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August 20th 2011
Published: August 22nd 2011
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Hey folks,

I just spend the last month in Macedonia and Greece trying to understand what should be the name of what certain people call FYROM and others Macedonia. The Greek does not like that region a lot and could not stop debating as soon as you say the name Macedonia. In the country itself, must people have better things to talk of and some are making everything in their power to upset the Greek the most they can. Building an enormous statue of Alexander the Greet was a great way to do so... If you take out the politics (which is the main subject in that part of the world), you will discover an amazing country, full of stunning landscape, charming mix of culture.

In Macedonia there is something for everyone. If you enjoy hiking you can try one of the many peak or canyon. We got lost hiking and end up at the end of a canyon where they were constructing a dig. The workers had their share of making fun of us and one of them gave us a ride back to the city which was much appreciated. If you like water sport, Ohrid is one of the best place in Europe to be. The lake splitting Macedonia from Albania is really nice. I enjoy the walks we made around it to see one of the many churches and I also enjoy the boat ride which gave us another point of view of the place.

I will remember the underground life of the country my host really wanted to show us, the many bars in the parks where school bands play their life out and the politics. It is funny to think that Greece gave them money for the airport and in return they call it Alexander the Great airport or that they call their national stadium Phillip the 2nd. Anyway, I will let you make up your own mind on what it should call, but it is one of the best countrıes of the Balkans.


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