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Europe » Macedonia » Ohrid July 22nd 2023

From Montenegro, I came to Skopje in North Macedonia. It was going to be one of the shortest trips I have done to a country, just 5 days, exploring two cities, the capital Skopje and Ohrid which is well known for Lake Ohrid. After reaching Skopje at an ungodly hour and getting some rest, I set out to explore the city, focusing on Macedonia Square, the Old Bazaar and the Fortress. The first thing that struck me about Skopje was the number of statues in the city. It's estimated the city has more than 500 statues, I must have seen about 50 in my short exploration. The most famous statue is that of Alexander, right at Macedonia Square. The Old Bazaar, with lots of jewellery and Filigree shops was an interesting place. What I loved most ... read more

Europe » Macedonia » Ohrid July 2nd 2023

I lie in today. I don’t sleep in because the hostel is noisy and about 930 they start hoovering and it goes on for a long time. Around 11 I get up, have a cold shower on my sunburn and head downstairs. There are a surprising number of people around. Emma from Australia and Essen from Finland are about to head for food so I join them. They want a view so I take them to where we were yesterday. We drink a few coffees and have a bagel and bacon. When I ask for mine without eggs he says they can do it but I won’t like it, weirdest response I’ve heard but at least it wasn’t a no. We sit chatting and eating for a while then we head for a wander around some ... read more

Europe » Macedonia » Ohrid July 1st 2023

I wake up having slept well and my headache had gone. I am going to do the boat today. I head downstairs and find the owner on the desk, she directs me to the pink atm and makes me a coffee. I stop and chat for a bit, there are lots more people. Mainly Aussies and kiwis, a girl from Honduras, a guy from London. It is a really friendly hostel but I have a boat to catch so I head off just before ten. I buy my ticket and go to the furthest boat where I get a seat in the sun. Nobody on my boat is very talkative but that’s fine by me. The boat ride across the lake is beautiful and the captain gives an interesting itinerary in between music from last of ... read more

Europe » Macedonia » Ohrid September 28th 2022

We rented a car in Skopje which has proved a good decision. Driving here is very easy, although we did take care to avoid the mayhem of Skopje city by using the ring road. The quiet motorways charge tolls of €1 periodically and we haven't found any roads busy. Even the small roads into the mountains villages are paved and well maintained. Just an hour's drive south west of Skopje, we enter the Mavrovo National Park, 300 square miles of mountains, lakes and gorges dotted with traditional villages. Our first stop is at Mavrovo Lake, its beautiful, deep blue water edged by forests that are just starting to show autumn colours. The water level is low and the usually flooded church of St Nicholas sits high and dry just off the shore. A winding side road ... read more
Majik mountain village
Monastery church
Our Ohrid apartment view

Europe » Macedonia » Ohrid February 27th 2021 February 27th - Ohrid Springs - The Source Of The Lake & The Monastery of Saint Naum The Monastery of St. Naum is a magnificently massive complex, located 29 kilometers south of Ohrid, on a plateau close to the Albanian border. The original monastery was built in 905 by Saint Naum of Ohrid himself. Taken down between the 11th and 13th century, the monastery was then rebuilt in the 16th century. St. Naum of Ohrid was a medieval scholar and writer, who together with Saint Clement continued the task of spreading Christianity among the Slavic speaking people of the region. Known as a living saint for the many miracles he performed, St. Naum of Ohrid died in 910, at the old age of 80, and was buried inside the monastery. Myths and legends say that ... read more

Europe » Macedonia » Ohrid February 22nd 2021 22nd February - Ohrid, Macedonia Ohrid is one of the oldest settlements in Europe, and was once considered to be the epicentre of religion and Slavic culture. Nestled between the mountains of Macedonia, three hours outside the capital Skopje with Greece to the South, Bulgaria to the East, Albania to the West & Serbia to the North. It is Lake Ohrid that makes the city a unique historical artefact. At three million years old, it stands as one of Europe’s oldest and deepest lakes, and gives Ohrid the prestige of being named as both a cultural and natural UNESCO World Heritage site. We started the tour high on the hill overlooking the lake & Galicia mountains and next to Samuels fortress. It was the capital of Macedonia during the rule of Tsar Samuel at ... read more

Europe » Macedonia » Ohrid March 8th 2020

After one of the best night's sleep I'd had in a long time, I woke up to find my clothes all dry from the night before. Great start to the day, and when I looked out of the window, it looked like the rain had stopped, whether that would last I wasn't too sure, but I was hopeful. I made my way downstairs to enquire if I could get some breakfast. The owner wasn't about the first time I went down, but I tried again later and was in luck. I had a great breakfast of coffee, yogurt, burek, and extra cheese. The burek/banitsa I'd had in Bulgaria on the food tour had been amazing and this one was also amazing, maybe even better. I could happily move to the Balkans to feast on these for ... read more
Robev Family House

Europe » Macedonia » Ohrid March 7th 2020

The bus ride from Skopje to Lake Ohrid took about 3 and a bit hours. I enjoyed the views from the bus window as we made our way through Macedonia. I was a bit disorientated when I got out of the bus station, but soon got myself sorted on the right path to my accommodation. I almost missed the place as it was hidden down a side street when google maps said it was on the main street. The hostess was absolutely lovely. I can't speak any Macedonian and she doesn't speak a lot of English, but we were able to muddle through it. She even fed me a plate of veggies and rice porridge as a small lunch. After taking a bit of a rest, I headed out to explore Lake Ohrid. I wasn't staying ... read more
Lake Ohrid
Saint Sophia Church
Saint Sophia Church

Europe » Macedonia » Ohrid May 14th 2019

People like to talk in Macedonia and the how much the recipient understands could well be a secondary consideration. We stayed a few days in Ohrid and encountered a succession of extremely talkative taxi drivers, waiters and other hospitality workers all speaking flawless English. A head spinning quantity of information was delivered. Opinions about food, wine quality, social etiquette, viticulture and travel were all imparted. However, away from the towns the wish to engage with travellers does not seem to be just limited the the tourist sector and takes no account of language barriers. The town of Ohrid is well-appointed. The curve of a mile long promenade along the lake side finishes at the old town which forms pile at the base of a promontory jutting into the Lake. Wooden walkways take you around the edge ... read more
City of Lights - Ohrid by Night
Everyone's fave screensaver
Shepherd Trails

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