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May 13th 2009
Published: May 13th 2009
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Hi everybody,
I am back and there is much to write about. I want to let you know that, for the moment atleast, my blog will take a slight twist. It will once again become a bit more baseball-oriented. This is because, yet again, my life has become more baseball-oriented as well.

I have been here in Lithuania since January; I arrived in the bittery cold winter, near-zero temperatures, heading directly to Juodkrante with Viktorija and family to celebrate the New Year with family by drinking champagne, dancing in the bitter cold around a huge decorated christmas tree in the square near the the town church. Speakers blaring with traditional and contemporary lithuanian tunes, hands clasped as we formed human chains encircling the huge pine, lighting off sparklers and waving them in the air like we were ten years old again and seeing fireworks for the first time. I will never forget my first New Year in Lithuania.

In addition to playing baseball for the Kaunas Lituanica team this year, I have taken on a new role in Lithuanian baseball as the "Director of Foreign Affairs and Game Development" for the Lithuanian Baseball Association. To see a bit more
Vilnius Cadets 3rd place finishVilnius Cadets 3rd place finishVilnius Cadets 3rd place finish

Vilnius, Lithuania, Sporto Vilkai Club finished third in the Pony League 16 and under European Finals. They finished third behind Germany and Russia.
on this, go to this link:〈=1

In addition to this position, I am also now officially a professional baseball scout. Cool, huh? 😊 Well, 'Associate Scout', to be more specific. I represent the Pittsburgh Pirates and am responsible (working together with Sigitas Kamandulis, the Kaunas head coach) for the Baltics and Belarus. This has been an exciting and interesting opportunity to see how the scouting world works, and to get to see and learn more about European baseball.

I will be taking up blogging again in the coming weeks, and post more stories and personal observations of life in the world I am in. In addition, I will also be posting some news and updates about Lithuanian Baseball.

So to get things rolling, let me start with some updates on Lithuanian baseball. I will try to post every week. This week my posts are a bit formal and dry, but starting next week I'll do my best to add some personal flair.


13th May 2009

Pittsburgh Pirates!! That's my town baby! Sounds like you're doing some great stuff man. That's awesome-mundo! TW

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