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June 19th 2010
Published: July 1st 2010
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Location: Luxembourg City, Vianden, Diekirch, Clervaux, Ettelbruck
Length of Stay: 4 Days
Cost per Day: $70

I found Luxembourg to share many similiarities with Liechtenstein... Its Europes 3rd smallest country with a current population of just over 1/2 million... It is also governed by a monarch... A Grand Duke to be exact... For those interested... a Grand Duke ranks below a King but higher than a Prince or a normal Duke... The correct title for this country is the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg... and it's the only Grand Duchy remaining in the world... and like Liechtenstein, its very clean, ordered and nowhere in the country is much further than an hour away from the capital...

It was good to just base myself in Luxembourg city for the 4 days and venture out on day trips...

Its a little bit French and a little bit German as far as language and people go...
Honestly the French language is such a beautiful language to listen to... and on a par or followed very closely by Italian in my opinion...
The German language on the other hand is far from being a melodic and romantic language when you listen to it up close... its very rough and throaty...

Heres something a little curious and funny... I found Google translator... so you be the judge...

In English we might say: I love you my Darling

In French: Je t'aime mon chéri
In Italian: Ti amo amore mio
In German: Ich liebe dich mein Darling

Met some Brits in my Luxembourg hostel partaking in an Amazing Race organized by their university... How fun would that be...

Is it the Netherlands or is it Holland... and why are the people referred to as Dutch instead of Netherlandians or Hollandians... 😊... anyway its up next and I shall endeavour to find out from the locals... x

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watching a game... Portugal vs Cote d'Ivoire... a scoreless draw...

a German tourist bus in Luxembourg...

1st July 2010

You are just zipping through these countries now. I can see it is a little more expensive than your tour through Asia. German is not one of the romantic languages and it is obvious. Winter has hit Australia and there is a real cold snap on now. Even Brisbane is feeling the chill. I love the cool weather although for Brisbanites it leads to a downturn in social activity. People just don't know how to deal with the cold weather here. I love it though, and it is only brief. I hope you are having loads of fun and meeting lots of people!
1st July 2010

Och!!! Ye think that's rough and throaty???
1st July 2010

Ye gotta love auld Europe
Europe has some great architecture to discover and capture on yer camera....x

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