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Europe » Lithuania » Siauliai » Alytus July 21st 2017

20 juillet C'est en bus que je traverserai aujourd'hui, la frontière Pologne/Lituanie. En direction de Šiauliai. Jamais je n'ai entendu parler de Šiauliai auparavant. C'est que je suis tombé sur d'étranges photos sur internet, des photos de Kryžių kalnas (hill of crosses), situé à quelques kilomètres de Šiauliai en Lituanie (sur la route de Rila, capitale de la Lettonie)... et je me suis donné la mission d'y mettre les pieds. Voilà donc ce qui m'a motivé à aller encore plus à l'est, de l'autre côté de la fin du monde: Kryžių kalnas. ... Assis dans un bus (Ecolines), j'ai droit à un écran personnel comme en avion lors d'une traversée de l'Atlantique. Posté au deuxième étage(!), je somnole en me laissant bercer par une playlist de musique russe que m'offre l'écran devant moi. C'est le choix ... read more

Europe » Lithuania July 11th 2017

Hi all The three Baltic countries - Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia - are tied together by shared history, especially in the last century or so with various occupations, most recently by the Soviets. This week's tour transports us between the three capital cities in turn - Vilnius, Riga and Tallinn. Starting in Vilnius, reminded us of a smaller and less busy version of Prague. A great coffee and eating out culture. As usual on an Explore trip we are getting a good balance between being guided around by a knowledgeable tour guide, and having ample spare time to just wander and soak up the atmosphere. Our guided tour took us into the city by The Gates Of Dawn - but we saw neither a piper nor any members of Pink Floyd, regrettably! Many churches and religious ... read more

Europe » Lithuania » Kaunas July 9th 2017

Ok so we have been travelling for 10 days and I thought it was time for a break, you know chill out and no driving, do some laundry. So I found a little on bookings, sounded perfect, 2 bedroom apt with access to pool, washing machine, kitchen , yard and easy walk to stores. Ok So we arrive very nice clean place but you only get 1 bedroom of the apt, you may or may not have to share the toilet and shower room also the kitchen and lounge area, we were lucky we did NOT have to share but, not really what we had expected or wanted but we have learned over time that you make the best of what you have. Rigaudai turned out to be a sleepy little suburb with only one grocery ... read more
Apartments for Rent
Lovely pool area
Outside area

Europe » Lithuania » Klaipeda July 5th 2017

July 5 – Lithuania – Klaipaidia Today we got into port under sunny skies and warmish temperatures. We were booked for an 8:30am excursion so were up early to get ready. I had heard that this port was a bit under whelming so instead of staying in town to wander and take in the equivalent of the ‘napped flints’ museum we had signed up to visit a former Soviet missile installation located about an hour or so drive into the countryside. This trip was truly fascinating – partly due to the talk from our school teacher guide who shared her experiences growing up in Lithuania during the Soviet occupation. The Soviet missile site was amazing and they have done a really good job at recreating the life in the camp. We got to go down into ... read more
walk to missile site
Into the Abyss

Europe » Lithuania » Siauliai June 27th 2017

Hello my fellow travellers! Today was my final day in Lithuania as I will go to Riga in Latvia tomorrow. It is fascinating, I find, that my last day in this country would also be, by far, the best one. This part of the trip was very spontaneous, I felt that I had seen what I wanted in Vilnius and I had heard, already back in Kaunas, about the Hill of Crosses in Siauliai so I decided to go there and it was a really good decision! I sent a last minute couch request to a family of three, Ugne, Egidijus and their son Paulius and it was accepted immediately even though Egidijus was away, working on a boat, and Ugne was tired from preparing to move the whole family to Gran Canaria! As I arrived ... read more
Hill of Crosses
Hill of Crosses
Siauliai Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul

Europe » Lithuania » Vilnius June 26th 2017

Hello my fellow travellers! This morning after we all woke up we had some more home grown mint tea and waffles with home grown strawberry jam before we went to the bus stop. Milda's brother Ignacius came with us, doing his best to pedal an adult size bike and doing a good job despite his young age. We all laughed at his shenanigans and it was a pleasant walk to the bus, we chatted in a relaxed way. Livija was going to her campus first to then go and meet her mother coming in from Kaunas to meet her for the day. I myself had decided to go to a nature area recommended to me yesterday by Roberta, the area is called Puckoriu which sounds very funny to me since the first part of that name ... read more
Three Martyrs
Gate of Dawn
Church of Saint Anne

Europe » Lithuania » Vilnius June 25th 2017

Hello my fellow travellers! This morning I took the train from Kaunas to Vilnius to check out the capital city of Lithuania. I met up with Roberta who stayed with me in Sweden last year together with Paulius and Ruta and I handed over the keys to their apartment to her as agreed upon beforehand. She told me that there would be a celebration at Vilnius Cathedral as a local Arch Bishop, Teofilius Matulionis, would be beatified which is a rather big deal. I decided to join the celebration for a while but unfortunately it was so crowded, and not all that well organized, that I couldn't really get close enough to see anything (despite subjecting my bag to inspection). Before I went there though I went to the Saints Constantine and Michael Church further up ... read more
Valley of Songs
Vilnius Cathedral

Europe » Lithuania » Kaunas » Kaunas June 24th 2017

Hello my fellow travellers! As I mentioned yesterday I would spend this day following the traces of a genuine hero that I expect few know about, the name of that hero is Chiune Sugihara. For you that haven't heard of him before this, he was a Japanese diplomat that was sent to Lithuania in 1939. When Hitler rose to power and invaded Poland a lot of Jews realised where the winds where blowing and fled to Lithuania, set on fleeing through Russia to the Dutch colonies where they would be safe. There was only one problem, to get an exit VISA from Russia they were required to have a transit VISA for Japan since Japan owned Manchuria at the time. Hundreds of Jewish refugees showed up at the Japanese embassy, desperate to receive a VISA. Sugihara ... read more
Sugihara Family
VISA for Life
Jan Zwartendijk

Europe » Lithuania » Kaunas » Kaunas June 23rd 2017

Hello my fellow travellers! After an early start, that involved an unexpected radio interview about couch surfing and travelling, I fled the Swedish Midsummers festivities in favour if the Lithuanian Summer Solstice festivities. I will be staying for two days in Kaunas with Paulius and Ruta whom stayed with me a couple of years ago. Unfortunately we only got to meet briefly as they are going to their home village 100 km away from here but they are kind enough to lend me their apartment while I'm here. From here I will continue to Vilnius where I will stay with a new girl but also meet up with Roberta who also stayed with me last year. Today I mainly just walked around in central Kaunas with a short break together with Paulius, Ruta and Ruta's sister ... read more
Monument to Romas Kalanta
Lovely Dinner
Longest Word in the Lithuanian Language

Europe » Lithuania » Vilnius June 16th 2017

Comparé aux latins expansifs, parfois même agités, les habitants des pays Baltes apparaissent plutôt calmes, discrets, réservés et modestes. Ce qui peut s'expliquer par les conditions difficiles et l’univers contraignant dans lesquels ils ont évolué et qui semblent avoir amplifié ces traits de caractère. Tout comme les Nordiques, les Baltes apparaîtront froids et ne se lieront avec autrui qu'après d'amples précautions. Ne vous attendez pas par conséquent à des démonstrations amicales exubérantes, le Balte reste très mesuré, trop peut-être… Peu communicatif, il demeure relativement neutre vis-à-vis de l'étranger, allez de préférence vers lui car il n'est généralement guère disposé du fait de sa nature à faire le premier pas. Voilà ce que nous raconte le Petit Fûté… et après expérience, il a... read more
01 Vilnius
02 pour vous remettre en mémoire les différents pays
03 Tout à fait exact !

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