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Europe » Macedonia » Skopje March 6th 2020

Since I had covered everything that I had wanted to in the city, I decided to head a little further afield. The two main places that are within easy reach of the city are Matka Canyon and Vodno Mountain. Whilst Matka Canyon is no doubt the prettiest. The bus to Vodno Mountain ran more frequently, so I plumped for there. Getting a ticket for the bus appeared to be a bit of a ballache as you cannot buy tickets on the bus and have to buy and pre-load a card with credit. They can only be bought from special green booths which are scattered around the city. The transport company really needs to update their English webpage to make it easier for tourists to figure out how to buy tickets without having to rely on others ... read more
Cable Car
Millennium Cross
View from Vodno Mountain

Europe » Macedonia » Skopje March 5th 2020

After a hearty breakfast, I headed out to join the free walking tour. I am definitely a bit addicted to these tours, but I feel like it gives me a good overview of the city I'm in. This one met in front of Mother Teresa Memorial House. It was a beautiful morning, nice and sunny. There were only about five of us on the tour, which made a nice change after the bigger tours I'd been on in Sofia. We headed off to our first stop, which was at the end of the street. This was the old Skopje Train Station, which has now been turned into a museum. The train station was damaged by an earthquake in 1963 and this meant it was no longer used for its original purpose. I really liked the building, ... read more
Ortodox Church Konstantin and Elena
Warrior on a Horse
Mother Teresa Memorial House

Europe » Macedonia » Skopje March 4th 2020

It was quite an early start as a I retraced my steps from the previous day to Serdika Bus Station. As I got there far too early, I headed over to the other bus terminal for a bit of a mooch around. This one was much better and had shops, places to get food and toilets, and more importantly free wifi. I headed back over to catch my bus and I rather liked how chill it was as I just got on board and no one bothered to check my ticket. The bus wasn't too busy, which is always a bonus and we left bang on time. The bus had wifi, but once we left the city behind that seemed to disappear. I enjoyed the drive through the countryside. It was nice to see what the ... read more
Bulgarian Countryside
Holocaust Museum
Holocaust Museum

Europe » Macedonia » Skopje October 3rd 2018

It’s our final day, so after a shower (shower gel of the day is rosemary and thyme – I smell like I’ve been marinated) we set off on one last motorway trip and one last border crossing (with 4 sets of tolls) to complete our Balkan circuit. We stop on the way out of Nis at Bubanj Hill, site of the retaliatory slaughter of thousands of Yugoslavs by the Nazis. There is a memorial park there now with 3 giant fist sculptures sitting on the hillside. The thing I dislike most about Serbia is the rubbish. When something is finished with, it is immediately discarded in the street, out of the car window etc. There are an empty Fanta can and a crisp packet dumped in the middle of the war memorial. We continue our journey. ... read more
Resistance Memorial Bubanj Park
Resistance Memorial Bubanj Park
War memorial with litter

Europe » Macedonia » Skopje September 11th 2018

Time for another trip. This time it’s a jaunt round the Balkans. First stop – Skopje, capital of Macedonia. We’re off to a good start with an uneventful flight and shuttle bus into town. We had booked into the Alexandar Square Hotel but were telephoned yesterday to say they were overbooked so could we go to the new Alexandar II instead. This is a longer walk from the bus stop. It’s also 10 degrees warmer than not-so-sunny Bournemouth, so we haul our overdressed selves and our luggage to Alexandar II to be told we have a room at Alexandar the original after all. So it’s back the way we came, somewhat sweaty and unimpressed. But it’s a nice, boutique hotel right on the main square and after a freshen up, we set forth to discover Skopje, ... read more
Mother Teresa memorial chapel
Mother Teresa chapel stained glass
God’s crane

Europe » Macedonia » Skopje December 30th 2017

Fog in Dubai delayed our flight by more than an hour so we didn't land in Skopje till 1pm, after that all ran smoothly we picked up our Skoda and followed our hostess through the city which contained an extraordinary number of statues to a restaurant located in an old monastery in the Matka Canyon. Matka means "womb" in Macedonian, the canyon is located west of central Skopje, and covers roughly 5,000 hectares, it is home to several medieval monasteries. The Matka Lake within the Matka Canyon is the oldest artificial lake in the country. The food was really good, the Macedonians has some fantastic cuisine and good beers. It started to drizzle as we followed the path down to the car park and getting quite dark by 430pm. We followed our hosts for the next ... read more
City life
Porta Macedonia
One of Macedonia's distinctive churches

Europe » Macedonia » Skopje June 5th 2017

Rano zbalenie batohu, nechanie rozpadnutych botasiek pred dverami hostela, uz klasicky zastavka na burek. Bus na letisko mi ide 9/40 zpred hotela Holiday Inn. V parciku v klude zjedenie ranojok a pomaly presun na miesto odjazdu. Na parkovisku som zbadal kancelariu vardar expres , overujem si este odchod busu, listok sa kupuje u vodica. Po opusteny kanclu, za mnou este dobieha jeden chalan ci s nim nechcem sharenut taxi na letisko, no veru nie, mam este dost casu a bus je lacnejsi. Taxi stoji 15€/auto. Posedavanie pri rieke a sledovanie ludi. 15.min pred odchodom presun pred holiday inn. Tu sa uz zacali zgrupovat ludia. Bus prichadza nacas, sadam do zadnej casti. Prichadza vodic, kasiruje ma a smer letisko s este zastavkou na bus stanici a pri jednom nakupnom stredisku, kde nastupuje fesna policajtka. V zadu ... read more

Europe » Macedonia » Skopje June 4th 2017

Rano menim plany, povodne som chcel ist na bus 10/50 ale kedze som vcera skoro zalomil a dnes aj skoro vstal idem na 9/30. Majitel ma uz caka. Vcera mal problemy s francuzskou rodinou, stratili kluce od izby, tak sa hral na zamocnika. K telefonu mi dava este synatora, podakovanie, poprianie vsetkeho dobreho atd. Rychlo krokom smerujem na bus stanicu. V okienku, ktore sluzi zaroven aj ako vstup k nastupistiam kupujem listok do skopje, na tabuli je vypisany odchod 9/30, bus ide nakoniec 9/50. S jednou pauzou prichadzame do skopje. Ubytko som tentoraz zvolil inde, co bola chyba. url= Comfy Hostel sa nachadza dalej od mesta, vo vacsom kopci. Tieto veci by az tak nevadili ale po prijati mensi sok, kupelka spinava, na 6.dorme mega teplo, lo... read more

Europe » Macedonia » Skopje May 30th 2017

Spolunocnalznik sa neukazal, tak fajnovo cela izba pre mna. No i tak som sa budil na bolest zuba resp prievan v uchu, furt nevim kde je chyba ale asi je to to druhe, bo naposledy ked som s tym mal problemy a bol u zubara nic tam neobjavil. Este ma budil aj debilny osviezovac vzduchu, tuto noc ho musim vypat. Blby budik mi nezazvonil, nastaveny som ho mal na 8/00 a nic, vstal som o 8/15. Ozvala sa mi aj druha CS, ze kedy to idem na tu turu, no zlata moja za 45.min. Pritom som jej to uz davno pisal, je daka mimo. V mini supermarkete nakup vody (inak aj tu pijem vodu z vodovodu), vedla v pekarni nakup sunkovosyroveho bureku. Fakt mega famozny, mnam. Slnko uz aj takto skoro rano, nieco po 9/00, dobre ... read more

Europe » Macedonia » Skopje May 29th 2017

Okolo 5/30 ma budi prvy clovek co opusta izbu, o hodinu dalsi. Veru moc som toho nenaspal. Nasledovala horuca sprcha, bohuhzial moc to tam neako neodtekalo, tak hned spraveny v sprchovom kute mini bazen. Z jedneho spolunoclaznika sa vyklul guide z albanska.O hodinku zacina sprevadzat turistov z holandska Musi to byt faj biznis ked sa sem trepe az z Albanska. Inak toto ubytko je dobre ojebavacske, najskor som si ho rezervoval za cca 10€, potom cena klesla na 8,5€ + free ranajky, samozrejme ,ze som rezervaciu zmenil. Albanec co tu je se mnu na izbe plati 9,5€ Na ranajky nabieham do pekarne, kupujem rozok, bol som v tom,ze bude plneny, no prdlajs. Bus stanica najdena v pohodicke, do odchodu busu este neakych 45.min. Na info centre zistene,ze listok sa kupuje u sofera. Panko mi ale na ... read more

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