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January 18th 2010
Published: January 18th 2010
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Dad and MeDad and MeDad and Me

My dad was also in the show. :)
When I first began writing this blog, my main objective was to keep in touch with those whom I don't necessarily keep in touch with very often. Often when i would write I'd write with my grandparents in mind, knowing that either they would be reading my blog or that my dad would be taking them hard copies to keep up with their grandson bouncing around the world.

As I've settled into a more 'sedentary' lifestyle over the past year, I've found less time to write on my blog and, moreover, every time I think about writing I think 'no, that's not very interesting'. When you find yourself engaged in the same activities from day to day, in the same job, etc., it is easy to think that what you are doing is uninteresting. Most often, I think , it is more you who is bored with what you are doing. How often do we envy what others are up to, thinking 'man, I wish I were in their shoes'! When in fact, to that person what they do may have become monotonous.

There is something about a change of scenery that lights a spark in your imagination, that makes you see things from a refreshed perspective.

That being said, being in one place for a longer period of time can also be rewarding in ways that traveling from one place to the next, always adjusting, always reevaluating, and always feeling like you are on the 'outside' of wherever you are, cannot give you.

For this reason, being in grad school now has been nice in that I have a 2-year perspective, I know where I am going to be from now until June 2010 (more or less). I know I will be studying Anthropology, improving my Lithuanian, living with Viktorija in Kaunas, coaching and playing baseball (when time allows), and creating connections and opportunities for Lithuanian Baseball. I am looking forward to all of these things, and the biggest challenge will be taking time to relax, not trying to 'do it all', and being present with it all.

Over Christmas, I had the chance to be in North Carolina with family and friends which was wonderful. For one intensive week over the New Year, I took part in an original musical called 'Ariel's Way', written and produced by Jim Henderson with support from Carolina Friends

Freddy meets Miranda
School. The production was quite a feat, given that from start to finish we had only FIVE DAYS to put it together. I played the role of 'Freddy', a young singer/songwriter and the son of a big-time New York music producer. Our plane crashes on an island and I fall in love with Miranda, a girl on the island whose father happens to be a music producer as well, and my father's enemy.

Here's the website for the show with some song clips, etc:

Having not performed for over a year, it refueled my interest in theater and singing and performing in general.

All the photos on this page are from the show and the reception.

FINALLY, having been inspired by this show over Christmas, I returned to Lithuania and began rehearsals for CHORUS WARS, a chorus tv show where choruses from different cities square off each week, in a Survival-style sing-off to see who is king of the choruses. It is an absurd show, but lots of fun. I recommend you check it out. Here's youtube links to our performance:

IF YOU WANT TO SEE THE FULL SHOW, and you can see it every monday (it airs Saturdays live, then mondays it is put on the website), you can find it here: **once on this website, click on 'web tv' then search for 'choru karai' in the search box. Then click on the episode.

Enjoy!! And anybody who I haven't heard from in a while, I would love to hear how's life in your corner of the world.

Until next time,


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Ian as CaribIan as Carib
Ian as Carib

my good pal, Ian, releasing his anger through drumming.

2nd February 2010

Hi Will, you don't know me, but you study in my Uni:) So, first of all the river is called Nemunas:) and i wonder why you think that show of Chorus Wars is an absurd? Why do you participate then?Just for a fun full of absurd?

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