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Europe » Lithuania » Vilnius April 22nd 2004

Geo: 54.6896, 25.2799... read more

Europe » Lithuania » Vilnius January 6th 2004

E-mail sent almost a year ago, has the combo of pictures, text and Country info at the bottom. This is the same one, but with a bit more info. The other message randomly sent itself before I was done. Greeting from Kliapeda, Lithuania. Klaipeda is the third largest city in the country, is on the coast, and will be my hometown for the next four months. Since this is the first news of my trip I have been able to send out, let me backtrack a bit. The flight in was nice, and staff greeted me right at baggage claim when I arrived in Vilnius (always nice when one arrives in the middle of nowhere and things go as planned.) The couple of days we spent in Vilnius were very nice. It had snowed for the ... read more
Trakai Castle
main school building
Hostel Room

Europe » Lithuania » Vilnius July 31st 2003

So it happened again - events and things happened quickly and the blog suffered. The blog ceased to exist - so here I am writing about 5 weeks after the events (again). Vilnius lies in the mainly flat and forested countryside of Lithunia, situated close to the Russian border in the South-East of the country. Founded in the 1320's by Duke Gediminas after a dream the city has lots of historic buildings, and statues. The old town is bigger than that found in either Tallin or Riga, and has a more open rambling feel than either of the other two baltic capitals, but has narrow streeted ghettos and archways in aboundance. Wednesday I decided to stay at the old town hostel - though to be honest it is the only centrally based hostel in the city. ... read more
The castle tower.
View of Vilnius
Sara and I

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