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Europe » Lithuania » Ignalina May 19th 2009

We left Vilnius at a frightfully civilised time today. 10:45. It was so civilised that MK and I had time to pop down the road and have another bowl of porridge for breakfast and after breakfast we had time for a wee stroll along the river. Luckily Andy took us on the local trams to get to the train station. We had walked to the train station the day before and none of us were relishing the concept of potentially having to do the 30 minute walk again with heavy backpacks on our backs. Our train ride to the national park was pleasant and short. It only takes about 2 hours to get out to the national park from Vilnius. We were met at the train station in the local village by a man with ... read more
MK paddling away
The circle kayakers
The group on the top of the hill

Europe » Lithuania » Ignalina August 5th 2003

Tuesday. Went to Ignalina, part of a beautiful national park about 100km from Vilnius. Missed the early train we had intended to catch so caught one at 11am. The park is truely beautiful, wild forests, fantastic lakes numerous walks and places to hire bikes, boats etc. Sara and I spent most of the day eating blueberries, raspberries, blackberries and strawberries that grow wild. So many blueberries - I've never seen anything like it. We ate blueberries until our teeth and toungues were blue. Walked around lakes and forests and had a wonderful day, headed back to the train station in time for the 20:30 train back to Vilnius. We discovered that the 20:30 train was actually at 19:30 (our mistake). So we decided to hitch back to Vilnius, no luck hitching after an hour and it ... read more

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