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September 9th 2007
Published: September 30th 2017
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Geo: 55.9209, 21.0715Up and off to the bus station. Mary-ism #12: "Why must I bang myself everywhere I go?" She was referring to hitting her head on the bunk bed. On the way to the station, we popped into a bakery for some absolutely crappy pastries. One was croissant-like and dipped in chocolate. It tasted like a stale bun - I nibbled off the chocolate and threw out the rest. Eas... Read Full Entry

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The view as we had our picnic.

Wine on the beach - what better place is there to drink it?

Mary was already a little drunk at this point, so she couldn't figure out how to level the camera.

A simple, but good meal. Reminiscent of a picnic last year in Croatia (see Euro 2006 blog entitled "What's that warm and gooey stuff on my neck?!!?!")

I've learned that Mary has alternate personalities that correspond to her level of drunkeness. In Spain, I only saw the final stage "Maria", the wild and crazy accountant, because she drank her sangria too quickly and in such large quantities that all other stages were skipped. Stage #1 is "Mariela" - she becomes quiet, brooding, and introspective. Here, she was pondering if her pus-filled toe had a deeper meaning. Did it represent our ailing planet, infected with humans that are slowly choking the life out of Mother Earth? Was it a symbolic representation of the old adage "it's what's on the inside that counts?" Or was it really just pus in a toe?

Stage #2 is "Marika" - she becomes more intense and outspoken. Wild ideas come into her head. Here, she was trying to bite the cracker into the shape of an arrowhead. When I asked why she was doing that, she responded "so that I can lobotomize your fat @ss".

Stage #3 is "Maria" - the final, and scariest persona. Fiery and passionate, her flirtatious nature shines through. Her methods of seduction are many; this particular instance involved batting her eyelashes and provocatively gnawing on the chicken leg. "I like to nibble on big bones" she said, with a wink.

Incredibly complicated multi-head shower. I tried turning a few knobs, but they fell off so I gave up. Mary Moment #38: Mary managed to get the thing going - but she almost drowned herself. Being designed for the much taller local people, the shower heads were aimed right at her face. And because the heads came on in multiple stages, it took a while for her to shut them all off.

Vent fan in the bathroom - I don't think anyone under 5'-10" could reach the cord.

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