03 Old verandah in square

Europe » Malta » Malta » La Valletta June 5th 2010

"Lena Blitzkieg-Schicklgruber has won the Eurovision Song Contest", says the radio as we're on our way to the airport. I don't care much about mindless pop music, so I switch channels. "...first German victory in at least 100 years..." Switch. "...her light-hearted song 'Cum on my face, Robbie Williams' has won the hearts of the brainwashed masses..." Switch. "...finally Germans can be proud of their country again, the dishonour we suffered in WWII has been remedied..." I use the convenient pocket hatch I always carry with me to smash the radio to smithereens, screaming hysterically in the process. "Thank you", says my dad, flipping off the driver of the car he overtakes, as is his custom. J. and I arrive at Luqa Airport after an easy two-and-a-half-hour flight, exit the terminal, where the bus to Valletta ... read more
Valletta Triq ir-Repubblika
Christian stuff

Europe » Malta » Malta » La Valletta June 2nd 2010

This is our first full day on Malta and we are going to Valletta, the capital city. Valletta is built on a peninsula with the Grand Harbour on one side and Marsamxett Harbour on the other. There are couple of parallel streets down the middle of the peninsula and all the right angle streets head off steeply down to the harbour, or in Valletta’s case, the fortified battlement walls. The panoramic view above is off The Grand Harbour and is approximately a 200 degrees view. We started off by walking up the hill from our villa at Mellieha. It takes about ten minutes and it’s uphill all the way. There are very frequent buses to Valletta from here and we bought a 7 day pass for €13.98 each. This is a good value ticket as it ... read more
02 Malta street scenes
03 More of the same
04 Garrozo at City Gate

Europe » Malta » Malta » La Valletta March 14th 2010

Hi folks, this is my 2nd day on Malta and it's pretty awesome so far. Took the bus from Sliema to Marfa (love the old Leyland and Bedford buses) at lunch time and then the ferry to Gozo. Over in Gozo I did a little tour with sightseeing bus...the weater was alright. Got back to Malta around 6pm and took the bus back to Sliema...sweet ride. 2morrow my english course in Sliema begins..I am curious whats its gonna be.... ... read more

Europe » Malta » Malta » La Valletta March 4th 2010

All I saw was a fleck of white, and then I heard it smash. Then a spot of green bounced in another direction. The heavy winds outside Valletta had blown a birdcage off a high residential balcony, and, as shattered as his cage, the small canary was struggling to breathe on the cement steps. The damn thing had almost hit me, missing by only about a meter. The shop on the ground floor of the building had closed for lunch, but I pounded on the door until someone answered. I explained the situation and we did what we could for the bird. Getting to Malta was the biggest travel disaster of my short life As I struggled to catch my flight to Malta, I constantly felt like a portly Dom DeLuise or Allen Funt was going ... read more
Streets of Valletta
Captain Morgan Cruises?

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