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October 17th 2008
Published: June 27th 2009
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Hitch HikingHitch HikingHitch Hiking

Claudio in Lithuania getting us a ride to Poland.
Our ride took us to the center of Vilnius, just next to an Internet cafe that we could use to contact our host. (Thanks for the ride!). We checked our host phone number and and went for a night walk trying to find a public phone. The city center at night was beautiful, the weather was great (wasn't raining and wasn't very cold), but the public phones were calling card only and we couldn't buy any cards. Technology can be a blessing and can be a curse at the same time. We saw the cursing side before, but soon we found the blessing side. A drugstore sold SIM cards, for 5 dollars with 5 dollars credit. Saved from sleeping in the streets. Our host came for us in a few minutes, he was just a few blocks away (Imagine us having to sleep on the street and learning in the next day that our host was 5 blocks away! Well, this for sure happened before!). A quick stop in the convenience store, bought bread, cheese and salami, and we went direct to his friends to have sandwiches.
Our host, Karolis, had an amazing group of friends, all of them involved on

Karolis, our host and Hitch Hiking specialist. Right: Fernando. Left: Karolis
a different kind of activity. Bicycle workshop, garage band, electronics and so on. Together they run a underground club. Most our time in Vilnius we spend with them. The rest of the time we spent inside his apartment. We couldn't get a single day of sun to visit the city.
Four days latter we decided was time to go. The little we saw the city from at the night we arrived, the tour Karolis gave us in his car and the day we went walking to Karolis's mama for lunch, had to be all. Karolis was a hitch-hiking specialist so in the morning of the forth day he took us to the best spot in town to find someone going to Poland. This day the sun showed up. We were happy not to have to hitch hike under the rain.


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