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Europe » Macedonia » Ohrid June 1st 2017

Nieco po 9/00 sa zobudzam, kolegine este chrapu. V blizkej pekarnicke kupeny pizzovy burek. Uplna bomba, mnam. Dnesny plan je velmi jednoduchy, ist na neaku zastrcenu plaz a len tam polehovat. Konecne posielam domov pohladnice, na poste ziadny problem aj ked som sa najskor postavil k inemu okienku. Po mapovovom prieskume, zavrhujem mestsku plaz i plaz cuba libre a parkujem na url='49.6%22N+20%C2%B047'17.9%22E/@41.113775,20.7861163,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0x0!8m2!3d41.113771!4d20.788305mini plazicke pod pevnostou. Nikde nikto, kamenista mini plaz, stromi co poskytuju tien, pristup do vody ale nedobry, takze na kupanie to tu neodporucam. Kedze pre mna bola voda studena neriesil som to, zvalil sa pod strom a uz len relaxoval, spal, cital knihu. Obcas ma vyrusila vyletna lodicka ale inak dokonaly klud. Asi po... read more

Europe » Macedonia » Ohrid May 31st 2017

Ranna hygiena, vyhodenie dalsej suciastky, opat roztrhane smradlave ponozky. Uz sa tesim do ohridu,konecne na nohy nasadim zabky. Uz klasicka zastavka v pekarni na burek, ten pekne zjedeny v parciku a smer bus stanica. V pohode kupeny listok, opat aj tu je poplatok za vystavenie listku, a prechod cez sbs k nastupistu. Tu mensia sou, jedna zahalenkyna dala do busu balicek, sofer cakal baksis ale ten mal zrejme jej manzel co bol v cakarny. Kedze nemal listok na bus sbs ho nechceli pustit k nastupistiam, tak zacala strkanica, dotahovanie, mensie hadky. Na pomoc dosol dalsi sbs-kar. Nakoniec sa ale vsetko vyriesilo, sofer dostal prachy, my v buse neznamy balicek, ktory zrejme zachvilu exploduje, sbs sa upokojili a slo sa dalej. Inac domaci dobre spatne kukali po moslimke. Cesta opat super, najskor po dialnici, majitel hostelu vravel, ... read more

Europe » Macedonia » Ohrid October 4th 2016

The sun slipped behind the mountains to the west. Across the lake, the lights of Albania would soon shine. It had been another warm, sunny day on the shores of Lake Ohrid. We stood on the pier in the town centre and admired the view. One of the large pleasure boats awaited the final passengers of their bus tour load, before setting sail. It was time for a pint. We mused that, despite the name, Ohrid was anything but! The Wizard chariot had landed early from Tour HQ at Luton Airport. It had been remarkably quiet in advance of our early afternoon take off time - a mere 3 minute wait to get through security. The Man in the Middle looked suitably impressed. There was no repeat of the oppressive Stansted search of the smalls and ... read more
Ohrid Harbour
Church of St John
Ohrid Square

Europe » Macedonia » Ohrid August 25th 2016

I've often been able to gauge the general mood of a nation's people when travelling, just through observation. Here in Macedonia, it seems that they're not exactly super-happy with their lot. Though when reading about the wasteful urban regeneration programme in Skopje, you tend to understand why. Driving through rural Macedonia and through the outskirts of the bigger towns, it definitely appears to be a poorer country - more so than Albania for sure, although both countries have many an unfinished building lying around. And I don't know if its just the way they express themselves, but Macedonians always seem to be a bit annoyed with you when you're talking to them. It was also interesting seeing the amount of Albanian flags that were flying in Western Macedonia. Albanians and Macedonians haven't really got on with ... read more
Inviting Waters
Classical Amphitheatre
Sunset Over Lake Ohrid

Europe » Macedonia » Ohrid June 14th 2016

Dinsdag 14/06/2016 – Pogradec Busexcursie naar Ohrid, Struga en klooster van Sveti Naum in Macedonië met MR-bus (Macedonia Republica) en gids. Alles langs het prachtige meer van Ohrid. Een uur om de 2 grensposten te passeren. Nochthans we zijn de enigen die er staan. ID's worden grondig gecontroleerd. Macedoniê is volgens de gids het armste land van Europa, maar het lijkt ons heel wat netter dan Albanië. Minder Moslims en dus overwegend Orthodox. Aan kerken en kloosters geen gebrek. Mooie winkelstraatjes en overvloed aan standjes met zilver en paarlen juwelen. Ook straatventers, schoenpoetsers. Eten krijg je hier ook weeral niet op. 6€ volledige menu wijn inbegrepen in een chique hotel. De beste capuccino ooit gedronken. Overal snelle bediening.... read more
Ohrid - Klooster
Ohrid - oud Grieks theater

Europe » Macedonia » Ohrid May 21st 2016

Woolly says – with the rain sheeting down it was a relief to see our coach arrive, finding our seats at least allowed us to drip quietly for the duration of the trip! As Jo and I admired the incredibly lush green hillocks and comment on the neat little fields that had two metre widths of crops instead of the British idea of every inch with the same crop, Zoe took up her usual prone position with headphones in and eyes closed. The miles passed and as dusk settled around us we drove up to the border post and the opportunity to cross into yet another country if only for a couple of days. Having based ourselves in Durres for a couple of weeks we were determined to make the most of visiting the neighbouring countries ... read more
Loving the flag
The Church of St Clement
The story of Ghana

Europe » Macedonia » Ohrid May 16th 2016

Our journey from Serbia to Macedonia saw us travelling through several small towns, and across the border to Skopje, Macedonia's capital city. Border crossings have been managed with confidence by Rozle, and documents have been stamped and approved without difficulty. We enjoyed a lunch stop in the capital, Skopje, and had time to wander the streets and gaze in awe at the gigantic monuments which adorn this capital, rebuilding after an earthquake in 1963 caused significant damage. It is also determined to make its mark, as the city of super-hero monuments, much to the disgust of many residents, who constantly splatter them with paint, as silent protest for irresponsible government spending. Some of the monuments are grotesque, to say the least, but others, such as that celebrating the stages of a woman's life were touchingly beautiful. ... read more
Rozle...tour leader extraordinaire.
Two Kiwis..... A very long way from home.
Health & Safety on board!

Europe » Macedonia » Ohrid August 25th 2015

I'm writing this from our balcony, overlooking the lake, with a nice glass of Macedonian rose. Or 'roze' in Macedonian. It's really very pleasant. It's a good job the pronunciation of Ohrid isn't something like the English 'horrid', because it'd be a terrible description (it's more like 'ohkrid' if you were wondering). If you're trying to locate the place on a map, don't use Apple maps as the entire lake seemingly doesn't exist... Last night we ate dinner by the lake, trying Macedonian meze, including ajvar, made from red peppers, and a local trout dish. The meal was delicious, and the cuvée wine we tried really very nice, with a beautiful view out over the lake and to the floodlit little church above us. After dinner we strolled back, and found ourselves watching the last night ... read more

Europe » Macedonia » Ohrid August 24th 2015

This morning we were greeted by a beautiful view across the lake from our balcony... In one direction is the edge of Ohrid town, with Albania beyond, and in the other, the edge of the lake stretching into the distance, with green hills of the Galichica National Park rising from the lake. After a nice relaxing breakfast on our balcony, we set off to wander around the town. We walked up through the old, cobbled streets and along the cliffs to the old church of Sveti Jovan (St John), which sits on a cliff above the lake. It's very picturesque, and the guidebook claims it's the most photographed place in the country. Inevitably, this means we have quite a few photos of it... unfortunately the gadget that transfers photos from the camera to my tablet is ... read more
Towards Albania
Along the Macedonian side of the lake
Ohrid town

Europe » Macedonia » Ohrid August 23rd 2015

After a long day of travelling, involving a very slow train, an enormous queue at Luton airport and then an unexplained delay to our flight, we made it to Ohrid airport. On the approach, we flew over the lake, getting a great view of the town of Ohrid. After finding that the only ATM at the airport didn't work (you can't buy Macedonian currency abroad) we managed to get into town by paying twice the usual bus fare in euros! We located our room, and were shown all its features by a nice elderly man who had waited past the usual check in time for us to arrive. There's a balcony with a lake view, although it was dark by the time we got here, so it'll be a nice surprise to see over the lake ... read more

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