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Europe » Lithuania » Vilnius November 29th 2012

I flew from Rygge to Vilnius early in the morning, dozing a little while, the passengers nearby being somewhat noisy. Having landed, I at first stood waiting for the bus but then went to find the train station. You have to walk some 30 meters, the train came in 20 minutes; it consists only of two coaches and reaches the city in no time; ticket was bought from the fare collector. Weather was totally different from Oslo – there it was colder and drier, while here drizzling and misty. The hostel was very close to the train station, but its door bore the sign of its being shifted to another building nearby owing to repair (the booking said nothing about that, mark a shortcoming). I was met by a Russian-speaking girl and shown to the room. ... read more

Europe » Lithuania » Vilnius » Trakai November 27th 2012

Lithuania, Vilnius Another long bus trip and I arrived in Lithuania's capital, Vilnius. Unfortunately it was raining and I was struggling to read my map and follow the directions to the hostel (which was aparently only 10-15mins away. I finally worked out where I was, information paramount to figure out where I needed to go and navigated a slightly dodgy area of town,into tiny cobbled stone streets which told me I was getting close to the old town. Unfortunately when I got to my accomodation gate (which was perfect for the hobbits in Lord of the rings) there was also 4 workmen having tea/"working" in the doorway so I pushed passed them managed to open the tiny hobbit door and duck under to get inside. Unfortunately my bag adds another 10cm to my height so when ... read more
Chocolate Shop
Family dinner

Europe » Lithuania November 25th 2012

Lithuania is credited for causing the collapse of the Soviet Union. Mot trong nhung muc dich chinh cua chuyen di nay la toi muon biet ve 3 nuoc Estonia, Latvia va Lithuania. 3 nuoc nay da duoc doc lap nam 1991 sau mot thoi gian dai bi Lien So chiem dong va thong tri. Toi muon xem coi xa hoi cua ho tro nen the nao sau khi Cong San khong con nua. Vao nam 1939 Nazi Germany va USSR, Lien So ky 1 thoa uoc bi mat chia Dong Au ra lam 2 khoi, 1 thuoc ve Lien So va 1 thuoc ve Nazi Duc quoc Xa. Estonia va Latvia thuoc va Soviet va Lithuania thuoc ve Duc Quoc Xa. Nhung khi Lithuania tu choi linh cua Duc Quoc Xa cung DQX danh chiem Poland ... read more
Palanga Botanical Park
Baltic Sea in Palanga
The_Baltic_Way: Human Chain

Europe » Lithuania » Vilnius October 6th 2012

Maybe it is the cobblestone byways that meander through Vilnius and appear more suited for horses than horsepower. Perhaps it is the unexpectedly historic architecture or the hulking castles that whisper of medieval derring-do. While modernity certainly intrudes — it would not be a European capital without its Prada and Ermenegildo Zegna stores, now would it? — somehow or other, this Lithuanian city, despite its many recent changes, often has the feel of an old-world diorama sprung to life. New York Times, 29 April 2007 Vilnius' old town is charmingly medieval and surprisingly well maintained which makes it one of Europe's most attractive town centres. With its medley of architectural styles, cobblestone streets, brown-brick facades and more than 60 churches, it offers a near-perfect glimpse into the past. Like most medieval towns, Vilnius was developed... read more
Sightseeing in Vilnius
Upper castle
Church of Sts Peter and Paul

Europe » Lithuania » Vilnius » Trakai » Druskininskai August 31st 2012

The small nation of Lithuania is overloaded with character, conviviality and culture. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the country’s capital, Vilnius. Although the city’s difficult post-Soviet past is ever present, a newly vibrant atmosphere has successfully subdued it. As you fly into Vilnius, you’ll still catch glimpses of the old – planned streets, factories, and those diminutive ugly high-rise apartment blocks. However, the centre of Vilnius feels like another world. Gone are those horrific grey edifices, replaced with a multitude of colour. For Vilnius, somewhat unusually, feels like a Mediterranean city. Winding cobblestone streets pass between beautifully coloured baroque buildings. Their faded blue, yellow and red façades deepen in intensity when the sun shines, while spectacular old churches appear behind every corner. You can’t help but ask yourself if you’... read more
Cathedral Square

Europe » Lithuania » Vilnius » Trakai » Druskininskai August 26th 2012

Well hey one and all! So I guess, its about time I wrote about the third and final country I visited in my little Baltic jaunt. When I last wrote, I was just leaving Riga, following a girl as so many before have and so many after me will. Well I have never and probably will never meet Delila or Lysa again. Pretty sad thought I guess, but actually, I am quite happy about this. You see, now I have this memory, this perfect moment totally etched into my head. I never, ever want to ruin that. Because now I know, that what I am doing is right. So Vilnius, well truth be told, my mind wasn't as open to this city as I wish it had of been, I got there and I was pretty ... read more

Europe » Lithuania » Vilnius August 21st 2012

Although my Erasmus time has finished, I will still write some blogs after holidays and other important events. And this latest one will come in two parts - my Baltic Tour. Although it was only a week long, the trip took me and my sister to four countries and six cities - its therefore no surprise that we had forgotten much of what went on at the beginning before the end was even upon us! The first day involved us leaving home at 5:30am to make it to the airport for a 7:30am flight to Vilnius. However as we were about the board the plane, there was a technical issue that delayed us by almost 2 hours. Although we didn't mind arriving later, as we already knew that we had plenty of spare time and we ... read more
St. Anne's Church
Three Crosses
Curonian Spit

Europe » Lithuania » Vilnius August 20th 2012

After a comfortable four hour bus trip from Riga we arrived into Vilnius at around midday. I had drawn a rough map of where our hostel was located in relation to the bus stop. We walked for around 400 meters downhill until we realised it was uphill in the other direction, you would think we would be good at this by now! We did make it to our hostel; a small apartment located in the old town however and met up with the owner and some other people staying at the hostel. The owner was extremely welcoming and informed us on all the main sites to see and spots to hang out at in the city over a local wine. After settling in we set off on foot to explore the city, after getting such good ... read more
Collectors Market
The Collectors Market
Yummy Crepes

Europe » Lithuania » Vilnius August 13th 2012

Dear Friends and Family, Ann and I have safely navigated the last four travel days and are currently in a 4-star hotel in Vilnius. I could get used to this fancy travelin lifestyle! I will mostly let the photos speak for themselves. Ann and I had a couple of hours in London during the 2012 Summer Olympics, then jetted off to Frankfurt for a night on the town including the famous Apple Wine Festival. The next day, we were in Warsaw and explored the Old Town, New Town, Fortress and Royal Way. We took an all-night bus to Vilnius where we have been exploring the local churches, fortifications, micro-state of Uzupis and Trakai Castle. Tomorrow, we will visit the Hill of Crosses before entering into Latvia and staying in Riga for the next couple of days. ... read more
Old Town Frankfurt
frankfurt tower
Apple Wine Festival

Europe » Lithuania July 27th 2012

Hoy he salido tarde porque ayer estube hasta la una para hacer mis tareas, principalmente porque habia un prejubilado aleman en el hostel y me estaba dando la chapa, y como soy un tio no puedo escribir y escuchar a la vez... A eso de las 10:30 he salido del centro de Riga, he encontrado la carretera de salida a base de orientarme por la posición del sol y de dar un par de vueltas de más por las urbaizaciones en plan bloques enormes, tipico comunista. A partir de Bauska se ha despejado totalmente y ha empezado a hacer mucho calor, he tenido que comprarme una bolsa de hielos antes de la frontera con estonia con mis ultimos Lats letones. A partir de ahi el agua fresca no ha sido problema, pero la carretera es un ... read more
desde el puente
mamotreto comunista

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