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Europe » Lithuania » Palanga May 5th 2015

Day 5 - Gizycko to Palanga The day before, on leaving Wolfsschanze, we had noticed signs for another smaller bunker that also promised the chance to see a U-boat and a V-2 rocket. It was close to our rented apartment in Gizycko, so we headed there in the morning before our 7 hour drive to the Lithuanian beach resort of Palanga. Now called Mauerwald, it was set up as a basic museum, with shop window mannequins dressed in German uniforms posing next to pieces of WWII equipment and weaponry. There were no information boards or descriptions at all, though seeing a 3 dial enigma machine was interesting. There was also, totally out of place, a representation of the Amber Room. An astonishingly valuable treasure, the room was stolen by Nazis but never found after the war. ... read more
Amber room representation
Amber room backstory
Not Dave

Europe » Lithuania » Palanga May 23rd 2014

Klaipeda, Lithuania--Thursday, May 22nd One of the things we found interesting about this voyage was the sights to and from our ports of call. As we approached Klaipeda and our berth, several homes were seen along the banks. Today we stayed in and Valerie iced and elevated her foot all day. The first time we were in Lithuania when Valerie taught in the capitol city of Vilnius (2008), we rented a car and drove to Klaipedia where we visited several towns and drove onto the Curonian Spit. We had originally planned to just walk into town, but we decided that wasn’t a good idea. That evening, after dinner, we went to the auditorium and enjoyed a group called Kursiu Ainiai from Lithuania that explained and then played ancient musical instruments of the region. Some examples were ... read more
1405-125 One of the houses on our approach to Klaipedea
1405-126 On the dock in Klaipeda
1405-127 Lithuanian Musical Group entertaining departing cruisers

Europe » Lithuania » Palanga May 11th 2012

Today was a long, hot day. We headed out of Platelai onto a long uphill climb to the A11. Our hope was that we'd soon be westward bound towards Palanga on the coast, which we soon were. However the wind picked up considerably and slowed us by 3-5 miles per hour. We made it to Palanga by 2pm, later than originally planned and stopped for lunch. Here we picked up National Cycle route 10 which took us all the way into Klaipeda via a beautiful, car free, trail through woodlands and quiet lanes. In Klaipeda we visited with more Rugute Captains and enjoyed a much needed rest whilst we heard their stories. It was here that we decided to change our Day 3 destination to Silute rather than Taurage as the earlier headwind had hit our ... read more

Europe » Lithuania » Palanga January 24th 2011

Enjoing the price”war” on internet, we stumbled over some crazy cheap airplane tickets going to Palanga, Lithuania. Costing us only NOK 2,- (about 30 cent usd) pr.person we just had to go for it! Palanga is one of Lithuanias main tourist destination during summer with its 18 km long sandy beach, hip party places and cafes and restaurants at every corner. But that’s summer time......... we vent there in January and only a couple of hotels and restaurants was open. Going to Lithuania in January, we expected the same temperatures and weather as in Norway, and were correct; lots of snow and around minus 10 degrees Celsius! Since the sandy beach was covered in hard packed snow it kind of made a walkway for the few tourists and the locals. And in splendid sunshine and blue ... read more
Palanga Catholic Church
Palanga beach
Palanga Amber Museum

Europe » Lithuania » Palanga September 9th 2007

Geo: 55.9209, 21.0715Up and off to the bus station. Mary-ism #12: "Why must I bang myself everywhere I go?" She was referring to hitting her head on the bunk bed. On the way to the station, we popped into a bakery for some absolutely crappy pastries. One was croissant-like and dipped in chocolate. It tasted like a stale bun - I nibbled off the chocolate and threw out the rest. Eastern Europe needs to import some French pastry chefs! We arrived in Palanga to find the first and only touts of the trip. I seemed to see people trying to convince people to stay at their houses all the time last summer (especially in Croatia), but not this year. The TI was closed today, so we scribbled down a half-assed map based on one displayed outside ... read more

Europe » Lithuania » Palanga April 28th 2007

28 April 2007: Siauliai to Palanga. The drive to the Baltic Coast was a combination of newly constructed two lane highway and under construction road, so it took probably twice as long as needed but the arrival in Palanga made it all worth while. We walked the main Palanga promenade to lunch in very blustery but sunny weather. The fishing pier at the end of the promenade sticks about a quarter mile out into the Baltic, but few people other than the fishermen made it all the way out. The beach sand is probably the finest (smallest grains) I’ve ever felt. If I were in the business of making hour glasses, I would definitely want to use Palanga sand. We strolled through the Palanga Botanical Gardens which runs for 1.5 km along the beach front. ... read more
Palanga Cathedral door
Palanga Storm Drain
And the time is ???

Europe » Lithuania » Palanga June 23rd 2006

after Vilnius i went to palanga on the coast of lithuania with the 3 norwegian girls id met in Vilnius we got a cheap apartment where we stayed with our friendly granny.. our time in palanga was spent at the beach, getting blind, yellin out to people from our balcony, and drinkin with lithuanians in the bus stop.. and our drunk old mate that followed us home one night , "well listen from ireland..... ive been living in lithuania for sixteeeeeeeeeeeen years.. im styaing with you guys.......... wellll listen im from ireland" X100.. he was a funny character. we also went to Klaipeda for a day to meet a friend of a friend or somthin we got shown and driven around by a local which was good... after good times in palanga we caught the ... read more
In Palanga
eatin at italian restaraunt

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