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Europe » Luxembourg » Vianden August 2nd 2013

Carl likes caravans. A lot. He's 28, not 58, so this came as quite a surprise. So we booked a static mobile home on a campsite near Vianden in Luxembourg for a couple of days. It's surrounded by gorgeous hills and countryside, so it was more than ok with me. Buddy piped up with the question, "What language do they speak in Luxembourg?". The answer is both French and German, which is fairly confusing, as one shop assistant will speak to you in French, the other in German, and two cafes side by side will be one with everything in French and one with everything in German. I wouldn't like to be drunk in Luxembourg. Some people also speak 'Luxembourgish' which is a terrifyingly confusing mash up of both languages. Which, of course, is what the ... read more
Vianden castle
Vianden castle
Vianden castle

Europe » Luxembourg » Vianden April 13th 2011

Luxembourg is a home to about 130 Châteaux. Some are fortified castles, others are lavish mansions. So, our weekend getaway would not be complete without visiting one of them. Mightily sits on a high ground, the eleventh century castle of Vianden glowed in the dusk. The mixture of Romanesque, Gothic, and Renaissance features of this castle made this castle a perfect place to have a Halloween party. Many kids and their parents dressed in scary, funny, and medieval customs were dancing in a very large, tall, and airy hall at the heart of the castle. Walking around the castle ground, we soaked the fairy-tale panoramic view of dark deep blue sky, orange band of sunset on the horizon, and rolling lush hills highlighted by lights from small towns below. It was a great place to end ... read more

Europe » Luxembourg » Vianden March 5th 2011

Thursday 3 March 2011 John was very boring today and worked until about 2.30pm when Ali 'dragged him out' for a last wander around Vianden. We sauntered along the river and around the few streets, climbed up to the belfry for some more great views over the town, found (finally) the little cloister behind the Trinitarian Church (a monastery was founded here in 1248), and stopped for afternoon tea (which turned into pre-dinner drinks!) at the very cool "Cafe Ancien Cinema". The cafe has a film and music theme going on (e.g. the menu-covers are reproductions of old LP album-covers), with jazz/soul music playing and, hand-written on a huge blackboard was an excerpt from a conversation between James Bond and Felix Leiter about making Martinis (from Casino Royale???). It was a bit of a gem among ... read more
Cloisters of the Trinitarians Church
Inside Vianden's Cafe Ancien Cinema
Bruges - L'Estaminet

Europe » Luxembourg » Vianden March 4th 2011

Wednesday 2 March 2011 Another cloudless but cold and misty day, with a strong biting wind - the locals tell us we're lucky to be getting this sort of weather (we're not complaining). We headed off to Luxembourg City today in our little hire car. Thank gods for the GPS - it got us right to the carpark we wanted without a hitch. We shouldn't be too surprised as it's a fairly small city, housing around 88,000 people (about 20% of the total population). Making a bee-line for Place Guillaume II (the main city square) we found it jam packed with a food and flower market. We didn't buy anything, but we did drool a bit! Luxembourg is a pleasant city to walk around; it's light and airy, as is its cathedral (Notre Dame). Ali was ... read more
Palais Grand-Ducal
Grand Duchess Charlotte
Cathedrale Notre-Dame

Europe » Luxembourg » Vianden March 3rd 2011

Tuesday 1 March 2011 Today was a day of castles! We spent three hours exploring Vianden castle in the morning. As we mentioned last time, the restoration of the castle is ongoing and they've done a pretty good job thus far (there was a pretty serious concrete pour going on while we were there). By the look of the 3D models on display, there was an awful lot of the castle missing by the time they started restoring. It's not been an easy task by the look of it - the castle has had many incarnations, and it looks like they've had to make some difficult decisions. For example, the chimney of one of the kitchens could not be fully restored because they also wanted to restore a bedroom from a different era which was located ... read more
Vianden Castle - the Knights' Study
Dining room in Vianden Castle
Kitchen - Vianden Castle

Europe » Luxembourg » Vianden March 1st 2011

Sunday 27 February Up early to the unaccustomed tones of the alarm clock (groan!). Our very friendly landlady, Françoise called in to say goodbye and to take a photo of us in her apartment. Then we shouldered our bags and made our way through the near-deserted streets (!) to Gare de l'Est to board our first ever TGV (very fast train). Two hours and ten minutes later we were freezing our bits off in Luxembourg City. However, the friendliest taxi driver we've ever met took us in his flash Mercedes to the airport to pick up our hire car. Driving from the airport to Vianden was interesting - the GPS seemed to want us to go on all the smallest roads it could find. It was a very pleasant drive though, and not at all a ... read more
View from the banks of the Our River
Bust of Victor Hugo by Rodin
View from the park on the hillside

Europe » Luxembourg » Vianden June 26th 2010

On day 8 we awoke in beautiful vianden, Luxemburg with the intention of exploring its famous chateu de Vianden. After breakfast at the hotel (where mum and i ate a trayfull of mini crossionts and i made myself sum lunch and made mum sneak it out) we set off for the castle. Mum and i were planning on catching the chairlift up to the mountain peak and then hiking over to the castle. After dropping us off at the chairlift opa and oma riet drove up to the castle. We were surprised that the chairlift wasn’t moving already as it was supposed to have opened a couple of minutes ago, but we sat down and waited. Fifteen minutes later an English couple came over and told us it was broken and they were waiting on people ... read more
Caslte Vianden
Caslte Vianden
Caslte Vianden

Europe » Luxembourg » Vianden June 24th 2010

Today was the first day of a mini grand adventure within our overall grand adventure. Opa, Oma Riet, mum and I set off at about 11 am for a short trip through luxemburg and Germany. Our destination in luxemburg was Vianden, a small town lying in a valley between a couple of mountains, one of which was topped by a massive castle! to get to luxemburg we had to travel through beligium, here we saw some beautiful countryside, however we saw a lot more of it than we intended to as we got terribly lost, none of spoke french and ended up adding several hours to our car journey, so unfortuantly we were too late to take a tour of the castle on this day so we booked into a nice hotel and had some dinner. ... read more
Our Hotel
Our Hotel
Opa + Oma Riet

Europe » Luxembourg » Vianden June 2nd 2010

Wednesday, June 2nd: Woke up this morning refreshed and ready to go!!! We took Falco for his morning walk, then loaded up the car and went to Luxembourg to go see the Vianden Castle. I had been to the castle several times in my childhood, but they had done a major renovation inside the castle, so that was awesome to see. The castle was built right on top of this huge rock that looms over the town of Vianden and the Our River…the views are spectacular!!! The castle was ruined quite a bit in the World War, and thieves had absconded with most of the historical artifacts inside. But like I said…they did a huge renovation, and now every room we explored, had either a scene set up or artifacts collected and saved from being destroyed. ... read more

Europe » Luxembourg » Vianden February 24th 2010

Wednesday 24.2.2010 day 134 The enchanted forest Luxembourg is Europe 3rd smallest country. We drove to the centre of the city of Luxembourg and then to Echternach were Mullerthal’s fairy tale enchanting forest is. We then drove to Vianden and saw it’s very impressive castle. We then did lots of shopping as taxes are very low in Luxembourg. Luxembourg is so small that while driving around it we acedntaly drove into Germany and then when we used our sat nav to go from Echternach to Vianden in Luxembourg it took us via Germany. There were lots of children everywhere and the houses all had big yards. When we when shopping there was lots of family size packs and there where children size shopping trolleys. It seems like due to the high standard of living here they ... read more
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