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Europe » Latvia » Riga Region » Riga August 6th 2005

Hi everyone.. so we said goodbye to the folks and made our bus for Riga by about 30seconds as we slept in 'again', but we made it and 5 hours later arrived in Friendly Fun Franks Backpackers right in the Old town of Riga. We were greeted with a free beer and a loads of aussies watching the cricket in the common room. Had a quick walk around the old town and back to the backpackers for some more cheap beer and headed out with everyone to a bar 26 floors up in a hotel and then to a nightclub. We had an awesome night out and arrived back some time in the very early hours of the morning. Day 2 .. we did manage to make it out of bed before evening and made it ... read more
Big red brick cathedel
The Germans have arrived in Riga..
This is the big red cathedral

Europe » Latvia » Riga Region » Riga July 26th 2005

well i'm glad to say that this place is waaaayyy better then tallinn, and really cheap!! a night out on the town costs like 15-20 dollars for a whole night of drinking and eating. The first day that i was here i went to a really cool club and then the next day ended up hanging out at the beach, really relaxing. as far a sights go, not much to see, except the women, i have never seen girls so hot!!! walking down the street you see these girls that are absolutely beautiful. maybe thats why i like it so much!!!! sorry i haven't been able to call, i haven't been able to find a place to buy a phone card and for some reason my phone doesn't work. hopefully in lithuania it will. Another reason ... read more

Europe » Latvia April 14th 2005

Beachvolleyball the Latvian Way For two beachvolleyball addicts as we are one of the gloomiest prospects of our journey around the world was to spend the summer months in some remote Siberian village or some stinky Chinese city where the chances of touching sand with our feet and a ball with our hands would be second to none. Expecting nothing it was a big surprise for us when we encountered this hardy Latvian working on his tan at one of the beaches of the Baltic Sea just outside Riga. On the upper half of the beach were still patches of snow, the reminders of a long winter, but this didn't seem to bother him much. Apart from his sexy swimming pant he had brought one other item with him which caught our interest: A blue, white, ... read more
The stage of our first beachvolley-game of the year
The old town of Riga
History lesson in Riga

Europe » Latvia » Riga Region » Riga November 22nd 2004

There was a controversial experiment performed in the 70's where one person had to ask questions of a subject and give them electric shocks of increasing voltage (enough to kill) if they got them wrong. The point is that it was a trick: the person getting the shocks was faking it. The real subject of the study was the person giving the supposed potentially fatal punishment, to see if they would conform. This came to mind in Auschwitz, one hour from Kracow. The tour guide was excellent, but he really needed a change of job. He was really troubled with how people could do such evil deeds such as those done by the Nazi extermination camps and was worried about if he would do the same if he was wearing a German uniform at that time. ... read more
Watch out, Lenin's about!
Warning from history
Feels like Nottingham

Europe » Latvia » Riga Region » Riga May 9th 2004

Here I am pictured with Roger in the central square of Riga, the capital of Latvia. It is a really nice city (but not as nice as neighbouring Tallinn in Estonia)- however it is f**cking cold, even in sumer as you can see from Roger's attire.... read more

Europe » Latvia » Riga Region » Riga May 2nd 2004

I am an Australian now living in Latvia as it is a lovely country and I have Latvian heritage. I am living the dilemma that I love the foreign cultural stimulation but at the same time it is difficult to connect with people on the same wave length. There is a lot I would like to communicate but where do I start? So this will do for now. ... read more

Europe » Latvia » Riga Region » Riga April 4th 2004

Perhaps the greatest disappointment in the trip to the other Baltic states was the amount of time spent in Riga. Our semester took us to Riga 4 times, but we ended up spending more time in one restaurant than in all other parts of the city combined. We didn’t get around to sightseeing until arriving in the city for the 4th time. What I did see was very cool. Looked liked a fun city. One of our Student tour guides (Liga) was from Riga, and wished she could show us more of it. All in all, we only spent 3 hours going through the city, but found out some cool things. Back in the middle ages, the Riga government used to levy taxes based on how wide the home fronts were, and how large the windows ... read more
Latvian Parliament
Narrow homes with small windows
This little piggy went to the market and got kissed

Europe » Latvia » Riga Region » Jurmala July 29th 2003

After the hectic week in Riga a few days of rest and relaxation were called for. Matt and I headed down to Jurmala and the tourist town of Majori to find beach. We found about 10miles of it, golden sand stretching mile after mile in a big horseshoe shaped arc from Riga down. Things to do in Majori - much like Parnu really, a few bars, clubs and lots of people on holiday. We managed to find accomadation in a house just behind the tourist information centre. The old duck who runs the place really hasn't cottened on to the idea of service with a smile. The rooms were full of mosquitos but the showers were really good and the water - great both scalding hot and freezing cold available. For 5 lats (£5.50) a night ... read more
Strange Boat Shaped Hotel

Europe » Latvia » Riga Region » Riga July 26th 2003

I spent a few more days in Riga. Basically I checked out the sights in the day time and the nightclubs in the evening. The sights: most give student discounts - me not a student. They are also listed in the free magazines and maps given away at the tourist information centre. St. Peters Church - at 72m, gives some fantastic views - costs about £2 for entry. The Art Noveau Region - a famous architect designed an entire area of the city. Due to having the entire europe guidebook I can't name him but well worth seeing and the photos are just a small sample of what can be seen. The Jana Rozentala and Rudolfa Blaumana Museum - Accidently went to this museum as it was located in the Art Noveau region and thought it ... read more
Nice street.
Art Neuvea Building

Europe » Latvia » Riga Region » Riga July 24th 2003

Riga is the capital of Latvai, and the biggest city in the Baltic countries. Around 1.7 million people live in and around Riga, compared with Tallinn at 400,000. The difference in size is obvious when arriving in on the coach. I'm staying in a backpackers (POSH), just near the bus station and outside the old town. The old town is a beautiful area of restored buildings, it doesn't have the same numbers of tourists that Tallinn had. Though there are still plenty of bars, restaurants and cafes here. Latvia is cheap - compared to the UK, and much of the rest of Europe. Prices - a pint in the bars about £1.20 - a pint of Hoegarden £1.60 - I love Hoegarden but at the £3.50 that is usually charged in English pubs I rarely drink ... read more
A church
The Freedom Monument

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