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Europe » Lithuania » Kaunas August 4th 2011

Geo: 54.8969, 23.8924Whoa. This morning, our guide and driver showed up in an 18 person mini bus for the four of us. She and the driver had no idea about what was in store, expecting they would be taking us on a normal tour of Kaunas, Lithuania. Later, we were glad it was a bus... more on that soon.First, we had to explain to the guide that we had an appointment to meet Barb's relatives and that we needed her to be an interpreter. She said, "This is your day, I will be your interpreter." And that she was. She explained the situation to the bus driver and made a few phone calls, and about an hour later, we found ourselves at the home of Barb's second cousin, Irena. She gave us a tour of the ... read more
Looking out over the river
Nijole's Spread
More family reunion

Europe » Lithuania » Kaunas June 27th 2011

Sometimes I get to a blank computer screen and think, what on earth am I going to write about? Not because there's nothing to write about - there always is - but where to begin. When I left Vilnius, or should I say when I tried to leave Vilnius, it was another late start. By the time I'd run around to get groceries and another piece of that pastry (!!) it was well past 10. Add to that getting my bearings completely wrong and cycling in the absolute opposite direction to my intended one (having dismissed the taxi driver's assistance with way-finding (shame on me) and not only was it a late start but it didn't put me in the best of moods. Trying to find the A16 amongst all the other signage seemed to be ... read more

Europe » Lithuania » Kaunas » Raseiniai May 13th 2011

Got up early and headed out in a cold and overcast day that had seen rain and promised some more. We knew this would be hilly so we started at a leisurely pace of around 14mph with a drink stop every 30-45mins. The road improved and we started to get into our groove. The road climbed as predicted and we where all amazed at how much easier we were able to tackle the tough bits. We met up with Vitas along the way and when John stopped for a number 2, Nick and I decided to carry on up a monster hill. John came screaming past at 22mph when we where nearing the top - typical. Gintaras wanted us to try a local delicacy in Trakai which was very nice plus the castle (that we missed ... read more
Dinner in Kaunas

Europe » Lithuania » Kaunas May 13th 2011

Good trip yesterday. Rode alongside a beautiful river towards Kaunas. Had a peek at the Russian border on the way. After following the river for some miles the terrain changed and we started to climb a few hills (not fun). Met another 3 Rugute children as we arrived in Kaunas and received some more presents (paintings and a slab of Rice crispie cake, yum). Checked in to the hotel, had a wander around the beautiful city before having dinner. Earlyish night before the big push to Vilnius in the morning.... read more
Arriving in Kaunas
More presents for us.

Europe » Lithuania » Kaunas » Raseiniai May 12th 2011

Slept well though sore elbow limited movement. Our three beds were a little too close for complete comfort and John lost the snoring competition. We watched the Salmon trying to jump this massive Weir while we had breakfast and then embarked on an 85miler. I ws looking forward to see Kalingrad and a checkpoint so we had a few deviations. The road alongside the river was brilliant but unfortunately didn't have many places to eat so we went hungry for two hours longer than we would have liked...good Kebab though! Very hot and sunny again - 26 degrees. We had completed about 70 miles when the going got tough again and we had some really steep inclines with roads that fared from passable to Arrggh. Some drains where home made and I wish we had taken ... read more

Europe » Lithuania » Kaunas November 29th 2010

"What's screech wobble then?", asked the security clerk at Gatwick Airport as I walked through the metal detector in my "Ich herz screech wobble" t-shirt. "It's a type of music", I responded. "Oh really?", he bemused. "I've never heard of that, what does that sound like?" "It screeches and wobbles" I was on my way out of my homeland after spending a week there, marking the end of my former job and my graduation ceremony from university, and on the way to Lithuania, where I had been invited to play a show. Since there was no flight back to the vicinity of Prague until Sunday morning, it was one of those rare occasions where I would see a new place without choosing to, a place where it was obviously necessary for me to go for some ... read more
Batman church
Unsure of what the viewpoint is here...

Europe » Lithuania » Kaunas September 17th 2010

Virtually becoming a couch potato staying at Mindas' comfy flat in the small village of Pakruojis, Ben came to pick us up and enjoy our last night together at his digs in Panevezys, Mindas didn't want to come but relented anyway. We bought a liquor booze made from cherries, and some snacks and we headed to Ben's cool digs, there is an old woman in his apartment on the 1st floor that eyes everyone that comes in the apartment door, Ben said she does that everyday, having nothing to do after retirement, pity. Mindas left very early the next morning on the 1st bus to Pakruojis while Ben and I after we had a good omelette breakfast went for a ride to Birzai in the north, we visited some lakes, a palace, some fort, a few ... read more

Europe » Lithuania » Kaunas January 18th 2010

When I first began writing this blog, my main objective was to keep in touch with those whom I don't necessarily keep in touch with very often. Often when i would write I'd write with my grandparents in mind, knowing that either they would be reading my blog or that my dad would be taking them hard copies to keep up with their grandson bouncing around the world. As I've settled into a more 'sedentary' lifestyle over the past year, I've found less time to write on my blog and, moreover, every time I think about writing I think 'no, that's not very interesting'. When you find yourself engaged in the same activities from day to day, in the same job, etc., it is easy to think that what you are doing is uninteresting. Most often, ... read more

Europe » Lithuania » Kaunas September 4th 2009

Kaunas, Lietuva (Lithuania) - 4 Sept.09 sitting on the bus leaving Kaunas to go to Vilnius the capital of Lithuania - rather later than I thought I would be, as it is almost 7pm so will be a rather late arrival into Vilnius, which is not the best thing for accommodation - but it has been so quiet most places I am not very worried and I have not had any problems anywhere - as the “season” has well and truly ended and people are just not travelling it seems - or spending money either! Kaunas has been a nice place and I have enjoyed it - well worth a stop on Mr Mink's Haphazard Tours - largely due to where else I went - no point in staying in Sieulai as nothing really there - ... read more
Kaunas - St Peter & Paul Cathedral
Kaunas - Peter and Paul cathedral
Kaunas - St P&P - the ceiling

Europe » Lithuania » Kaunas September 4th 2009

Kaunas Hotel Magnus 11.40am 4 Sept just across the road from the bus station - very handy - and as train is some furtehr distance away bus to Vilnius is def. the go from here. After previous night in Klaipeda I went by train 3 hrs after very early breakfast, to Siaulai and the Hill of Crosses - its a pilgrimage sorta place with a small hill just covered with crosses. Bit underwhelming in terms of size - but its the details - thousands of crosses on every inch of it. Met on the train an Aussie woman/orig. Kiwi bloke on the train, Mark and Asher who now live in East Anglia and were visiting her Lithuanian rels. nr Klaipeda. Good to share the cost of a taxi out there - 12kms out of town - ... read more

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