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Europe » Malta » Gozo » Victoria December 21st 2014

Lidl Welcomes You to Gozo. If ever there was proof that they are taking over the World, it is there staring you in the face as we enter Mgarr harbour - gateway to Gozo. There was no plan to take in Gozo during our stay on Malta, but that ever comprehensive bus network and bargain ticket had tempted us up to the top of the island. Mosta was the initial aim of the day, but the much vaunted Miracle of Mosta did little to hold our attention for more than 1/2 an hour. The Rotunda of Mosta sits in the centre of town and is without doubt a fine church in it's own right. The dome is the 3rd largest unsupported version in the world. The infamy of the building however stems from the attempts by ... read more

Europe » Malta » Gozo » Victoria August 11th 2014

Hello my fellow travellers! What a long day this have been, we left the hotel at 9am today and returned at 9pm, a lot of this time has gone into transportation today. We started by taking a bus to the ferry station which took about 50 minutes, then we waited for the ferry for another half hour. Then the trip over to Gozo took around 30 minutes and then it took us another 40 minutes by bus to get to Xaghra, our first stop of the day. Here we visited the Ggantija Temples, two neolithic temples located right next to each other. These temples are the second oldest man-made structure in the world. They are over 5500 years old, pre-dating even the Pyramids. These temples are fairly well preserved, especially considering their age and you should ... read more
Ggantija Temple
Victoria Citadel

Europe » Malta » Gozo April 7th 2014

The brochures state Gozo is an island of mystery, history and faith. It also moves to a strikingly different, more leisurely pace then its sister island. This we found to be true! How did we come to be here? While this adventure was in the planning stage I must have spent the majority of my spare time "googling". Through that I came across a slightly more unique way of seeing the island of Gozo then just by a coach - Gozo by jeep! The day started a little slow, in that we were very late to be picked up and we still had more stops at two hotels after ours and with a ferry to catch the van driver was struggling to control his temper over the amount of traffic. The ferry ride across to Gozo ... read more
Approaching the island of Gozo.
Our jeep.
The fabulous four.

Europe » Malta » Gozo January 16th 2014

Hello there, I'll be in Gozo in August. I'm planing my hollyday. I would like explore Gozo with the bicycle. I'll stay in Marsaforn. All tours should be start here. Who can me tell me, what is the best way from Marsaforn to Kecem? It is possible to ride outside the road?... read more

Europe » Malta » Gozo » Xaghra October 9th 2013

Top of our list of places to go during this year was Gozo, and it was great to be back! It turns out a lot can change in 5 years. On Malta, we noticed everything looks new and improved. The airport has change a lot since we were last here. There are now air conditioned express buses that go from the airport to the ferry terminal, just in time for the ferry. What a treat! On Gozo, the pace of change was not quite as noticeable. But there is a hop on hop off bus there now, which means that tourism must be picking up. And rightly so. We rented a car and 'farmhouse' for the week. For those that have not been to Gozo, farmhouses are really just any house. Ours had a full kitchen, ... read more
Arrival in Gozo!
Sunset at our Bella Vista farmhouse
Dreams of Oleander's

Europe » Malta » Gozo » Xlendi October 19th 2012

While Richard is slaving away at work each day and Catherine has gone off to Sweden for work - I decided a little side trip to the smaller island of Gozo would be just the ticket - so a hasty search on came up with a real bargain could £18 a night including brekki be anything but a miracle for me - as you know always looking for value for money on my travels. This time I manged to pack my stuff for 3 days into my little rucsac - I must be getting better at this packing lark!!! and off I went to get the bus to the ferry . A word here about Malta busses - yes they run all over the islands but I have to say the timtetabling is not ... read more
Comino Boat trip (2)
Comino Boat trip (4)
Copy of Xlendi Bay

Europe » Malta » Gozo July 15th 2012

Yesterday we spent more time just relaxing, swimming, eating and at the waterpark. Today has been quite different and wow its been hot, 42 degrees apparently! We caught a boat first thing over to a small island called Comino, where we spent a little while swimming in an area of the sea called the 'blue lagoon'. It was beautiful, clear blue water where I saw lots of little fish swimming. Unfortunately I also saw hundreds of other tourists and their boats in this small patch of water and on the rock face next to it :-( apparently there is a small beach, but I couldn't see this with all the deck chairs! Anyway, I loved the swimming and I got to watch mummy and daddy jump off the boat into the sea. It looked really fun ... read more
Yummy dinner

Europe » Malta » Gozo » Victoria May 27th 2012

My last day in Malta called for more sightseeing. Over the day,I spent 6.5 hours on buses, 1 hour on ferries, and countless hours on my feet. And I only spend $9.10 euros for all. 8:00 am: I caught the bus to Marsaxlokk, a traditional fishing village, dating from the Phoenicians. It was about 45 minutes away, and has a weekly Sunday market. The market had the usual stuff, veggies, clothes, electronics, etc. A nice man was eating fuzzy green things off a bushy plant, and when I asked him what they were, he gave me a handful. The texture of a mushy nut, with out much flavor… they were garbanzo beans!!! &l... read more
1st Communion
Ramla Bay Beach
Harbor View

Europe » Malta » Gozo April 21st 2012

For our last full day in Malta we had committed to trekking to the island of Gozo, one of Malta’s two sister islands, along with Comino. Gozo is more than a third the size of Malta, but it has less than one-tenth of its population and is seen as the more laid-back, green, relaxing island one can escape to. To get there we first had to take a bus to the northwest corner of the island, Ċirkewwa, where a 20-minute ferry would take us to the Gozitan port city of Mġarr. Given that we were on island time, this took maybe an hour and a half, but luckily the ferry was leaving soon after we arrived, so we didn’t have to wait too long. The ride was short but scenic, and we couldn’t have asked for ... read more
Walking up to the Citadel
Looking down from the Citadel toward St. George's Basilica

Europe » Malta » Gozo April 9th 2012

Last buffet breakie today! :( And as I got to the waffle maker I see that someone has made wayyyyy more of a mess than I did yest!! And the lil girl was there so i could point out that it wasnt just me that overdid the mixture! we enjoyed our last breakfast and then got dressed for our trip across to gozo for the day. We were gutted cos Karla had got us excited about going to Camino where the blue lagoon was but unfortunately cos it was so windy they werent sending boats across so we settled for a day in gozo and just looked at blue lagoon postcards!! We hopped on the ferry and omg it was so rockywith the wind. Apparantley it was force 8 out of 10! I felt really sick ... read more

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