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May 14th 2009
Published: May 19th 2009
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Lots of miles

May 14, 2009, Apple Island, to Paluse, to Aukstaitija NP Lithuania. The national park is a very remote area in the northeast section of Lithuania. Paluse was our first stop at the info-center and a young “ranger” sold us a map and gave some direction for camping and hiking.
Paluse has a wooden church and bell tower built in 1750. St. Joseph’s Church and bell tower were built and the only tool used was an axe. The cold air registered 40, but the wind off the lake made it feel a lot colder.
Off we went to Ginucial?? We attempted to find the campground and the hiking trail, but got miserably lost on several dirt roads that we had to back out of, as they became narrower and narrower. Maybe the “ranger” thought we were tent camping?? Back to our map and GPS, and we finally found a nice free campground. So finally we took a hike and settled back at “home” with no one around.

May 15, 2009, 2009, Campground in Aukstaitija NP near Trainiskis, Lithuania to Plavinas, Latvia. It is a cool morning and we visited some sites ---Trainiskis Oak-- grows in the village at
Neat Stork PhotoNeat Stork PhotoNeat Stork Photo

There birds are everywhere
Lk. Baluosas. This oak is 800 years old and is 6.1 m. wide, 23 m. high, it was once reputedly to be the site of pagan sacrifices!!
The Ginucial Watermill is the only water mill in the park with preserved original equipment. The water mill operated until 1968 and produced not only flour but also electricity for the village.
The Ancient Beekeeping Museum was next on our list, but after following a narrow dirt road for 10 kilometers, we gave up.
We finally find our way out of the NP and on to Latvia. The border crossing was simple…just passports, and we were on our way.
The currency in Latvia is the Lats and it is 1US$ =0.51 Ls. Initially the prices seem to be a bargain, but then we need to double them. The global economic downturn has been a problem in every country, and the growing unemployment is a major problem. Why then is the money in Latvia so inflated??
Some readings indicated Latvia’s economy took off after joining the EU, we don’t see evidence of this, there are many people begging and many in need of health care, and proper housing.
Some difficulty finding the campground Mezerers, north of Plavinas, we are here, it is weird!! But we are tired…

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St. Joseph’s ChurchSt. Joseph’s Church
St. Joseph’s Church

This was built by one man with and ax
Out-houses, you don’t want to knowOut-houses, you don’t want to know
Out-houses, you don’t want to know

National Park, we are so lucky
Winter’s are cold, wowWinter’s are cold, wow
Winter’s are cold, wow

You see this everywhere yet they have beautiful forest

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