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Europe » Macedonia » Skopje August 5th 2011

Having visited the northern Balkan countries in June I decided to wrap up the remaining southern countries during my trip in August which is why I found myself in a hostel in Skopje. I bumped into 3 friendly Brits in my hostel and our paths would cross several times over the next few days. We teamed up with 2 Aussie girls and the six of us headed off to the old town for the first night of boozing for the trip. We ended up in a microbrewery drinking out of his huge container and listening to a local band singing eighties pop songs - Rick Astley is still not giving you up:-). The next day I had a walk round the town centre and like many other Balkan cities is it undergoing a huge rebuilding phase, ... read more
City centre
Skopje old town

Europe » Macedonia » Ohrid July 26th 2011

Yes I know, I had to look up on the map where it is too!...east of Albania and North of Greece. It’s a small country, with a population of only 2 million. So why did we head there? Well the roads heading south in Albania were reportedly worse than the ones we had already experienced! Hard to believe! We thought it would be good to visit a new country and had heard that Lake Ohrid was nice, so we went to find out. No problems at the border, only they did not have electricity at the time and had to log all comings and goings manually which took time. We also got stung for 50 Euros for the car insurance. We eventually found a campsite 15 km from Ohrid town alongside the lake. They had recently ... read more
Lake Ohrid
Ohrid Ampitheatre
Lake Ohrid

Europe » Macedonia » Skopje July 14th 2011

This is a strange point in my trip. With only ten hours left before our tear-filled departure from Skopje, nothing has sunken in yet; I am still reeling from thirty-three days in this wondrous southeastern European land, yet I must accept that it's almost over and that yes, I must leave it temporarily. Composing a well-written, clever summary of my last week and last impressions is the last thing on my mind! So without further ado, expect to hear more when I am back in America; I plan to seize my last precious hours here with my mind dressed in full carpe diem attire. Ciao!... read more

Europe » Macedonia » Skopje July 12th 2011

Had I reached Macedonia yet? I wasn’t sure. I knew very little of the place before I arrived but the little information I had I played dumb. I knew Greece and Macedonia had some problems, but what? As a person with a Greek background could it be possible to fall in love with a place, which I should say doesn’t exist but does depending on whom you talk to and what name you call it. All I knew was that Macedonia there are two – one in northern Greece, the other a country from the Former Yugoslavia. The other thing was that Macedonia claims Alexander the Great as their own. With that little knowledge I set off to get an understanding of a place 7 years ago I heard as ‘boring, don’t bother.’ When I left ... read more
2 - Inside the orthodox church in Skopje
3 - The almost complete Alexander teh Great statue in Skopje
4 - Horse riding in the Macedonian mountains

Europe » Macedonia » Ohrid June 27th 2011

I am going to start off by saying that I think this is the tannest I have been in my entire life. We just got back from five days in Ohrid, a lake town about two and a half hours away from Skopje and the most popular vacation destination in Macedonia. Hotels are rather expensive there, so most people opt to rent rooms in a house, which is what we did; Natalie and Nina stayed with family, but David, Leo, Sean, Filip, Sashka, and I all stayed in a house with rooms for rent. The days we spent at th beach, for the most part, and at night we went out, sometimes until very late. On some days we slept past one and didn't get to the beach until after four! It was a blast, and ... read more

Europe » Macedonia » Skopje June 21st 2011

My Macedonian Blog: ... read more

Europe » Macedonia » Skopje June 19th 2011

This was a tiring weekend! Sashka and her parents took me to two different monasteries in two days; I'll begin with Mavrovo. Yesterday we drove about an hour southwest of Skopje to Mavrovo, a village where most of the houses act as summer homes for those living in Skopje. The village is on a placid lake among the green mountains, and there are two other villages across the lake similar to the one we passed through. We stopped at a cafe to eat our breakfast, and I had a Turkish coffee, surprisingly. That prepared me for the twenty-minute drive through the winding mountains on a road wide enough for only one car, which means that one finds oneself in a predicament if one approaches a car coming from the opposite direction. Anybody who has traveled much ... read more

Europe » Macedonia » Skopje June 18th 2011

Whew! What a week! I have not been able to post here considering we have not been home most of the week. But onto the subject I have chosen... coffee. Before I arrived in Skopje, I was not much of a coffee drinker. In fact, I avoided it at all costs because it keeps me from sleeping if I drink it after noon. I think that has since changed. My first experience with Macedonian coffee was with the staple, Turkish coffee. One evening this week after, Wednesday I think, I joined Sashka's parents in drinking the daily after-dinner coffee. This stuff makes Starbucks coffee taste like darkened water. It is strong. Making it requires that one boil very fine coffee grounds with water and then serve it-- without any straining. I took mine with sugar, and ... read more

Europe » Macedonia » Skopje June 14th 2011

I finally have time to begin my blog! The four of us (Natalie, Sean, David, and I) arrived on Sunday afternoon. We each left with our families and I finally met Sashka and her parents. She lives in a house about ten minutes from the center of the city by bus. Her mother made chicken and potatoes for lunch, saying she would start making more traditional foods the next day. We began the meal with a toast, with the operative word being "na zdravye," meaning "cheers," but you also say that when you finish a meal. I have used that word many times so far. Her mother also makes the best lemonade all the time, adding oranges and grapefruit into the squeeze. That night Sashka took me to hang out with her friends at a cafe, ... read more

Europe » Macedonia » Struga May 18th 2011

Vertrek op Dinsdag 10 mei 2011 om 6.50 A.M van Schiphol. Reisorganisatie: Corendon => Gearriveerd om 9.30 op het st. Paul the Apostle airport in Ohrid. Daarna naar hotel Beograd in Struga. 1 euro = 60 Dinar Via het lokale reisbureau Fibula konden er dagtochten worden gebooked. Zoals: Ohrid het Jeruzalem van de Balkan = 19 euro St. Naum met boottocht = 29 euro Ezelsafarie = 34 euro Albanie = 39 euro Bitola = 29 euro Macedonische avond = 29 euro Skopje (dagtocht) = 39 euro Wijntocht = 35 euro Bigorski en Rajcica kloosters = 29 euro Dinsdag 10 mei 2011 Dus gearriveerd in Struga. Rondgelopen door het stadje. Het Natuurhistorisch museum bekeken. Lake Ohrid bekeken en de dam in de Drim river. S'avonds vroeg naar bed. Woensdag 11 mei 2011 Met openbaar vervoer ... read more
Hotel Beograd
Natuurmuseum Struga
Meer van Ohrid

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