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May 23rd 2008
Published: May 23rd 2008
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While standing in the outfield during a game two weekends ago in Bois-Guillaume, a sacrifice bunt was laid down that moved the runner over to third base. It was one of those plays that, given the situation, (it was late in the game and we were ahead by several runs), we were happy with the play because we got an out (and at this point in the game our goal is to get outs and finish the game), and they were happy because one of their weaker players was at the plate and had done something productive--moved a runner from second to third. And it occurred to me that there really is no other sport/athletic game (in team sports) where an event can happen on the field/court, and both teams/players are satisfied with the result. This is truly unique, I think, to baseball. Can anyone think of another example?

Another thing that someone else, I believe it was my French coach Jean-Luc, pointed out: baseball is unique in the sense that it is the defensive team that controls the ball. I believe it is the only team sport that is this way. They are the one that holds the ball and controls its trajectory. Only in the brief moment of hitting can the offense ‘have’ the ball. The moment the offense takes the field and takes the ball, they become the defense. This is completely opposite to most sports, where it is the offense who controls the ball (with their feet or hands or stick) and the moment the ball changes over to the defense, the defense becomes the offense.

***to those reading this blog who are thinking 'jeez, will he stop talking about baseball?' Don't worry!! I leave for Africa in 11 days!! Which should change the tone of the blog quite a bit.............


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