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July 11th 2012
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My jokes feetMy jokes feetMy jokes feet

Zebra comes to mind....
Today I am knackered. Not mentally, but physically. My feet feel like they are slowly solidifying and I can feel every muscle in my legs. All my clothes smell the same even though I have washed them (in the shower...) and I am constantly with a glow of suncream/sweat. I am nearly ready for home...but not quite!

I slept until passed 9 today which was unusual for me and I even didn't wake up when 3 people came into the room late (this is a first!). I bought some pastries from the supermarket for breakfast - it is always pot luck what you will get as the signs are not in English (and why should they be?) but I've developed a knack of picking the good ones - today I had a Lithuanian version of a sausage roll and some meat pie.

I walked to the KGB museum. This was the base of the Soviets in Vilnius and also served as a Gestapo prison. It still has the prisons down stairs. God it smelt - I know it was probabaly mould and the fact it gets really hot then really cold but you can't help wondering that is the smell of suffering. They had rooms which were like boxes so the prisoner couldn't move just stood up and also a room which would be full of iced water and the prisoner had to either stand in it or try keep his balance on a circle in the middle. It is worth saying that most of these 'prisoners' had actually done nothing at all. I went to the execution chamber which was terrifying. They say that about 10000 people were killed in this room. The bodies were buried secretly in the east of the city and only recently were found.

I then made my way to the station which was a struggle with my bags, the heat and my stone like feet. I got a nice, modern, clean and two leveled train to Kaunas (kow-nas). It cost me £4 for a 1 hour and 30 min journey. Nice. When I got to the station getting to the hostel was easy enough but I was suffering with the heat again! I solidered on anyway - think of the calories!! (I wish I had weighed myself before coming here because although I am enjoying a varied and good diet I am only eating at meal times and also doing a hell of a lot of walking!). My hostel is situated on a pedestrianised road with loads of shops! I think I might actually go shopping tomorrow and try find a grad ball dress! I have already seen a lovely blue one!!

I went to the Museum of Devils. Some guy has collected about 300 different devil masks, ornaments, statues etc. It was quite funny but also atrocious!

I think I knew what the problem was why I felt so drained....I hadn't had a brew all day. So I went to get one and she put bloody frothy milk in it. Jokes.

Then I went to get some tea and ate at a tradition Lithuanian place. I went for the herring again but it was full of bones! So I spent a lot of time picking them out?! They must of thought I was playing with my food! Then I had zeppelins washed down with a coke followed by a tea. This came to £6.50. It was a nice restaurant as well (it had linen table cloths!).

Now I am at the hostel and it is raining outside and thundering on and off. There is a pubcrawl going down but I have already decided I am not going as I don't think even in Lithuania that literally crawling down the streets is acceptable (even if it is called a pub crawl).

Tomorrow I will go to the Old Town and browse the shops! When you hear the beep (beep), think of the fun you could be having oooooon SUPERMARKET SWEEP! (I am also going mad).


11th July 2012

Love reading your blogs! Maybe you should have been a journalist?? Only kidding Dr Lottie! xxxx

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