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August 14th 2007
Published: August 14th 2007
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So as it would be too difficult to recap the happenings of the last two months of my travels, the following few entries are mostly photo galleries to give a glimpse of what I have been up to.

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Cramming Cramming

Viktorija just got her diploma in Kinesiotherapy. Here she is the night before the final exam trying to cram it all in :)
Asta's Birthday PartyAsta's Birthday Party
Asta's Birthday Party

This is Asta, Viktorija's friend from school. It is tradition to hoist the birthday girl up in a chair and heave her (or him) as many times as their age. I was quite frightened we would slam her head through the ceiling (but we didn't).
Tommy and Katherine visit!Tommy and Katherine visit!
Tommy and Katherine visit!

Tommy Noonan and his girlfriend, Katherine, visited me for one week. It was so great. Here they are in Nida, the sand dunes on the Curonian spit. These are actually called the 'Dead Dunes' because there used to be villages here that were driven away as the soil turned to sand.
Burning SausagesBurning Sausages
Burning Sausages

In the evening we cooked sausages. Look closely....the sausages in the bowl are on fire. It is hard to see but we cooked them by dousing them in rubbing alcohol and putting a match to it. It was so crazy, and Viktorija thought we were also crazy for being so excited. We ate the sausages in a big lettuce leaf (as if it were a hot dog bun) and smothered with ketchup. Very tasty with a slight gasoline aftertaste.

This is a beautiful spot in Kaunas. It is down below the Old Town Square where the Neijris and Namonas Rivers (the two largest rivers in Lithuania) come together. They just happened to be flying hot air balloons that day.

Tommy & I at the Confluence.

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