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Europe » Malta » Gozo May 26th 2019

Now time to explore the island of Gozo before going to the island of Malta. Just don’t be confused, both islands are part of the country of Malta. Malta is made up of 4 islands and we will get to two of them on this trip. Malta has a very long history and has seen its fill of struggles due to its strategic location in the Mediterranean. On our first full day in Gozo we got a lot of sightseeing in as we hopped on a bus first thing in the morning. We road into Victoria and caught another bus to get out to visit the Ggantija Temples and the Ta Kola Windmill in the village of Xaghra. These temples date back to 3,600 BC and are located in a wonderful area of the island with ... read more
Finishing Up the Last of our Tunisian Strawberries
Views Around the Marina Area of Mgaar on Gozo
Can You Imagine Walking Under This Working Equipment

Europe » Malta » Gozo May 21st 2019

It was finally looking like the weather was going to cooperate and we were going to be able to start our sailing season and leave Monastir and head to the island of Gozo in Malta. Bob had been checking the weather daily (quite a few times each day!) and it had been against us for quite a while (as well as others in the marina). It now looked like we could leave on Monday, May 20th and we found out that there were going to be 3 other boats leaving as well that day. At least that helped confirm that what we saw in the weather forecast, others saw it as well. Always nice to get that confirmation. When leaving Tunisia you must first check out with the Police and then with the Customs office. It ... read more
When Seas are Flat the Table Can Actually be Used!
Duty Done Differently At Different Times!
A Freighter To Watch

Europe » Malta » Gozo » Xlendi September 20th 2018

Those earplugs worked a treat! I did wake at 4am though with a cramp in my leg. After dealing with that I got up to look outside, as I knew thunderstorms were predicted for today. I had heard a very loud clap of thunder (through the earplugs) sometime earlier, so I wanted to see what the impact had been. The sea was quite high and there were even small waves washing up the steps in front of the hotel, which was interesting. The next morning I could see one of the restaurants hosing down their floor so I assume the water came up that high. After breakfast I chatted to the guy at reception about options for today. I wanted to see the Citadel but was also interested in a boat trip of some sort. There ... read more
View Dr the Citadel towards the port of Mgarr
The Citadel
I love sandstone against blue sky with white clouds

Europe » Malta » Gozo » Xlendi September 19th 2018

Woke up this morning to the sound of construction from a building across the street but opened my curtains to see the beautiful bay of Xlendi, so all was good with the world again. I headed downstairs to breakfast and it was so lovely to be sitting right by the water, enjoying a coffee and something to eat. There was no rush today so I enjoyed the moment. Around 11ish I caught the local bus into the town of Victoria as today I wanted to eat to the Red Beach in Ramla. Regardless of where you want to go on Gozo, all buses connect at the Central bus station in Victoria. You purchase a ticket on board for €2 and that will cover you for the next couple of hours, which makes getting connecting buses easy. ... read more
The crystal clear waters of Red Beach, Ramla
Red Beach, blue water
Me trying to see my phone screen when taking a selfie in the sun

Europe » Malta » Gozo » Xlendi September 18th 2018

After a leisurely start to the day, which began with breakfast being delivered at 9am while watching an episode of Modern Family, I was finally packed and ready to leave my apartment at 10:10am. Chiara gave me a nice farewell gift of a ceramic bell and I then walked to the main train/bus terminal. The bus to the Napoli International airport was due to depart at 10:30 and as it was only a 5 minute walk, I made it there in plenty of time. The bus arrived at the airport just after 12pm and I must say, paying for the "speedy bag drop" with EasyJet was well worth it! There was a huge queue lined up to drop off bags and when I saw the sign for the speedy drop off, I asked the lady if ... read more
Approaching the island of Gozo
Camino Island on the way
The view from my balcony. I can almost dive out my window

Europe » Malta » Gozo » Victoria June 20th 2018

This was the stuff of daydreams! Sailboats, gentle breezes, blue waters, cliffs, schools of rainbow colored fish formed a mosaic of memories for a lifetime. Confession, I was afraid to go to the Blue Lagoon because of the swimming! I cannot tread water and the water is DEEP in the lagoons. I mustered up the gumption to get on the boat. Thankfully, the sailboat captain harnessed me into a blaze orange life preserver and off the side I went! Jack took the macho way off the boat, diving off the side rather than using the ladder. So word...just get on the boat and let the captain take care of the details!... read more
Blue Lagoon
Elephant Rock
Caves of Comino

Europe » Malta » Gozo March 19th 2018

They say Malta is doing pretty well. To be precise, our local guide told us that Malta’s unemployment is at Europe’s lowest – a meagre 4%. He was also quite eager to point out that Malta is “like Germany” in economic terms. While I have no empirical evidence for that, I can tell you that the archipelago is visually way more pleasing that good ol’ Deutschland and 20 degrees Celsius in March are also not bad for the European Union. What is more, Malta is the third most crowded country in the world, after Hong Kong and Macau. What a lucky man I am, I have spent most of my last 5 years in the most densely populated places on planet earth. Most of Malta’s population concentrates around their southern island (which is called Malta in ... read more

Europe » Malta » Gozo October 11th 2017

An early start to Gozo (Għawdex) entailed a bus to Cirkewwa to catch a ferry. The hour on the bus took us through St Pauls which is built up with resort type apartments. The ferry crossing took 35mins & i was out sitting on the deck before we had even left the was some other lonely person looking for real air.. The ferry sails past Comino island, very sparse, rocky and apparently especially good for diving. One of the top diving places in the Mediterranean. The water is beatifully crystal clear because of the rock. The entrance to Gozo port is very pretty and colourful with boats. The town perched above the small port. I remember reading that Gozo horticulture basically produce the vegetables for Malta. We aimed for Victoria on the bus 10 mins ... read more
Gozo main square Indepenzia Misrah Il took
Misrah street
Misrah street

Europe » Malta » Gozo » Xlendi August 31st 2017

Louis and Lily again pick us up and we head off to catch the ferry to Gozo. We came to Gozo when we were in Malta two years ago. I am feeling a lot more relaxed about coming here this time now that I know that Issy's family was stretching the truth a bit when they told me that everyone here had two heads and rarely left their cave like homes. We thought that Gozo was really beautiful when we came here before, and we think that maybe the people from the main island are really a bit jealous of their Gozitan cousins. We head towards the capital, Victoria, and its spectacular citadel. There was a lot of construction going on here when we visited last time, but this is now complete and the site is ... read more
Issy breaking down a wall in Sliema
Victoria Cathedral, Gozo
Victoria Cathedral, Gozo

Europe » Malta » Gozo June 3rd 2017

Anyone who regularly reads Glyn's blogs will know that he likes to accuse me of making him get up stupidly early when on holiday so we don't miss anything. But last night when discussing a time to set an alarm, he was horrified when I suggested 8am. Surely not, how about 7am he insisted? I pointed out that it was long past midnight and perhaps some sleep was needed. So he agreed to the 8am alarm saying he would wake earlier anyway. I woke at 7am and uploaded yesterday's blog photos whilst the lazy sod slept through until 7.50. In hindsight I should have gotten us up at 6am, given how long we waited before we actually got to board the Gozo ferry. That aside, after going to the Knickerbocker for tea, coffee and wifi, we ... read more
Snails on the lavendar
Ta' Kola Windmill

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