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Europe » Latvia » Vidzeme Region » Valmiera June 16th 2019

Lähdettiin liikkeelle puolenpäivän aikaan. Valtatiellä oli tietyö. Siinä olisi ollut normaalisti ajorata kumpaankin suuntaan, mutta nyt toinen oli suljettu, ja toinen ajorata oli kaksisuuntainen, normaali maantie. Pidettiin kahvitauko Valmierassa. Sehän on Pohjois-Latvian suurin kaupunki, asukkaita tosin vain 23000. Rauhallinen pikkukaupunki. Sieltä jatkettiin Valkaan. Auto tankattiin vielä Latvian puolella. Lisäksi käytiin Super Alkossa. Ostin kahdeksan pulloa viiniä. Totesin kyllä että suurimittainen halvan viinan hamstraaminen ei kiinnosta minua. Viinit tuli ostettua vähän summan mutikassa, ja tuli ikävä Alkon asiantuntevaa palvelua. Olin ottanut selvää Tarton seudun uimapaikoista. Siksi pysähdyttiin vielä Elvassa, noin 20 kilometriä ennen Tarttoa, ja käytiin uimassa pienessä Verevin järvessä. Vesi oli mukavan lämmintä, ja uimarannalla riitti väkeä. Majoittauduttiin hotell... read more

Europe » Latvia » Vidzeme Region » Sigulda June 29th 2017

Hello my fellow travellers! My final day in Latvia was certainly enough to equal, maybe even top, my last day in Lithuania! I left together with my host Katrina and then we split up as she went to her office and I headed to the bus station to catch a bus to Sigulda. The connections there are excellent, the bus was nice and only cost 2.5 euro and took one hour and 15 minutes. As I left the bus it was a feeling of ready set go and I immediately headed for Siguldas Viduslaiku Pils, a castle that used to belong to the Livonian Order. I knew that time would be a bit of the essence today because I only had about seven hours in Sigulda until the last bus back to Riga. Sigulda has no ... read more
Siguldas Viduslaiku Pils
Siguldas Baznīca
Siguldas Jaunā Pils

Europe » Latvia » Vidzeme Region » Sigulda July 1st 2015

Today Pam and I biked 31 miles for a total of 424 miles. Started partly cloudy, but eventually partly sunny. Very good biking weather. Had a tailwind for a short time. Had a nice breakfast at Igate Pils. Left at 9:11 am. Road did not have much of a shoulder, but most drivers were respectful of us. Made good time. Stopped at Brinini castle. One of many castles in this area. Built in the beginning of the 11th century, but the current building is from the 18th century. Beautiful grounds and buildings. A Big manmade lake in front of it. Storks have taken up residence in one of the towers. They called to us by smacking their bills together rapidly. Later made it to the Turaidas Pils complex. There is much to see here. Lots of ... read more
The entrance to Brinini Pils
Storks taking residence in of the towers of Brinini Pils
Brinini Pils

Europe » Latvia » Vidzeme Region » Limbaži June 30th 2015

We biked 45 miles today for a total of 393 miles. Today it was cloudy initially, but became partly cloudy the rest of the day with frequent sun breaking through. We left our last home at 10:30 am, after a fine breakfast. Went to the A1 highway which was under construction, but we negotiated this without problems. Briefly passed through Salacgriva and turned to go down Limbazi - Ragana road. The first 10 k of this road was gravel. This was a challenge, which we managed slowly but surely. There was light traffic, but this included several loaded logging trucks making there way down the road. All vehicles kicked up a lot of dust, the logging trucks were the worst. Biked to Pale for lunch. Bought provisions and ate at a colorful bus stop. Not much ... read more
Enjoying a cold one after long day biking at Igate Pils
Pam enjoying wine at Igate Pils
Pam on estate at Igate Pils

Europe » Latvia » Vidzeme Region » Sigulda August 29th 2014

Sigulda near Riga in Latvia 29 August 2014 After finishing some emails and blogging and watching all the group Dutch motor homes slowly leave the camp site at Cesis, we drove to Sigulda which is about 50kms NE of Latvia's capital, Riga. And hooray, the roads were excellent. Located in the picturesque Gauja valley, with its steep banks and cliffs, Sigulda has become known as the 'Switzerland of Latvia'.....without the mountains. We got our maps of the area from the tourist office again. We saw the following: Turaida castle was about 4km outside of Sigulda. It's been rebuilt in the Soviet area and now houses exhibition space and a small café. It also has fabulous views over the valley and the river. Gutmanis cave lies half-way between Sigulda and Turaida castle and has a little creek ... read more
Sigulda Castle complex in Latvia - the old castle (9)
Gutman's Cave and Guaja National Park in Sigulda in Latvia (1)
Gutman's Cave and Guaja National Park in Sigulda in Latvia (3)

Europe » Latvia » Vidzeme Region » Cesis August 29th 2014

Madona & Cesis Latvia 27 & 28 August We are now in Latvia after 2 hours going through the border at Terehova which is near Zilupe. It has been so very different being in Latvia compared with Russia; back to our alphabet, more English spoken, many camp sites for motor homes, excellent sign posting, easy to fine tourist offices, not the big distances to drive between towns, beautifully landscaped villages, back to the Euro, our GPS loves Europe(!), and lots of maps and information about special places to visit. I don't often compare countries because they are usually so different that it is unfair to compare, however we have immediately found it so much easier as soon as we entered Latvia. In saying all that, we wouldn't have missed seeing Russia for anything! As it was ... read more
Cesis Medieval Castle Latvia (12)
Madona eastern Latvia (1)
Madona eastern Latvia (2)

Europe » Latvia » Vidzeme Region July 4th 2014

Did you know that in this country 80% is forest and that its entire population is 1/3 of Paris population? Well, until going there in June, I also didn’t know that fact. So, for those, who prefer big citites, Latvia is definitely not the country to visit, except a trip to Riga will satisfy you, but for all the others, I can tell you that Latvia amazed me a bit more every day I was there. Even now, I still remember this country, as one of the best, if you are a nature lover, don’t like over touristy places and look for quietness! This country is for sure not rich but the people there are rich in their mind and attitude, which is far more important I think when you want to have a happy life. ... read more
Hiking along Gauja River
Typical wooden houses in Latvia
Remote beach near Tuja

Europe » Latvia » Vidzeme Region » Cesis July 23rd 2013

On Monday we rented a car in Riga and headed east. I was enjoying the scenery when ahead of us on the far side of the road a blue ball of light blazed outwards. Thoughts of aliens and superheroes flashed through my mind in the seconds it took for Keith to mention that the top of a tree had splintered off and fallen across the power lines. Sure enough, as we neared the spot, having slowed considerably, there were leaves and bits of branch scattered across the road. I was surprised it hadn't started a fire. We continued on to Segulda - an attractively laid-out town - and looked around the Livonian Order castle ruins and the New Sigulda Castle, which was more of a stately home, built by Prince Kropotkin in the early 20th century. ... read more
Turaida Castle
Folksong park
Folksong park

Europe » Latvia » Vidzeme Region » Ranka July 2nd 2013

The BBA V2 felt it was time to get back to nature and up the adventure a bit so we booked a log cabin for the night in rural Northern Latvia.Yes,believe it or not, does list properties such as this! We had had a very comfortable night in Daugavpils and enjoyed the English channels on the 50" TV set but it was going to be a good drive onto what we expect will be rural roads especially as we get closer to our destination and it was time to get going. We hadn't been able to stop to get a picture of the Russian warrior just before the bridge coming into the city yesterday so drove back and found a place to park and then walk to find the statue again.Well that turned out more difficult ... read more
Dauga River
Russian warrior statue,Daugavpils
A close up.Note the open mouth shouting something!

Europe » Latvia » Vidzeme Region » Sigulda January 21st 2013

21.01 I arrived to Riga by Ecolines at 10-30; the bus had wi-fi and power receptacles so I managed to use the computer for a while. I bought a bus ticket to Sigulda and, while driving there, saw most magnificent views of fir trees like brides clothed in luxurious fluffy snow-white wedding dresses, everything clear white, and the road looking like a long white tunnel. The weather was so excellent I looked forward to skiing – just imagine skiing among such beautiful firs and pines under a shining sun! As I walked to Livonija guest house I noticed the quiet filling the air, and only a rare car would break the silence or a still rarer person would pass me by. The population of Sigulda is about 10 thousand, if I remember it right. I hope ... read more
Pilsetas Trase

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