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September 28th 2009
Published: September 28th 2009
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Four days to departure and six to commencing the trek!
I can't sleep at night! Wake up in the middle of my dreams! and, dream I do, every night the past week! I never had so many dream nights! Wow! And not all dreams are about the mountains, some are about smaller peaks and valleys, if you know me, you also know what I mean :-P Others are about being chased by wild animals, others are … well … can't write about them here since my family reads it too :-P
This past Sunday I run the 'Route du Vin' half-marathon along the most beautiful track I have ever run on - 10 km along and the retrace same path along the Moselle river, amids the vineyards and cheering locals. I was taking it ease,watching no to hurt my feet - that would be a total blow to my vacation! The coutiona nd a bit of luck paid off! I had reasonable time (1 hour and 48 minutes) and have me feet intact.
Over the weekend I bought remaining few items fore th trip and packed everything to see if it fits into the duffel bag - it does! Today I bough a small bottle of champagne and a Cote du Rhone to take with me and celebrate after retrn to Katmandu. I suspect I will need something stronger as well but stay confident that Nepali stores carry some brands of Iris whishy and will buy it locally.
Is there anything I left out? Probably. If it comes back to me, I will write it here later.
Until next entry!


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