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Europe » Lithuania » Vilnius June 14th 2015

Our final blog before we return home to Idaho via Paris next week. Last weekend we took a somewhat last minute trip to Vilnius, Lithuania to stay with Olya and Andrei They live in New Old Town Vilnius in a charming and comfortable flat. Olya is an amazing cook, delicious dinner and breakfast. Yummy chocolates from Dziugas. They were our tour guides to Old Town Vilnius, a UNESCO world heritage site. 11 km of sightseeing on foot (the distance was not obvious until we covered a blister on Kevin’s heel and George felt super stiff calves the next morning) We walked through the Jewish Quarter and ducked into the inner courtyards of several buildings to snoop. Too many church spires to count. We visited several old churches, the castle tower on top of the hill. We ... read more
Arrival in Vilnius
balloons in the evening
sign encouraging us to smile

Europe » Lithuania » Vilnius May 25th 2015

Our first stop on our summer 2015 quest-trek is Vilnius, Lithuania where Ray taught a Strategic Management course at Mykylo Romerio University. This was our first visit to Lithuania, but hopefully not our last. We loved the people we met, places we visited and the teaching opportunity at MRU. In addition to teaching his class, Ray was also invited to present a Plenary Session at the International 5th Practice and Research in Private and Public Sector Conference hosted by the MRU Faculty of Economics and Management. We were graciously entertained during our stay, and loved every minute! A big thanks to the collaborating faculty, staff and students with whom Ray worked who went out of their way to ensure we had a great experience. A special thanks to Egle Malinauskiene, Ilona Bartuseviciene and Dovile Kurtinaityte and ... read more
Ray's Strategic Management class at RMU

Europe » Lithuania » Vilnius May 4th 2015

Heute bin ich den ganzen Tag in Vilnius herumgelaufen und haben die wichtigsten Sehenswürdigkeiten besichtigt.... read more
ein deutsches Lokal!!

Europe » Lithuania » Vilnius May 3rd 2015

kR + k Da ich nicht die Autobahn entlang brauste, dauerte die Fahrt den ganzen Tag, war aber auch sehr interessant. Die ersten 100 km und mehr war das Land kaum überm Meeresspiegel, so 10 m, alles flach. Dann kamen die Endmoränenwälle und mit ihnen Steigungen und Kurven. Ich habe festgestellt, dass seit Hannover Endmoränenwälle groß mitspielen im Motorradleben... Kiefernwälder mit einigen Birken, Straßenzustand wechselt von perfekt zu Imperfekt (weil voller Spurrillen und sehr uneben), alle Straßen, die von der Hauptstraße abzweigen sind ungeteert. Störche, die meditativ am Nestrand sitzen und sich überlegen, ob sie heuer schon genug aufgebaut haben oder of noch was drauf muss - manche Nestbauten sind 1 Meter hoch. Kaunas: War früher Hauptstadt (1920 - 39), ist mit 350.000 E die zweitgrößte Stadt des Landes, ein Wirtschafts- und Handelszentrum. Ich bin nur ... read more

Europe » Lithuania » Vilnius September 17th 2014

Friday 12 Sep – Vilnius The clouds have gone and the sun has returned and we’re back to 23C with blue skies. Perfect burning weather for me! Our hotel last night was excellent. Tiki Inn, run by a local family who have travelled the world and decided to run a hotel/hostel from their house in Paluse. The rooms were plush, it was whisper quiet and overlooked one of the many lakes in that area. Dwayne and I especially liked their dog, Vella. She was very friendly and cute! We had a quick look around the lakes and wished we’d had more time but alas, we had to get to Vilnius. As it was, we were over an hour late for our rendezvous with the apartment agent. Luckily for us, apartment owners are very understanding over here ... read more
140912 Tiki Inn
140912 Tiki Inn Vella
1409013 Vilnius

Europe » Lithuania » Vilnius September 5th 2014

Jonava in central Lithuania, and Vilnius the capital of Lithuania, 3 September - Happy birthday to my 89 year old Dad xx What a fantastic day we had - riding around the capital of Lithuania on a segway....please read on: Leaving the west coast of Lithuania, we drove 220km east to the large industrial and cross-roads city of Kaunas but skirted its perimeter as we wanted to head north to Jonava. This city, named after John, which makes St. John's Day, the biggest national holiday very special in Lithuania. A quirky town with vintage industrial buildings and structures, and a modern factory away from the city itself. It has a number of oblong lakes and the River Neris running through it which they have landscaped with beautiful walk ways and cycle paths. We went for a ... read more
Vilnius capital of Lithuania 3 Sept - our Segway adventure (3)
Vilnius capital of Lithuania 3 Sept (3)
Johavos in central Lithuania - old Jewish Street

Europe » Lithuania » Vilnius August 29th 2014

Blog for the 23rdonwards Phew, what a mammoth couple of days. Putting my feet up in Vilnius (in the dry) has presented the first chance to fully unwind since I’ve left Riga. The last time I spoke to you I was unequivocally pessimistic about the chances of seeing the Old Town of Riga at all. With prompting and prodding from both mum and dad to brave the weather I decided to take the chance, and without a doubt I am glad I did. I had such a great afternoon wandering the cobblestoned streets of Riga and looking at all the grandeur of the architecture mixed with the delicacy of the decoration. The Russian Orthodox Church was a particular highlight despite the fact that I wasn’t actually able to enter due to the fact that I was ... read more

Europe » Lithuania » Vilnius August 3rd 2014

We travelled by bus from Warsaw to Vilnius stopping at the spa town of Augustow for lunch. It was a full day of driving past lakes and through forests, as a number of our fellow travellers are farmers we listened to many interesting conversations about the types of crops and livestock we saw along the way. When we reached Vilnius, we were again pleased to find our hotel located in the Old Town, which contained many baroque style buildings and beautiful outdoor restaurants. After dinner with our tour group we decided to explore the cobbled streets. We could hear some music and followed it to find ourselves in a small square where we were delighted to see lots of young people dancing jive, swing and tango. The makeshift dance floor was surrounded by families sitting at ... read more
Vilnius - Enjoying a beer at one of the many outdoor cafes
Hill of Cosses
Vilnius - Lithuania

Europe » Lithuania » Vilnius September 30th 2013

Three hours by train North of Minsk, and we are entering in a complete different world! We know the European Union has spent a lot of money making sure some of their new members could catch up faster in terms of development and infrastructure...well, it shows here, and it's pretty nice. Vilnius is our first stop, before going North later on to Riga and than Tallinn. The Lithuanian train was modern, comfortable, and packed! Our taxi driver spoke Russian, like around 30% of the population here. We were in Vilnius for 28 hours, time to discover a world I had heard a lot about...but in reality, I knew nothing about... We stay at the Novotel right in the middle of town. Cheap, comfortable, efficient....that did the job. The good news, is the Capitals of the Baltic ... read more
KGB former jail...
Up to the Castle...

Europe » Lithuania » Vilnius September 2nd 2013

Still heading north through Eastern Europe. Ashlee and I spent a week in Vilnuis, Lithuania. The cities in E. Europe seem to be of two major kinds, those influenced more by Soviet style city plans with huge wide open spaces, wide streets, and crazy big buildings, and those influenced more by European style with small quaint streets, small ornate city squares, and moderate sized buildings. Vilnuis was a bit of both. It had the Soviet style outside the old town area and European influences inside the old town area. It also has a completely modern area just over the bridge from the old town area. There is something for everyone here, but I probably would not want to come back and live in Vilnius. We also did a day trek to Trakai. In the pictures, Trakai ... read more

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